The 2011 UFL Draft was the third draft of the United Football League. The draft took place on Monday, May 2, 2011. The draft was held over a period of 10 rounds during which each of the five UFL teams was allowed one pick per round, in reverse order of 2010 finish, with the last-place Hartford Colonials picking first and the champion Las Vegas Locomotives picking last in each round. The expansion Virginia Destroyers took the place of the defunct Florida Tuskers, from whom the Destroyers inherited their staff, in the draft order; the Destroyers also received a "bonus selection" at both the end of the fourth round and the end of the draft, respectively. During rounds one and two, each team had five minutes to make their selection of a player. During rounds three through ten, each team had three minutes to make their selection of a player. The round by round results will be announced via the Twitter feeds of each individual coach, as well as through commissioner Michael Huyghue's Twitter feed.

The UFL moved its draft up to May 2, two days after the end of the 2011 NFL Draft, in part to accommodate the UFL's earlier start in August for the 2011 season, and also to take advantage of the lockout in the National Football League. Players who went undrafted in the 2011 NFL Draft cannot sign with NFL teams because of the lockout. As a result, the UFL will make efforts to draft and sign those players before the lockout is lifted.[1] Pat Devlin, the former Delaware quarterback and one of the higher rated undrafted prospects, was given an offer to be the first overall draft pick, but because the Hartford Colonials also requested he sign a UFL contract as a condition of being picked, Devlin declined.[2] As in previous UFL drafts, players with professional experience were also eligible to be drafted. Overall, 24 undrafted rookies and 28 professional veterans were selected in the draft.[2]

Players selected in the draft remain on each teams’ Reserve/Unsigned list until the player signs the league's standard form contract and is added to the roster.[3]


Draft ResultsEdit

Round oneEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 1 Hartford QB Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M
2 2 Omaha CB Reynaldo Hill Florida
3 3 Sacramento QB Ryan Colburn Fresno State
4 4 Virginia DE Martail Burnett Utah
5 5 Las Vegas OT Joel Bell Furman

Round twoEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 6 Hartford OG Kurt Quarterman Louisville
2 7 Omaha DE Jamie Cumbie Clemson
3 8 Sacramento DE Ugo Chinasa Oklahoma State
4 9 Virginia DT Ryan Sims North Carolina
5 10 Las Vegas DE Lawrence Wilson Ohio State

Round threeEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 11 Hartford C Cecil Newton Tennessee State
2 12 Omaha OT Joe Toledo Washington
3 13 Sacramento CB Derrick Roberson Rutgers
4 14 Virginia RB Adrian N. Peterson Georgia Southern
5 15 Las Vegas WR Eric Peterman Northwestern

Round fourEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 16 Hartford OG Ricky Henry Nebraska
2 17 Omaha CB Chris Smith Northern Illinois
3 18 Sacramento DE Roberto Davis NW Missouri State
4 19 Virginia WR Aundrae Allison East Carolina
5 20 Hartford OL Brad Thorson Kansas
B 21 Virginia LB Clint Ingram Oklahoma

Round fiveEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 22 Hartford RB Philip Tanner Middle Tennessee State
2 23 Omaha OT Mike Smith Nebraska
3 24 Sacramento LB Spencer Paysinger Oregon
4 25 Virginia DT Trevor Anderson Albany
5 26 Las Vegas FB Kennedy Tinsley North Carolina

Round sixEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 27 Hartford DE Ervin Baldwin Michigan State
2 28 Omaha OT D.J. Jones Nebraska
3 29 Sacramento WR Jamel Hamler Fresno State
4 30 Virginia DT Ian Scott Florida
5 31 Las Vegas QB Mike Teel Rutgers

Round sevenEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 32 Hartford TE Greg Smith Texas
2 33 Omaha TE Kyle Nelson New Mexico State
3 34 Sacramento OT Kainoa LaCount Hawaii
4 35 Virginia TE Joe Monteverde Richmond
5 36 Las Vegas LB Dave Philistin Maryland

Round eightEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 37 Hartford DT Colby Whitlock Texas Tech
2 38 Omaha QB Jeremiah Masoli Mississippi
3 39 Omaha DE Brian Johnston Gardner Webb
4 40 Virginia RB Wynel Seldon Wyoming
5 41 Las Vegas WR Cameron Colvin Oregon

Round nineEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 42 Hartford DT Jonathan Lewis Virginia Tech
2 43 Omaha RB Derrick Locke Kentucky
3 44 Sacramento CB Josh Gatlin North Dakota State
4 45 Virginia QB Derek Devine Marshall
5 46 Las Vegas RB Mario Fannin Auburn

Round tenEdit

Pick Overall Team Position Name School
1 47 Hartford DE Keith Grennan Eastern Washington
2 48 Omaha DT Akiem Hicks University of Regina
3 49 Sacramento S Keanemana Silva Hawaii
4 50 Virginia DB Jahi Word-Daniels Georgia Tech
5 51 Omaha LB Mark Herzlich Boston College
B 52 Virginia WR Jeff Maehl Oregon



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