The American Football League (AFL) All- Time Team was selected on January 14, 1970. The first and second teams would be determined by a panel of members of the AFL's Hall of Fame Board of Selectors:[1][2][3][4] Since the First team included two halfbacks, rather than a halfback and a fullback, Cookie Gilchrist, a fullback who was selected as a second-team running back, is the only fullback on either team, and therefore the American Football League's All-Time fullback.


Position First Team Hall of Fame?[5] Second Team Hall of Fame?[5]
Quarterback Joe Namath (New York Jets) Yes Len Dawson (Kansas City Chiefs) Yes
Running back Paul Lowe (San Diego Chargers) No Abner Haynes (Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos) No
Clem Daniels (Oakland Raiders) No Cookie Gilchrist (Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins) No
Wide receiver Lance Alworth (San Diego Chargers) Yes Charlie Hennigan (Houston Oilers) No
Don Maynard (New York Jets) Yes Art Powell (New York Titans, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills) No
Tight end Fred Arbanas (Kansas City Chiefs) No Dave Kocourek (San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders) No
Tackle Ron Mix (San Diego Chargers) Yes Winston Hill (New York Jets) No
Jim Tyrer (Kansas City Chiefs) No Stew Barber (Buffalo Bills) No
Guard Billy Shaw (Buffalo Bills) Yes Walt Sweeney (San Diego Chargers) No
Ed Budde (Kansas City Chiefs) No Bob Talamini (Houston Oilers, New York Jets) No
Center Jim Otto (Oakland Raiders) Yes Jon Morris (Boston Patriots) No


Position First Team Hall of Fame? Second Team Hall of Fame?
Defensive end Jerry Mays (Kansas City Chiefs) No Rich Jackson (Denver Broncos) No
Gerry Philbin (New York Jets) No Ron McDole (Buffalo Bills, Houston Oilers) No
Defensive tackle Tom Sestak (Buffalo Bills) No Buck Buchanan (Kansas City Chiefs) Yes
Houston Antwine (Boston Patriots) No Tom Keating (Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills) No
Linebacker Nick Buoniconti (Boston Patriots, Miami Dolphins) Yes Dan Conners (Oakland Raiders) No
Bobby Bell (Kansas City Chiefs) Yes Larry Grantham (New York Jets) No
George Webster (Houston Oilers) No Mike Stratton (Buffalo Bills) No
Cornerback Willie Brown (Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders) Yes Butch Byrd (Buffalo Bills) No
Dave Grayson (Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders) No Miller Farr (Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, Houston Oilers) No
Safety Johnny Robinson (Kansas City Chiefs) No Goose Gonsoulin (Denver Broncos) No
George Saimes (Buffalo Bills) No Kenny Graham (San Diego Chargers) No

Special teamsEdit

Position First Team Hall of Fame? Second Team Hall of Fame?
Kicker George Blanda (Houston Oilers, Oakland Raiders) Yes Jim Turner (New York Jets, Denver Broncos) No
Punter Jerrel Wilson (Kansas City Chiefs) No Bob Scarpitto (San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, Boston Patriots) No


Position First Team Hall of Fame? Second Team Hall of Fame?
Coach Weeb Ewbank (New York Jets) Yes Sid Gillman (San Diego Chargers) Yes


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