2013 CIFL season
League Continental Indoor Football League
Sport Indoor Football
Duration February 8, 2013 – April 28, 2013
Regular season
Season champions Erie Explosion
League postseason
1 vs 4 CIFL Semifinals champions Erie Explosion
  1 vs 4 CIFL Semifinals runners-up Kentucky Xtreme
2 vs 3 CIFL Semifinals champions Saginaw Sting
  2 vs 3 CIFL Semifinals runners-up Dayton Sharks
2013 CIFL
2013 CIFL champions Erie Explosion
  Runners-up Saginaw Sting
2013 CIFL MVP Richard Stokes
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The 2013 Continental Indoor Football League season will be the Continental Indoor Football League's eighth overall season. The regular season will start on Friday February 8, with the Marion Blue Racers visiting the Saginaw Sting at the Dow Event Center, and will end with the 2013 CIFL Championship Game, the league's championship game being held on, or around, May 18. The league approved the expansion of the playoff format from four teams to six teams (with the top two teams receiving byes).


For the 2013 season there will be a 10-game, 12-week regular season running from February to April. Each team will host 5 games, and have five away games. For the first time in league history, there will be Monday night games.

Regular season standingsEdit

2013 Continental Indoor Football Leagueview · talk · edit
Team W L T PCT PF PA PF (Avg.) PA (Avg.) STK
Saginaw Sting 3 0 0 1.000 147 89 49 29.67 W3
Dayton Sharks 2 0 0 1.000 118 30 59 15 W2
Erie Explosion 2 0 0 1.000 106 67 53 33.5 W2
Owensboro Rage 2 1 0 .667 108 96 36 32 L1
Port Huron Patriots 1 2 0 .333 85 153 28.33 51 L2
Marion Blue Racers 1 2 0 .333 70 91 23.33 30.33 W1
Kentucky Xtreme 0 1 0 .000 33 37 33 37 L1
Kane County Dawgs 0 1 0 .000 0 2 0 2 L1
Detroit Thunder 0 2 0 .000 55 105 27.5 52.5 L2
Kentucky Drillers 0 2 0 .000 42 94 21 47 L2

y - clinched regular-season title

x - clinched playoff spot


  Semifinals 2013 CIFL Championship Game Finals
  1  Erie Explosion 55  
4  Kentucky Xtreme 6  
  1  Erie Explosion 37  
  3  Saginaw Sting 36  
2  Dayton Sharks 63
  3  Saginaw Sting 66  

Rule changesEdit

  • Starting in 2013 teams will be allowed to expand their active roster from 19 players up to 21 this year and are being required to carry a backup Quarterback and Kicker.[1]
  • Teams will score a single point on their kickoff if the ball makes its way through the uprights.[1]
  • Defensive Backs are not allowed to blitz[1]
  • Starting in 2013 coaches will be permitted to coach on the field again, which will improve communication between them and their players[1]

Coaching changesEdit


Team 2013 Coach 2012 Coach(es) Reason for leaving Story/Accomplishments
Marion Blue Racers Martino Theus Lorenzo Styles/
Marc Huddleston
Contract not renewed
On March 30, 2012, Styles resigned as the head coach of the Blue Racers after compiling a 3-1 record, citing personal reason as the reason for his resignation.[2] Offensive Coordinator Marc Huddleston, took over as the team's head coach.[3] Huddleston's contract was not renewed after the 2012 season.

On September 18, 2012, the Blue Racers name, CEO and General Manager, LaMonte Coleman, as the team's 5th head coach in franchise history.[4] But, three weeks prior to the season's start, offensive coordinator Martino Theus was promoted to Head Coach.[5]


Team Interim Coach 2013 Coach(es) Reason for leaving Story/Accomplishments
Port Huron Patriots Demar Cranford Dave Kinsman Resigned On February 21, Kinsman resigned as the Head Coach of the Patriots, as he sold the team to Jude Carter, and was set to deploy to Afghanistan.[6]

Carter named Demar Cranford as the team's new Head Coach the same day.[6]


Regular season awardsEdit

Award Winner Position Team
CIFL MVP C. J. Tarver Wide Receiver Saginaw Sting
Offensive Player of the Year Tommy Jones Quarterback Dayton Sharks
Defensive Player of the Year Kwaheem Smith Defensive Back Erie Explosion
Special Teams Player of the Year C. J. Tarver Wide Receiver Saginaw Sting

1st Team All-CIFLEdit

QuarterbackA. J. McKenna, Saginaw
Running backRichard Stokes, Erie
Wide receiverC. J. Tarver, Saginaw
Robert Redd, Dayton
Alfonso Hoggard, Erie
Offensive tackleEric Brim, Saginaw
Andrew Phelan, Dayton
William Hasse, Marion
Anthony Richardson, KY Xtreme
CenterDave McQuiston, Erie
Defensive linemanJames Spikes, Dayton
Andre Portis, Erie
Andre Thomas, Detroit
Thomas McKenzie, Marion
LinebackerP. J. Jackson, Port Huron
Jon D'Angelo, Erie
Santino Turnbow, Dayton
Defensive BackKwaheem Smith, Erie
Jamar Hibler, Saginaw
Ricardo Kemp, Erie

Special teams
KickerShon Rowser, Erie

2nd Team All-CIFLEdit

QuarterbackTommy Jones, Dayton
Running backDerrick Moss, Dayton
Wide receiverDoug Beaumont, KY Xtreme
Reggie Eubanks, Detroit
Kenyez Mincy, Dayton
Offensive tackleFrank Straub, Dayton
Richard Gedelian, Detroit
George Frisch, Erie
Brian Moore, Saginaw
CenterJosh Pack, Saginaw
Defensive endDwayne Holmes, Port Huron
Mike Sowell, KY Xtreme
Nate Synder, Saginaw
Zach Williams, Erie
LinebackerAndrew DeWeerd, Saginaw
Doug Emery, Detroit
Brandon McElwee, Erie
Defensive BackJamaal Hibler, Sagniaw
Jeremy Satchel, Marion
Mike Davis, Dayton

Special teams
KickerChris Kollias, Saginaw



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