Southwest Classic
First contestedOctober 31, 1903
Texas A&M 6, Arkansas 0
Number of meetings75
Most recent meetingSeptember 29, 2018
Texas A&M 24, Arkansas 17
Next meetingSeptember 28, 2019
All-time seriesArkansas leads, 41–31–3
Largest victoryTexas A&M, 58–10 (2012)
Longest win streakArkansas, 9 (1958–66)
Current streakTexas A&M, 7 (2012–present)

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The Arkansas–Texas A&M football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Texas A&M Aggies, which started in 1903. Between 1992 and 2008, the schools did not play each other when Arkansas left the Southwest Conference to join the Southeastern Conference. The rivalry was renewed as a neutral-site out-of-conference contest (and branded as The Southwest Classic) in 2009; in 2012 it once again became a conference rivalry when Texas A&M also joined the Southeastern Conference. Arkansas leads the series 41–31–3.[1][2]

Series historyEdit

Arkansas and Texas A&M first played each other in 1903, and would play each other three times from 1903–12, all as non-conference matchups.

Arkansas and Texas A&M would not meet on the field again until 1927, notwithstanding that both schools became charter members of the Southwest Conference 12 years earlier in 1915. The schools played annually from 1927–30, but would not meet again until 1934. From 1934–91, the two teams played annually as conference members. The annual matchup ceased in 1991 when Arkansas left the conference to join the Southeastern Conference.

On March 10, 2008, officials from both schools announced the series would recommence on October 3, 2009 under the name "Southwest Classic". The annual location for the game was announced as Cowboys Stadium (now called AT&T Stadium), located in Arlington. The attendance for the stadium was initially expected to be in the 80,000 range. Depending on ticket demand, temporary seating can be added to the stadium to increase the capacity up to 100,000 seats for the game. The tickets were said to be split 50/50 between the two schools. The initial agreement between the two schools allowed the game to be played for at least 10 years, followed by 5 consecutive, 4-year rollover options, allowing the game to potentially be played for a total of 30 consecutive seasons.

The rivalry once again became a conference matchup when Texas A&M joined the SEC on July 1, 2012 and was placed alongside Arkansas in the West Division.[3][4][5] However, for A&M's first two seasons in the SEC the series was played as a home-and-home series at the school's campuses (A&M hosted in 2012 and Arkansas hosted in 2013); the series resumed neutral-site play in AT&T Stadium for the 2014 season until at least 2024.[6]

A&M currently (since the 2012 contest) holds an undefeated record in the series while both teams have been members of the same conference and division. (Southeastern Conference-Western Division)

Game resultsEdit

Arkansas victoriesTexas A&M victoriesTie games
1 1903 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 6–0
2 1910 Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas 5–0
3 1912 Dallas, Texas Texas A&M 27–0
4 1927 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 40–6
5 1928 Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas 27–12
6 1929 College Station, Texas Arkansas 14–13
7 1930 Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas 13–0
8 1934 College Station, Texas Tie7–7
9 1935 Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas 14–7
10 1936 College Station, Texas Arkansas 18–0
11 1937 Fayetteville, Arkansas #20 Arkansas 26–13
12 1938 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 13–7
13 1939 Fayetteville, Arkansas #5 Texas A&M 27–0
14 1940 College Station, Texas #5 Texas A&M 17–0
15 1941 Little Rock, Arkansas #5 Texas A&M 7–0
16 1942 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 41–0
17 1943 Fayetteville, Arkansas #19 Texas A&M 13–0
18 1944 College Station, Texas Arkansas 7–6
19 1945 Fayetteville, Arkansas Texas A&M 34–0
20 1946 College Station, Texas Arkansas 7–0
21 1947 Fayetteville, Arkansas Tie21–21
22 1948 College Station, Texas Arkansas 28–6
23 1949 Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas 27–6
24 1950 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 42–13
25 1951 Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas 33–21
26 1952 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 31–12
27 1953 Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas 41–14
28 1954 College Station, Texas #4 Arkansas 14–7
29 1955 Fayetteville, Arkansas Tie7–7
30 1956 College Station, Texas #5 Texas A&M 27–0
31 1957 Fayetteville, Arkansas Texas A&M 7–6
32 1958 College Station, Texas Arkansas 21–8
33 1959 Fayetteville, Arkansas #17 Arkansas 12–7
34 1960 College Station, Texas #12 Arkansas 7–3
35 1961 Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas 15–8
36 1962 College Station, Texas #8 Arkansas 17–7
37 1963 Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas 21–7
38 1964 College Station, Texas #4 Arkansas 17–0
39 1965 Little Rock, Arkansas #2 Arkansas 31–0
40 1966 College Station, Texas #9 Arkansas 34–0
41 1967 Fayetteville, Arkansas Texas A&M 33–21
42 1968 College Station, Texas #17 Arkansas 25–22
43 1969 Fayetteville, Arkansas #4 Arkansas 35–13
44 1970 College Station, Texas #8 Arkansas 45–6
45 1971 Little Rock, Arkansas Texas A&M 17–9
46 1972 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 10–7
47 1973 Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas 14–10
48 1974 College Station, Texas #8 Texas A&M 20–10
49 1975 Little Rock, Arkansas #18 Arkansas 31–6
50 1976 Little Rock, Arkansas #16 Texas A&M 31–10
51 1977 College Station, Texas #8 Arkansas 26–20
52 1978 Little Rock, Arkansas #13 Arkansas 26–7
53 1979 College Station, Texas #8 Arkansas 22–10
54 1980 Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas 27–24
55 1981 College Station, Texas #16 Arkansas 10–7
56 1982 Little Rock, Arkansas #10 Arkansas 35–0
57 1983 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 36–23
58 1984 Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas 28–0
59 1985 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 10–6
60 1986 Little Rock, Arkansas #17 Arkansas 14–10
61 1987 College Station, Texas #19 Texas A&M 14–10
62 1988 Fayetteville, Arkansas #11 Arkansas 25–20
63 1989 College Station, Texas #9 Arkansas 23–22
64 1990 Fayetteville, Arkansas Texas A&M 20–16
65 1991 College Station, Texas #13 Texas A&M 13–3
66 2009 Arlington, Texas Arkansas 47–19
67 2010 Arlington, Texas #11 Arkansas 24–17
68 2011 Arlington, Texas #18 Arkansas 42–38
69 2012 College Station, Texas Texas A&M 58–10
70 2013 Fayetteville, Arkansas #10 Texas A&M 45–33
71 2014 Arlington, Texas #6 Texas A&M 35–28OT
72 2015 Arlington, Texas #14 Texas A&M 28–21OT
73 2016 Arlington, Texas #10 Texas A&M 45–24
74 2017 Arlington, Texas Texas A&M 50–43OT
75 2018 Arlington, Texas Texas A&M 24–17
Series: Arkansas leads 41–31–3

Notable gamesEdit

1903 Edit

Texas A&M 6 – Arkansas 0

In the first ever meeting, and only the 43rd game ever played by Arkansas[7] and the 42nd ever played by Texas A&M,[8] the Aggies won 6–0. The Aggies were coached by J. E. Platt and the Razorbacks were coached (in his only season as a head coach) by D. A. McDaniel.

1939 – Texas A&M's National Championship year Edit

Texas A&M 27 – Arkansas 0

In 1939, after winning the game 27–0, the Aggies went on to an overall record of 11–0 and named the college football national champions in the Associated Press writers' poll for the 1939 college football season

1964 – Arkansas' National Championship year Edit

Arkansas 17 – Texas A&M 0

In 1964, after winning the game 17–0 in College Station, Texas, the Razorbacks went on to an overall record of 11–0 and won the college football national championship by beating Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl Classic. The Aggies were coached (in his final season) by Hank Foldberg, and Arkansas was coached by Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles.

1975 Edit

Arkansas 31 – Texas A&M 6

In 1975, Texas A&M was undefeated and ranked #2 in the nation coming into the regular season finale at Arkansas. The game was played in Little Rock at War Memorial Stadium in front of a national audience, broadcast on ABC. If the Aggies won, they would clinch the Southwest Conference championship outright, and would have a chance to win a national championship in the 1976 Cotton Bowl Classic. But it wasn't to be, as the Razorbacks soundly defeated Texas A&M 31-6, forcing a three-way tie for the SWC crown between Arkansas, Texas, and Texas A&M, sending the Razorbacks to the Cotton Bowl. Arkansas would beat Georgia in the Cotton Bowl Classic, 31-10, finishing the season 10-2. Meanwhile, the Aggies would stumble in a Liberty Bowl loss to USC, 20-0.

1980 Edit

Arkansas 27 – Texas A&M 24

The 1980 contest won by Arkansas 27–24 was Texas A&M's 800th game ever played by the organization.[9] Arkansas was led by head coach Lou Holtz in his fourth year with the team, and went on to an overall record of 7–5 (3–5 in conference) for the season. The Aggies were led by Tom Wilson in his next to last season with the team, and finished the year 4–7 (3–5 in conference).

1986 Edit

Arkansas 14 – Texas A&M 10

In 1986, the #7 Aggies were the defending Southwest Conference champions when the rolled into Little Rock to face #17 Arkansas in front of a sell out crowd at War Memorial Stadium. The Razorbacks would jump out to an early 7-0 lead, but Texas A&M would tie the game with a touchdown of their own, and the teams would be tied at halftime, 7-7, due to a missed A&M field goal. Arkansas would take back the lead in the 3rd quarter on a Greg Thomas touchdown run. The Razorback defense played great all game long, holding the Aggies to a field goal in the second half. On fourth down from inside the Arkansas fifteen yard line, Arkansas' defense tipped away an Aggie pass into the end zone in the closing seconds of the game, securing the victory for the Razorbacks. Both teams would finish the season 9-3 after bowl losses.

1991 – Arkansas' last game in the Southwest Conference Edit

Texas A&M 13 – Arkansas 3

In the last Southwest Conference meeting on November 16, 1991 at Kyle Field, Texas A&M won 13–3 in a game nationally televised by ESPN. The Razorbacks came out in the wishbone formation on offense, but the Aggie defense held the Hogs to only 121 yards of total offense.[10] After the season, the Razorbacks went on to leave the Southwest Conference, and join the Southeastern Conference, thereby ending the yearly in-conference game with the Aggies.


2009 – Renewal Edit

Arkansas 47 – Texas A&M 19

On October 3, 2009, the two teams met for the first time since 1991. The rivalry was originally slated to take place on a yearly basis at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Arkansas came back from a 10–0 deficit in the first quarter to win 47–19.

2011 – "Welcome to the SEC" Edit

Arkansas 42 – Texas A&M 38

The Aggies, leading 35–17 at the half, blew their 18-point lead and only scored 3 points in the second half. As Broderick Green charged into the end zone on the final score of the game, Arkansas fans appeared on the Cowboys Stadium video holding a sign saying "Welcome to the SEC" (in recognition of A&M's announcement only six days earlier that it would join Arkansas as a member of the SEC in 2012).

2012 – First all-SEC game Edit

File:Arkansas at Texas A&M, 2012.jpg

Texas A&M 58 – Arkansas 10

On September 29, 2012, the Aggies and Razorbacks met on the gridiron as conference rivals for the first time since 1991, with A&M joining Arkansas in the Southeastern Conference. (commonly abbreviated "SEC") The Aggies won 58–10. The game moved from the neutral-site Cowboys Stadium venue of the last three years to Kyle Field as part of a planned home-and-home series with Arkansas for A&M's first two SEC seasons; the 2014 matchup returned to AT&T Stadium.

2014, '15 & '17 – 3 OT Games in 4 Years Edit

The 2014 contest returned to AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys) after a two-year "home-and-home" schedule the previous two seasons. Oddly, both the 2014 and 2015 contests ended in ties, necessitating the need for overtime play due to college football rules. These back-to-back years of overtime were also the first two overtimes between the two schools in the rivalry's history. Texas A&M won both contests and the next one, bringing their overall record against Arkansas in this rivalry since joining the Southeastern Conference to 6–0.

During the 2017 game, Texas A&M came back to win the game in OT.

2018 Razorbacks and Aggies Edit

As of 2018, A&M has now won 7 straight games against Arkansas, which is a record win streak in the series for the Aggies. The last time the Razorbacks had a 2 game win season was in 1952 when they were 2-8. As for this season their record is 2-10 and last in the SEC West. As for the Aggies they are 9-4 and are 2nd in the SEC West.

See also Edit


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