The Abington Old Town team existed from at least 1926-1933

Season-By-Season Edit

Note: W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties

Season W L T Finish Playoff results
1926 0 1 0 --
1927 0 0 0 --
1928 0 0 0 --
1929 0 0 0 --
1930 0 0 0 --
1931 0 0 1 --
1932 0 1 0 --
1933 0 1 0 --


Day Date at Opponent Score Location Stadium Attendance
Sat 09/22/1926 H Boston Bulldogs (AFL) 0- 22 L Abington, MA

Day Date at Opponent Score Location Stadium Attendance
Wed 11/12/1931 Harvard Crimson 0- 49 L Abington, MA 2,500

Day Date at Opponent Score Location Stadium Attendance
Wed 10/12/1932 H Boston Fittons 0- 49 L Abington, MA 4000

Day Date at Opponent Score Location Stadium Attendance
Thu 10/12/1933 H Fitton Athletic Club 0- 14 L Abington, MA

November 12, 1931




Before 2,500 spectators, one of the largest crowds that has ever assembled to watch a Jayvee football game, the Abington Old Town team came up from behind, and succeeded in tieing the University seconds by a score of 6 to 6.

A brilliant 96-yard run, which started when A. J. Lupien '32, Harvard right half back, deftly intercepted an Abington forward pass on the Harvard 4-yard line, resulted in Harvard's only score.

In spite of concerted efforts in the third period to score, which resulted in both teams making drives that came within the 10-yard lines, Abington was not able to score until the last quarter, when Harvard fumbled a kick on the 25-yard stripe, and Abington recovered. A pass to the 5-yard line and three off-tackle plays took the ball over and tied the Harvard score. Meserve, Abington right half back made the touchdown.

If the first quarter of the game, with Harvard always holding the upper hand, had been a trifle dull, certainly this last period provided enough excitement for the two thousand Abington rooters who had turned out to see the holiday tussle.

With about four minutes left to play, and with the Crimson holding the ball on its own 10-yard line, Bernard Feins '33, threw three passes to Lupien, and P. D. de Give '34, netted 30 yards in two plays, a total of 88 yards, bringing the pigskin within two yards of the goal line. In the last minute of play Harvard threw a pass, which just ticked the fingers of the receiver and fell to the ground.

The summary:

HARVARD ABINGTONCrocker, Sherman, l.e. r.e., Lombard, CedarholmBurrage, Holden, l.t. r.t., ConroyJ. Ayer, Cary, l.g. r.g., Emmons, MibillaSimmons, Cabot, c. c., Melewski, Budd, HoodScott, R. Ayer, r.g. l.g., TiscavadeDunn, r.t. l.t., DavisWolcott, Levett, Cole, r.e., l.e., McClean, AhermWadsworth, de Give, q.b. q.b., WelchFoins, Adams, l.h.b. r.h.b., Orlosky, Meserve, F. CondonLupien, Barrel, r.h.b. l.h.b., Dame, AguisFallon, Heath, f.b. f.b., D, Condon, Olso

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