2011 UIFL season
League Ultimate Indoor Football League
Sport Indoor Football
Duration February 18, 2011 – June 9, 2011
Regular season
Season champions Northern Kentucky River Monsters
Season MVP Jared Lorenzen, NKY
League postseason
1 vs 4 UIFL Semifinals champions Saginaw Sting
  1 vs 4 UIFL Semifinals runners-up Northern Kentucky River Monsters
2 vs 3 UIFL Semifinals champions Eastern Kentucky Drillers
  2 vs 3 UIFL Semifinals runners-up Huntington Hammer
Ultimate Bowl I
Finals champions Saginaw Sting
  Runners-up Eastern Kentucky Drillers
Ultimate Bowl I MVP Tommy Jones (SAG)
UIFL seasons

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The 2011 Ultimate Indoor Football League season will be the first season of the league. The regular season will last from February 18 to May 29[1] and the postseason, will be held the following two weeks with the championship game being held at the highest remaining seed. The 2011 season went off without any teams folding or any games being missed or rescheduled. The Northern Kentucky River Monsters finished with the best regular season record, finished 11-3. However, due to league sanctions they were not able to host an playoff games and were dropped to a four seed.

Saginaw finished 9-5, followed by Eastern Kentucky 8-6, Huntington 7-7, Johnstown 6-8 and Canton 1-13.

Saginaw defeated Northern Kentucky, 48-47, in the first semifinals of the Ultimate Bowl I Playoffs, sponsored by Trophy Awards. In the other semifinal game, Eastern Kentucky advanced to the championship game with a 20-4 victory over Huntington.[2] The 2011 Ultimate Bowl, sponsored by Trophy Awards, was played Friday, June 9 at the Dow Center in Saginaw, MI with the Sting claiming a 86-69 victory over the visiting Drillers.[3]

Following the elimination of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters from the playoffs, NKY owner Jill Chitwood and the UIFL came to terms that allows the River Monsters to leave the UIFL.


2011 UIFL Standingview · talk · edit
y-Northern Kentucky River Monsters 11 3 0 .786 569 417 L1
x-Saginaw Sting 9 5 0 .643 473 415 L2
x-Eastern Kentucky Drillers 8 6 0 .571 390 373 W1
x-Huntington Hammer 7 7 0 .500 377 328 W2
Johnstown Generals 6 8 0 .429 292 416 W2
Canton Cougars 1 13 0 .071 370 522 L10

y - clinched regular-season title

x - clinched playoff spot



Player Comp. Att. Comp% Yards TD's INT's Long
Jared Lorenzen (NKY)28249057.63473811948
Tommy Jones (SAG)30448862.33400872546
Allan Holland (EKY)20038152.52386531842
Martevious Young (HUNT) 20143246.52199392045
Ray Marrow (CAN)8416750.3124331847


Player Car. Yards Avg. TD's Long
Martevious Young (HUNT) 85 358 4.2 12 33
Maurice Douse (NKY) 80 268 3.3 12 33
Dray Mason (HUNT) 76 309 4.1 9 25
Terrell Simms (JOHN) 80 240 3.0 7 18
Robert Haynes (SAG) 30 123 4.1 4 27


Player Rec. Yards Avg. TD's Long
Ricardo Lenhart (NKY) 116 1359 11.7 34 48
Matthew Barbour (EKY) 94 1216 12.9 25 42
Willie Idlette (NKY) 91 1178 12.9 21 40
LaVaughn Macon (SAG) 101 1184 11.7 32 41
Zac Nichols (SAG) 71 1013 14.3 25 46

2011 PlayoffsEdit

  Semifinals Ultimate Bowl I Finals
  1  Saginaw Sting 48  
4  NK River Monsters 47  
  1  Saginaw Sting 86  
  2  Eastern Kentucky Drillers 69  
2  Eastern Kentucky Drillers 20
  3  Huntington Hammer 4  


1st Team All-UIFLEdit

QuarterbackJared Lorenzen, Northern Kentucky
Tommy Jones, Saginaw
Running BackDray Mason, Huntington
Wide ReceiverRicardo Lenhart, Northern Kentucky
Ryan Brinson, Canton
Aric Evans, Eastern Kentucky
Offensive LineKhalil El-Amin, Northern Kentucky
Matt Rahn, Northern Kentucky
Rashaud Mungro, Eastern Kentucky
Defensive LineMike McFadden, Saginaw
Thomas McKenzie, Northern Kentucky
Michael Robinson, Huntington
LinebackerPhillip Smith, Saginaw
JillJon D'Angelo, Northern Kentucky
CornerbackDavid Jones, Eastern Kentucky
DeQwan Young, Johnstown
SafetyMatt Speed, Johnstown

Special teams
KickerDustin Zink, Northern Kentucky
Special TeamsMaurice Douse, Northern Kentucky

2nd Team All-UIFLEdit

Running BackMaurice Douse, Northern Kentucky
Wide ReceiverWillie Idlette, Northern Kentucky
LaVaughn Macon, Saginaw
Harry Lewis, Northern Kentucky
Offensive LineGeorge Frisch, Northern Kentucky
Eric Brim, Saginaw
Steve Michalek, Saginaw
Defensive LineAntonio Reynolds, Canton
D'arrell Brown, Northern Kentucky
Victor Sesay, Johnstown
LinebackerSantino Turnbow, Northern Kentucky
JillCody Smith, Canton
CornerbackJaret Sanderson, Huntington
Jason Connor, Eastern Kentucky
Butch Abshire, Eastern Kentucky
SafetyTez Morris, Northern Kentucky

Special teams
KickerDaniel Edison, Eastern Kentucky
Special TeamsDray Mason, Huntington


Players of the WeekEdit

Offense[1] Defense[2] Special Teams[3]
Week 1 Aric Evans (EKY) Kevin Allen Jr. (HUN) David Jones (EKY)
Week 2 Tommy Jones (SAG) Kenneth Joshen (NKY) Brandon Miller (EKY)
Week 3 Harry Lewis (NKY) Victor Sesay (JOH) Dustin Zink (NKY)
Week 4 Allan Holland (EKY) DeQwan Young (JOH) Maurice Douse (NKY)
Week 5 Martevious Young (HUN)/Ryan Brison (CAN) Thomas McKenzie (NKY) Dustin Zink (NKY)
Week 6 Jared Lorenzen (NKY) Andre Portis (HUN) Chris Kolias (SAG)
Week 7 Jared Lorenzen (NKY) Santino Turnbow (NKY) Matt Demunkus (JOH)
Week 8 Jared Lorenzen (NKY) Phillip Smith (SAG) Dustin Zink (NKY)
Week 9 Ray Marrow (CAN) Brett Hamblen (NKY) Andrew Beaver (SAG)
Week 10 Ricardo Lenhart (NKY) John Jacobs (SAG) Daniel Eidson (EKY)
Week 11 Ricardo Lenhart (NKY) Marcus McClinton (EKY) Dustin Zink (NKY)
Week 12 LaVaughn Macon (SAG) Toheeb Akinola (JOH) Matt Demunkus (JOH)
Week 13 Tommy Jones (SAG) Jon D’Angelo (NKY) Chris Kolias (SAG)
Week 14 Jared Lorenzen (NKY) DeQwan Young (JOH) Victor Smith (HUN)
Week 15 Ryan Wells (NKY) Aaron Princes (JOH) Daniel Eidson (EKY)
2011 Ultimate Indoor Football League seasons
Canton Eastern Kentucky Huntington Johnstown Northern Kentucky Saginaw


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