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Alcorn State University
Motto“Knowledge and Character: That's the Alcorn Difference.”
PresidentDr. M. Christopher Brown II
LocationLorman, Mississippi,
United States
Campus1,700 acres (6.9 km2)
ColorsPurple and Gold
NicknameBraves; Alcorn A's

Alcorn State University is a historically black comprehensive land-grant institution in Lorman, Mississippi. It was founded in 1871 by the Reconstruction era legislature to provide higher education for freedmen. It was the first black land grant college in the United States.

The university is counted as a census-designated place and had a resident population of 1,017 at the 2010 census.[1]

Medgar Evers, a civil rights activist, graduated in 1948 from here. Students at the college were part of the mid-twentieth century civil rights struggle, working to register residents for voting and struggling to end segregation. Other alumni have been activists, politicians and professionals in Mississippi and other states. The University is a member-school of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Coordinates: 31°52′37″N 91°08′28″W / 31.87694°N 91.14111°W / 31.87694; -91.14111


Alcorn State University was founded on the site originally occupied by Oakland College, a school for whites established by the Presbyterian Church.

Oakland College closed its doors at the beginning of the American Civil War so that its students could fight for the Confederate States of America. When the college failed to reopen at the end of the war, the property was sold to the state of Mississippi. It renamed the facility Alcorn University in honor of James L. Alcorn in 1871, then the state's governor, and established it as a historically black college.

Hiram R. Revels resigned his seat in the United States Senate to become Alcorn's first president. The state legislature provided $50,000 in cash for ten successive years for the establishment and overall operations of the college. The state also granted Alcorn three-fifths of the proceeds earned from the sale of 30,000 acres (120,000,000 m2) of land scrip for agricultural colleges. The land was sold for $188,928 with Alcorn receiving a share of $113,400. This money was to be used solely for the agricultural and mechanical components of the college. From its beginning, Alcorn State University was a land-grant college.

In 1878, the name Alcorn University was changed to Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College. The university's original 225 acres (0.91 km2) of land have grown to become a 1,700 acres (6.9 km2) campus. The goals for the college set by the Mississippi legislature clearly emphasized training rather than education. The school, like other black schools during these years, was less a college than a vocational school intended to prepare students for the agricultural economy of the state and most of their hometowns.

At first the school was exclusively for black males but in 1895 women were admitted. Today, women outnumber men at the university eighteen hundred to twelve hundred.

In 1974 Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College became Alcorn State University. Governor William L. Waller signed House Bill 298 granting university status to Alcorn and the other state supported colleges. Alcorn had already become a more diversified university. It provides an undergraduate education that enables students to continue their work in graduate and professional schools, engage in teaching, and enter other professions. It also provides graduate education to equip students for further training in specialized fields.

Alcorn began with eight faculty members in 1871. Today the faculty and staff number more than 500. The student body has grown from 179 mostly local male students to more than 4,000 students from all over the world.

While early graduates of Alcorn had limited horizons, more recent alumni are successful physicians, lawyers, pharmacists, dentists, educators, administrators, managers, and entrepreneurs. Alcorn has had eighteen presidents, with Dr. M. Christopher Brown II becoming the eighteenth president in 2011.

Alcorn State is now fully accredited, with seven schools and degree programs in more than fifty areas, including a nursing program. The facilities have increased from three historic buildings to approximately 80 modern structures with an approximate value of $71 million. [2]

[3] ==Past Presidents[4]==

Name Years Interim
Hiram Rhodes Revels 1871–1882 No
John Houston Burrus 1882–1893 No
Wilson H. Reynolds 1893–1894 No
Thomas J. Calloway 1894–1896 No
Edward H. Triplett 1896–1899 No
William H. Lanier 1899–1905 No
Levi John Rowan 1905–1911 No
John Adams Martin 1911–1915 No
Levi John Rowan 1915–1934 No
Isiah S. Sanders, Acting President 1934–1934 No
William Harrison Bell 1934–1944 No
Preston Sewell Bowles 1944–1945 No
William Harrison Pipes 1945–1949 No
Jesse R. Otis 1949–1957 No
John Dewey Boyd 1957–1969 No
Walter Washington 1969–1994 No
Rudolph E. Waters, Sr. 1994–1995 Yes
Clinton Bristow, Jr. 1995–2006 No
Malvin A. Williams, Sr. 2006–2008 Yes
George E. Ross 2008–2010 No
Norris Allen Edney 2010–2011 Yes
M. Christopher Brown 2011– No


The university enrolls over 2,500 full-time and 348 part-time undergraduate students and 600 graduate students. Women outnumber men in a ratio 3:2.


The university is made up of seven schools, offering over 50 different fields of study.

  • School of Agriculture, Research, Extension and Applied Sciences
  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Graduate Studies
  • School of Business
  • School of Education and Psychology
  • School of Nursing
  • College for Excellence

Honors Program

The Honors Program is an option for students who wish to further enhance their academic experience and leadership roles.[5]

MBA Program

Alcorn State University offers a general MBA program through its Natchez campus. Most classes are conducted in evening to accommodate its working executive students. Over last few years the MBA program has been very popular with international students, in fact a high percentage of international students at Alcorn State University are enrolled in its MBA program.

Global Programs

Besides coordinating study-abroad opportunities, Global Programs brings worldwide perspectives to campus through exchange programs and special events.[6]

Pre-Professional Programs

Alcorn offers Pre-Professional Programs to prepare students for a transition to specialized studies in the fields of law, engineering, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy and dentistry.[7]


Alcorn State University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the Associate, Bachelor‘s, Master‘s, and Specialist in Education degrees.

Alcorn‘s teacher education program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics is accredited by the American Dietetics Association. The Associate of Science in Nursing degree, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and the Master of Science in Nursing degree programs are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditating Commission. Alcorn State University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, the National Association of Industrial Technology and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.


The main campus is located near Lorman, Mississippi, while the Nursing School and the Business School's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is located in Natchez, Mississippi. There is also a Vicksburg, Mississippi site.

Main campus

The main campus is located in rural southwestern Mississippi, 45 miles (72 km) south of Vicksburg,[8] 40 miles (64 km) north of Natchez, and 80 miles (130 km) southwest of Jackson.[9] As of 1994 the closest hotels and/or restaurants to the Alcorn campus are 15 miles (24 km) from campus, along U.S. Highway 61.[8]

Male residence halls include Medgar Wiley Evers Heritage Village Complex and Hiram Revels Hall.[10] Female residence halls include Medgar Wiley Evers Heritage Village Complex buildings A and B, John Burrus Hall, and the Female Honors Residence Hall.[11]

Recent Campus Additions include:

  • 5 mi (8.0 km) Bike/Walking Trail
  • Foster Baseball Field at McGowan Stadium
  • Medgar Wiley Evers Heritage Village (student housing)

Current and planned construction projects include:

  • School of Business (Dumas Hall) renovations

Other locations

The Natchez Campus Residence Hall, completed in 1998, is the residence hall of the Natchez campus. It includes three buildings, with a commons building, a male residence hall building, and a female residence hall building. The complex includes the Student Nursing Hall, which houses Alcorn State students and Copiah - Lincoln Community College (Co-Lin) students.[10]


Jay Searcy of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote in 1994 that Alcorn had "a gritty football team that has sent 68 players to the National Football League...", an achievement for a small school in a rural area of Mississippi.[8] His article was chiefly about Steve McNair, who is among those numerous players to have gone on to professional football careers.

Notable alumni

News, Journalism, Civil Rights, Politics, Entertainment, Modeling

Name Class year Notability References
Gwen Belton News anchor and senior reporter who worked at TV news stations in Jackson Mississippi, Natchez Mississippi, Greenville Mississippi, and Miami, Florida [1]
Albert Butler 1970 Mississippi State Senator [2]
Horace R. Cayton Sr. c.1880s journalist and politician, who was one of first blacks to serve on county and state delegations in Seattle, Washington [12]
Katie G. Dorsett Member of the North Carolina Senate

from the 28th district

Medgar Evers 1948 First NAACP field secretary
Alex Haley Author of Roots: The Saga of an American Family
Orlando Kilcrease 1991 Chairman (Mississippi Farm Service Agency State Committee) [3]
Iris Kyle Female Professional bodybuilder
Kimberly Morgan Miss Mississippi 2007
Michael Clarke Duncan Actor
Alexander O'Neal attended Musician
Ed Smith former alderman of the 28th ward in Chicago, Illinois from 1983 to 2010.
Jesse Smith 1999 Appeared as Gladiator "Justice" in 2008 revival of American Gladiators
Joseph Edison Walker 1903 President of Universal Life Insurance Company in Memphis, Tennessee
Timon Kyle Durrett 1998 Appeared as "Quinn" on VH1's Single Ladies and various TV shows, plays, commercials, and films.


Name Class year Notability References
Jack Spinks 1952 Former Professional football player for the New York Giants
Jimmy Giles 1977 Former Professional football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Roynell Young 1980 Former Professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles
Jack Phillips Former Professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs
Milton Mack Former Professional football player for the Detroit Lions
Cedric Tillman 1992 Former Professional football player for the Denver Broncos
Dwayne White Former Professional football player for the St. Louis Rams
Garry Lewis Former Professional football player for the Oakland Raiders
Torrance Small 1992 Former NFL player for the New Orleans Saints
John Thierry 1994 Former NFL player for the Chicago Bears
Steve McNair 1996 Former American professional quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens
Louis Green Jr. 1996 Former American professional Linebacker for the Denver Broncos and Former Alcorn Special Team Coach
Bryant Mix 1997 Former NFL player for the Houston Oilers
Donte Dowers 1997 Former Professional football player for the Baltimore Ravens
Carlos Thorton 1997 Former NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers
Terry Wilkerson 1998 Former Free Agent player for the Arizona Cardinals
Donald Driver 1999 Former Professional football player for the Green Bay Packers
Charles Leon Jackson Jr. 1999 Former Free Agent player for the New York Jets, Former AFL player for the Grand Rapids
Lee Terry Moore 1999 Former Free Agent player for the Oakland Raiders
Chad Slaughter 2000 Former Professional football player for the Oakland Raiders
Reynard Reynolds 2000 Current AFL player
Kris Peters 2002 Current AFL player
Marco Walder 2002 Former AFL player
Terrence Crimiel 2002 Former AFL player for the Grand Rapids
Louis Green 2002 Former NFL player for the Denver Broncos
Charlie Spiller 2007 Former NFL player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Nate Hughes 2008 Current NFL player for the Detroit Lions
Leslie Frazier 1980 Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Former Defensive Coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings, former Special Assistant coach with the Indianapolis Colts
Larry Smith 1980 Former NBA player and assistant coach in the NBA and WNBA.
Malcolm Jones 2009 First Black Head Coach McComb High School in Mississippi
Lee Robinson 2009 Professional football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos
Emmanuel Arceneaux 2009 current CFL and NFL player
Frank Purnell former professional football player for the Green Bay Packers

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