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2008 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) April 26–27, 2008
Time 3:00 PM EDT April 26
10:00 AM EDT April 27
Location Radio City Music Hall
New York City, New York
Network(s) (US) ESPN and NFL Network
First selection Jake Long, OT
Miami Dolphins
Mr. Irrelevant David Vobora, LB
St. Louis Rams
Most selections Chicago Bears (12)
Kansas City Chiefs
Fewest selections Cleveland Browns (5)
Jacksonville Jaguars
Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Raiders
San Diego Chargers
Overall selections 252
NFL Draft
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The 2008 NFL Draft took place at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 26 and April 27, 2008. For the 29th consecutive year, ESPN televised the draft; the NFL Network also broadcast the event, its third year doing so. Of the 252 selections,[1] 220 were regular selections in rounds one through seven, and 32 were compensatory selections,[2] distributed among rounds three through seven.[3] For the first time since the common draft began, no wide receiver was selected in the first round, even though wide receiver was the most frequently drafted position overall, with 35 selected. Also, a record 34 trades were made during the draft itself.[4]

File:National Football League 2008.svg

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

Changes for 2008

The schedule for the draft was changed: day one began at 3:00 PM EDT (1900 UTC), instead of noon, and consisted of just two rounds. Day two began with round three at 10:00 AM EDT (1400 UTC), instead of 11:00 AM. Moreover, the time limits for day one selections were reduced, from 15 minutes to ten for first-round picks and from ten minutes to seven in the second. The limit remained five minutes for all picks in rounds three through seven.[5]

The draft also marked the official debut of a new NFL shield logo, replacing the old shield logo which had been used since 1970, featuring eight white stars to represent each of the league's eight divisions, and a football rotated to the same angle as the one on the top of the Vince Lombardi Trophy given to the Super Bowl champion.[6]

Player selections

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* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[7]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end DL Defensive lineman
DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety G Guard HB Halfback
K Placekicker KR Kick returner OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Miami Dolphins Long, JakeJake Long OT Michigan Big Ten [8]
1 2 St. Louis Rams Long, ChrisChris Long DE Virginia ACC
1 3 Atlanta Falcons Ryan, MattMatt Ryan QB Boston College ACC
1 4 Oakland Raiders McFadden, DarrenDarren McFadden RB Arkansas SEC
1 5 Kansas City Chiefs Dorsey, GlennGlenn Dorsey DT LSU SEC
1 6 New York Jets Gholston, VernonVernon Gholston DE Ohio State Big Ten
1 7 New Orleans Saints Ellis, SedrickSedrick Ellis DT USC Pac-10 from San Francisco via New England
1 8 Jacksonville Jaguars Harvey, DerrickDerrick Harvey DE Florida SEC from Baltimore
1 9 Cincinnati Bengals Rivers, KeithKeith Rivers LB USC Pac-10
1 10 New England Patriots Mayo, JerodJerod Mayo LB Tennessee SEC from New Orleans
1 11 Buffalo Bills McKelvin, LeodisLeodis McKelvin CB Troy Sun Belt
1 12 Denver Broncos Clady, RyanRyan Clady OT Boise State WAC
1 13 Carolina Panthers Stewart, JonathanJonathan Stewart RB Oregon Pac-10
1 14 Chicago Bears Williams, ChrisChris Williams OT Vanderbilt SEC
1 15 Kansas City Chiefs Albert, BrandenBranden Albert OT Virginia ACC from Detroit
1 16 Arizona Cardinals Rodgers-Cromartie, DominiqueDominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tennessee State OVC
1 17 Detroit Lions Cherilus, GosderGosder Cherilus OT Boston College ACC from Minnesota via Kansas City
1 18 Baltimore Ravens Flacco, JoeJoe Flacco QB Delaware CAA from Houston
1 19 Carolina Panthers Otah, JeffJeff Otah OT Pittsburgh Big East from Philadelphia
1 20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Talib, AqibAqib Talib CB Kansas Big 12
1 21 Atlanta Falcons Baker, SamSam Baker OT USC Pac-10 from Washington
1 22 Dallas Cowboys Jones, FelixFelix Jones RB Arkansas SEC from Cleveland
1 23 Pittsburgh Steelers Mendenhall, RashardRashard Mendenhall RB Illinois Big Ten
1 24 Tennessee Titans Johnson, ChrisChris Johnson RB East Carolina C-USA
1 25 Dallas Cowboys Jenkins, MikeMike Jenkins CB South Florida Big East from Seattle
1 26 Houston Texans Brown, DuaneDuane Brown OT Virginia Tech ACC from Jacksonville via Baltimore
1 27 San Diego Chargers Cason, AntoineAntoine Cason CB Arizona Pac-10
1 28 Seattle Seahawks Jackson, LawrenceLawrence Jackson DE USC Pac-10 from Dallas
1 29 San Francisco 49ers Balmer, KentwanKentwan Balmer DT North Carolina ACC from Indianapolis
1 30 New York Jets Keller, DustinDustin Keller TE Purdue Big Ten from Green Bay
1 30.5 New England Patriots selection forfeited due to "Spygate" scandal [9]
1 31 New York Giants Phillips, KennyKenny Phillips S Miami (FL) ACC
2 32 Miami Dolphins Merling, PhillipPhillip Merling DE Clemson ACC
2 33 St. Louis Rams Avery, DonnieDonnie Avery WR Houston C-USA
2 34 Washington Redskins Thomas, DevinDevin Thomas WR Michigan State Big Ten from Oakland via Atlanta
2 35 Kansas City Chiefs Flowers, BrandonBrandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech ACC
2 36 Green Bay Packers Nelson, JordyJordy Nelson WR Kansas State Big 12 from New York Jets
2 37 Atlanta Falcons Lofton, CurtisCurtis Lofton LB Oklahoma Big 12
2 38 Seattle Seahawks Carlson, JohnJohn Carlson TE Notre Dame Ind. from Baltimore
2 39 San Francisco 49ers Rachal, ChiloChilo Rachal G USC Pac-10
2 40 New Orleans Saints Porter, TracyTracy Porter CB Indiana Big Ten
2 41 Buffalo Bills Hardy, JamesJames Hardy WR Indiana Big Ten
2 42 Denver Broncos Royal, EddieEddie Royal WR Virginia Tech ACC
2 43 Minnesota Vikings Johnson, TyrellTyrell Johnson S Arkansas State Sun Belt from Carolina via Philadelphia
2 44 Chicago Bears Forté, MattMatt Forté RB Tulane University C-USA
2 45 Detroit Lions Dizon, JordonJordon Dizon LB Colorado Big 12
2 46 Cincinnati Bengals Simpson, JeromeJerome Simpson WR Coastal Carolina Big South
2 47 Philadelphia Eagles Laws, TrevorTrevor Laws DT Notre Dame Ind. from Minnesota
2 48 Washington Redskins Davis, FredFred Davis TE USC Pac-10 from Houston via Atlanta
2 49 Philadelphia Eagles Jackson, DeSeanDeSean Jackson WR California Pac-10
2 50 Arizona Cardinals Campbell, CalaisCalais Campbell DE Miami (FL) ACC
2 51 Washington Redskins Kelly, MalcolmMalcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma Big 12
2 52 Jacksonville Jaguars Groves, QuentinQuentin Groves DE Auburn SEC from Tampa Bay
2 53 Pittsburgh Steelers Sweed, LimasLimas Sweed WR Texas Big 12
2 54 Tennessee Titans Jones, JasonJason Jones DT Eastern Michigan MAC
2 55 Baltimore Ravens Rice, RayRay Rice RB Rutgers Big East from Seattle
2 56 Green Bay Packers Brohm, BrianBrian Brohm QB Louisville Big East from Cleveland
2 57 Miami Dolphins Henne, ChadChad Henne QB Michigan Big Ten from San Diego
2 58 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jackson, DexterDexter Jackson WR Appalachian State SoCon from Jacksonville
2 59 Indianapolis Colts Pollak, MikeMike Pollak C Arizona State Pac-10
2 60 Green Bay Packers Lee, PatrickPatrick Lee CB Auburn SEC
2 61 Dallas Cowboys Bennett, MartellusMartellus Bennett TE Texas A&M Big 12
2 62 New England Patriots Wheatley, TerrenceTerrence Wheatley CB Colorado Big 12
2 63 New York Giants Thomas, TerrellTerrell Thomas CB USC Pac-10
3 64 Detroit Lions Smith, KevinKevin Smith RB Central Florida C-USA from Miami
3 65 St. Louis Rams Greco, JohnJohn Greco OT Toledo MAC
3 66 Miami Dolphins Langford, KendallKendall Langford DE Hampton MEAC from Detroit via Kansas City
3 67 Carolina Panthers Godfrey, CharlesCharles Godfrey CB Iowa Big Ten
3 68 Atlanta Falcons Jackson, ChevisChevis Jackson CB LSU SEC
3 69 San Diego Chargers Hester, JacobJacob Hester FB LSU SEC from Oakland via New England
3 70 Chicago Bears Bennett, EarlEarl Bennett WR Vanderbilt SEC from San Francisco
3 71 Baltimore Ravens Gooden, TavaresTavares Gooden LB Miami (FL) ACC from Baltimore via Buffalo and Jacksonville
3 72 Buffalo Bills Ellis, ChrisChris Ellis DE Virginia Tech ACC
3 73 Kansas City Chiefs Charles, JamaalJamaal Charles RB Texas Big 12 from Denver via Minnesota
3 74 Carolina Panthers Connor, DanDan Connor LB Penn State Big Ten
3 75 San Francisco 49ers Smith, ReggieReggie Smith CB Oklahoma Big 12 from Chicago
3 76 Kansas City Chiefs Cottam, BradBrad Cottam TE Tennessee SEC from Detroit
3 77 Cincinnati Bengals Sims, PatPat Sims DT Auburn SEC
3 78 New England Patriots Crable, ShawnShawn Crable LB Michigan Big Ten from New Orleans
3 79 Houston Texans Molden, AntwaunAntwaun Molden CB Eastern Kentucky OVC
3 80 Philadelphia Eagles Smith, BryanBryan Smith DE McNeese State Southland
3 81 Arizona Cardinals Doucet, EarlyEarly Doucet WR LSU SEC
3 82 Kansas City Chiefs Morgan, DaJuanDaJuan Morgan S NC State ACC from Minnesota
3 83 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Zuttah, JeremyJeremy Zuttah G Rutgers Big East
3 84 Atlanta Falcons Douglas, HarryHarry Douglas WR Louisville Big East from Washington
3 85 Tennessee Titans Stevens, CraigCraig Stevens TE California Pac-10
3 86 Baltimore Ravens Zbikowski, TomTom Zbikowski S Notre Dame Ind. from Seattle
3 87 Detroit Lions Fluellen, AndreAndre Fluellen DT Florida State ACC from Cleveland
3 88 Pittsburgh Steelers Davis, BruceBruce Davis DE UCLA Pac-10
3 89 Houston Texans Slaton, SteveSteve Slaton RB West Virginia Big East from Jacksonville via Baltimore
3 90 Chicago Bears Harrison, MarcusMarcus Harrison DT Arkansas SEC from San Diego
3 91 Green Bay Packers Finley, JermichaelJermichael Finley TE Texas Big 12
3 92 Detroit Lions Avril, CliffCliff Avril DE Purdue Big Ten from Dallas
3 93 Indianapolis Colts Wheeler, PhilipPhilip Wheeler LB Georgia Tech ACC
3 94 New England Patriots O'Connell, KevinKevin O'Connell QB San Diego State MWC
3 95 New York Giants Manningham, MarioMario Manningham WR Michigan Big Ten
3 * 96 Washington Redskins Rinehart, ChadChad Rinehart OT Northern Iowa Gateway
3 * 97 Cincinnati Bengals Caldwell, AndreAndre Caldwell WR Florida SEC
3 * 98 Atlanta Falcons DeCoud, ThomasThomas DeCoud S California Pac-10
3 * 99 Baltimore Ravens Cousins, OnielOniel Cousins OT UTEP C-USA
4 100 Oakland Raiders Branch, TyvonTyvon Branch CB Connecticut Big East from Miami via Dallas
4 101 St. Louis Rams King, JustinJustin King CB Penn State Big Ten
4 102 Green Bay Packers Thompson, JeremyJeremy Thompson DE Wake Forest ACC from New York Jets
4 103 Tennessee Titans Hayes, WilliamWilliam Hayes DE Winston-Salem State Ind. from Atlanta via Washington
4 104 Cleveland Browns Bell, BeauBeau Bell LB UNLV MWC from Oakland via Dallas
4 105 Kansas City Chiefs Franklin, WilliamWilliam Franklin WR Missouri Big 12
4 106 Baltimore Ravens Smith, MarcusMarcus Smith WR New Mexico MWC
4 107 San Francisco 49ers Wallace, CodyCody Wallace C Texas A&M Big 12
4 108 Denver Broncos Lichtensteiger, KoryKory Lichtensteiger C Bowling Green MAC
4 109 Philadelphia Eagles McGlynn, MikeMike McGlynn G Pittsburgh Big East from Carolina
4 110 Miami Dolphins Murphy, ShawnShawn Murphy OT Utah State WAC from Chicago
4 111 Cleveland Browns Rucker, MartinMartin Rucker TE Missouri Big 12 from Detroit via Dallas
4 112 Cincinnati Bengals Collins, AnthonyAnthony Collins OT Kansas Big 12
4 113 New York Jets Lowery, DwightDwight Lowery CB San Jose State WAC from Green Bay via New York Jets and New Orleans
4 114 Buffalo Bills Corner, ReggieReggie Corner CB Akron MAC
4 115 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Moore, DreDre Moore DT Maryland ACC from Miami via Philadelphia
4 116 Arizona Cardinals Iwebema, KennyKenny Iwebema DE Iowa Big Ten
4 117 Philadelphia Eagles Demps, QuintinQuintin Demps S UTEP C-USA from Minnesota
4 118 Houston Texans Adibi, XavierXavier Adibi LB Virginia Tech ACC
4 119 Denver Broncos Williams, JackJack Williams CB Kent State MAC from Washington
4 120 Chicago Bears Steltz, CraigCraig Steltz S LSU SEC from Tampa Bay
4 121 Seattle Seahawks Bryant, RedRed Bryant DT Texas A&M Big 12
4 122 Dallas Cowboys Choice, TashardTashard Choice RB Georgia Tech ACC from Cleveland
4 123 New York Giants Kehl, BryanBryan Kehl LB BYU MWC from Pittsburgh
4 124 Washington Redskins Tryon, JustinJustin Tryon CB Arizona State Pac-10 from Tennessee
4 124.5 San Diego Chargers selection forfeited because of use of 4th round selection in 2007 Supplemental Draft [10]
4 125 Oakland Raiders Shields, ArmanArman Shields WR Richmond CAA from Jacksonville via Baltimore
4 126 Tennessee Titans Hawkins, LavelleLavelle Hawkins WR California Pac-10 from Dallas
4 127 Indianapolis Colts Tamme, JacobJacob Tamme TE Kentucky SEC
4 128 St. Louis Rams Burton, KeenanKeenan Burton WR Kentucky SEC from Green Bay
4 129 New England Patriots Wilhite, JonathanJonathan Wilhite CB Auburn SEC
4 130 Pittsburgh Steelers Hills, TonyTony Hills OT Texas Big 12 from New York Giants
4 * 131 Philadelphia Eagles Ikegwuonu, JackJack Ikegwuonu CB Wisconsin Big Ten
4 * 132 Buffalo Bills Fine, DerekDerek Fine TE Kansas Big 12
4 * 133 Baltimore Ravens Hale, DavidDavid Hale OT Weber State Big Sky
4 * 134 Tennessee Titans Keglar, StanfordStanford Keglar LB Purdue Big Ten
4 * 135 Green Bay Packers Sitton, JoshJosh Sitton OT Central Florida C-USA
5 136 Detroit Lions Moore, KennethKenneth Moore WR Wake Forest ACC from Miami via Kansas City
5 137 Minnesota Vikings Booty, John DavidJohn David Booty QB USC Pac-10 from St. Louis via Green Bay
5 138 Atlanta Falcons James, RobertRobert James LB Arizona State Pac-10
5 139 Denver Broncos Torain, RyanRyan Torain RB Arizona State Pac-10 from Oakland
5 140 Kansas City Chiefs Carr, BrandonBrandon Carr CB Grand Valley State GLIAC
5 141 Carolina Panthers Barnidge, GaryGary Barnidge TE Louisville Big East from NY Jets
5 141.3 San Francisco 49ers selection forfeited as penalty for violating anti-tampering rules[11]
5 141.7 Baltimore Ravens selection forfeited because of use of 5th round selection in 2007 Supplemental Draft [12]
5 142 Chicago Bears Bowman, ZackaryZackary Bowman CB Nebraska Big 12 from Carolina
5 143 Dallas Cowboys Scandrick, OrlandoOrlando Scandrick CB Boise State WAC from Chicago via Buffalo and Jacksonville
5 144 New Orleans Saints Pressley, DeMarioDeMario Pressley DT NC State ACC from Detroit
5 145 Cincinnati Bengals Shirley, JasonJason Shirley DT Fresno State WAC
5 146 Detroit Lions Felton, JeromeJerome Felton FB Furman SoCon from New Orleans
5 147 Buffalo Bills Bowen, AlvinAlvin Bowen LB Iowa State Big 12
5 148 Denver Broncos Powell, CarltonCarlton Powell DT Virginia Tech ACC
5 149 Arizona Cardinals Hightower, TimTim Hightower RB Richmond CAA
5 150 Green Bay Packers Giacomini, BrenoBreno Giacomini OT Louisville Big East from Minnesota
5 151 Houston Texans Okam, FrankFrank Okam DT Texas Big 12
5 152 Minnesota Vikings Guion, LetroyLetroy Guion DT Florida State ACC from Philadelphia
5 153 New England Patriots Slater, MatthewMatthew Slater WR UCLA Pac-10 from Tampa Bay
5 154 Atlanta Falcons Biermann, KroyKroy Biermann DE Montana Big Sky from Washington
5 155 Jacksonville Jaguars Williams, ThomasThomas Williams LB USC Pac-10 from Cleveland via Dallas
5 156 Pittsburgh Steelers Dixon, DennisDennis Dixon QB Oregon Pac-10
5 157 St. Louis Rams Schuening, RoyRoy Schuening G Oregon State Pac-10 from Tennessee via Washington
5 158 Chicago Bears Davis, KellenKellen Davis TE Michigan State Big Ten from Seattle via Jacksonville and Tampa Bay
5 159 Jacksonville Jaguars Williams, TraeTrae Williams CB South Florida Big East
5 160 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Johnson, JoshJosh Johnson QB San Diego Pioneer from San Diego via New England
5 161 Indianapolis Colts Howard, MarcusMarcus Howard DE Georgia SEC
5 162 New York Jets Ainge, ErikErik Ainge QB Tennessee SEC from Green Bay
5 163 Seattle Seahawks Schmitt, OwenOwen Schmitt FB West Virginia Big East from Dallas
5 164 New Orleans Saints Nicks, CarlCarl Nicks OT Nebraska Big 12 from New England
5 165 New York Giants Goff, JonathanJonathan Goff LB Vanderbilt SEC
5 * 166 San Diego Chargers Thomas, MarcusMarcus Thomas RB UTEP C-USA
6 167 Dallas Cowboys Walden, ErikErik Walden DE Middle Tennessee Sun Belt from Miami
6 168 Washington Redskins Brooks, DurantDurant Brooks P Georgia Tech ACC from St. Louis
6 169 Oakland Raiders Scott, TrevorTrevor Scott DE Buffalo MAC
6 170 Kansas City Chiefs Richardson, BarryBarry Richardson OT Clemson ACC
6 171 New York Jets Henry, MarcusMarcus Henry WR Kansas Big 12
6 172 Atlanta Falcons Brown, ThomasThomas Brown RB Georgia SEC
6 173 Houston Texans Barber, DominiqueDominique Barber S Minnesota Big Ten from Baltimore
6 174 San Francisco 49ers Morgan, JoshJosh Morgan WR Virginia Tech ACC
6 175 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hayes, GenoGeno Hayes LB Florida State ACC from Chicago
6 176 Miami Dolphins Parmele, JalenJalen Parmele RB Toledo MAC from Detroit
6 177 Cincinnati Bengals Lynch, CoreyCorey Lynch S Appalachian State SoCon
6 178 New Orleans Saints Mehlhaff, TaylorTaylor Mehlhaff K Wisconsin Big Ten
6 179 Buffalo Bills Omon, XavierXavier Omon RB NW Missouri State MIAA
6 180 Washington Redskins Moore, KareemKareem Moore S Nicholls State Southland from Denver via St. Louis
6 181 Carolina Panthers Hayden, NickNick Hayden DT Wisconsin Big Ten
6 182 Kansas City Chiefs Robinson, KevinKevin Robinson WR Utah State WAC from Minnesota
6 183 Denver Broncos Larsen, SpencerSpencer Larsen LB Arizona Pac-10 from Houston
6 184 Philadelphia Eagles Gibson, MikeMike Gibson OT California Pac-10
6 185 Arizona Cardinals Harrington, ChrisChris Harrington DE Texas A&M Big 12
6 186 Washington Redskins Brennan, ColtColt Brennan QB Hawaiʻi WAC
6 187 Minnesota Vikings Sullivan, JohnJohn Sullivan C Notre Dame Ind. from Tampa Bay via Kansas City
6 188 Pittsburgh Steelers Humpal, MikeMike Humpal LB Iowa Big Ten
6 189 Seattle Seahawks Schmitt, TylerTyler Schmitt LS San Diego State MWC from Tennessee
6 190 Cleveland Browns Rubin, AhtybaAhtyba Rubin DT Iowa State Big 12 from Seattle
6 191 Cleveland Browns Hubbard, PaulPaul Hubbard WR Wisconsin Big Ten from Cleveland via Philadelphia
6 192 San Diego Chargers Tribble, DeJuanDeJuan Tribble CB Boston College ACC
6 193 Minnesota Vikings Johnson, JaymarJaymar Johnson WR Jackson State SWAC from Jacksonville
6 194 Pittsburgh Steelers Mundy, RyanRyan Mundy S West Virginia Big East from Green Bay via New York Giants
6 195 Miami Dolphins Thomas, DonaldDonald Thomas G Connecticut Big East from Dallas
6 196 Indianapolis Colts Santi, TomTom Santi TE Virginia ACC
6 197 New England Patriots Ruud, BoBo Ruud LB Nebraska Big 12
6 198 New York Giants Woodson, Andre'Andre' Woodson QB Kentucky SEC
6 * 199 New York Giants Henderson, RobertRobert Henderson DE Southern Miss C-USA
6 * 200 Philadelphia Eagles Mays, JoeJoe Mays LB North Dakota State Great West
6 * 201 Indianapolis Colts Justice, SteveSteve Justice C Wake Forest ACC
6 * 202 Indianapolis Colts Hart, MikeMike Hart RB Michigan Big Ten
6 * 203 Philadelphia Eagles Studebaker, AndyAndy Studebaker DE Wheaton (IL) CCIW
6 * 204 Miami Dolphins Hilliard, LexLex Hilliard RB Montana Big Sky
6 * 205 Indianapolis Colts Garçon, PierrePierre Garçon WR Mount Union OAC
6 * 206 Baltimore Ravens Nakamura, HarukiHaruki Nakamura S Cincinnati Big East
6 * 207 Cincinnati Bengals Sherry, MattMatt Sherry TE Villanova CAA
7 208 Chicago Bears Baldwin, ErvinErvin Baldwin DE Michigan State Big Ten from Miami
7 209 Green Bay Packers Flynn, MattMatt Flynn QB LSU SEC from St. Louis via Minnesota
7 210 Kansas City Chiefs Johnston, BrianBrian Johnston DE Gardner-Webb Big South
7 211 New York Jets Garner, NateNate Garner OT Arkansas SEC
7 212 Atlanta Falcons Fontenot, WilreyWilrey Fontenot CB Arizona Pac-10
7 213 Jacksonville Jaguars Washington, ChaunceyChauncey Washington RB USC Pac-10 from Oakland via Dallas
7 214 San Francisco 49ers Grant, LarryLarry Grant LB Ohio State Big Ten
7 215 Baltimore Ravens Harper, JustinJustin Harper WR Virginia Tech ACC
7 216 Detroit Lions Cohen, LandonLandon Cohen DT Ohio MAC
7 217 Green Bay Packers Swain, BrettBrett Swain WR San Diego State MWC from Cincinnati via St. Louis
7 218 Detroit Lions Campbell, CalebCaleb Campbell S Army Ind. from New Orleans
7 219 Buffalo Bills Bell, DemetriusDemetrius Bell OT Northwestern State Southland
7 220 Denver Broncos Barrett, JoshJosh Barrett S Arizona State Pac-10
7 221 Carolina Panthers Taylor, HileeHilee Taylor LB North Carolina ACC
7 222 Chicago Bears Adams, ChesterChester Adams G Georgia SEC
7 223 Houston Texans Brink, AlexAlex Brink QB Washington State Pac-10
7 224 Buffalo Bills Johnson, SteveSteve Johnson WR Kentucky SEC from Philadelphia
7 225 Arizona Cardinals Keith, BrandonBrandon Keith OT Northern Iowa Gateway
7 226 Oakland Raiders Schilens, ChazChaz Schilens WR San Diego State MWC from Minnesota via New York Jets
7 227 Denver Broncos Hillis, PeytonPeyton Hillis FB Arkansas SEC from Tampa Bay
7 228 St. Louis Rams Chamberlain, ChrisChris Chamberlain LB Tulsa C-USA from Washington
7 229 Tennessee Titans Williams, CaryCary Williams CB Washburn MIAA
7 230 Philadelphia Eagles Dunlap, KingKing Dunlap OT Auburn SEC from Seattle
7 231 Cleveland Browns Hall, AlexAlex Hall LB St. Augustine's CIAA
7 232 Atlanta Falcons Zinger, KeithKeith Zinger TE LSU SEC from Pittsburgh
7 233 Seattle Seahawks Forsett, JustinJustin Forsett RB California Pac-10 from Jacksonville
7 234 San Diego Chargers Clark, CoreyCorey Clark OT Texas A&M Big 12
7 235 Seattle Seahawks Coutu, BrandonBrandon Coutu K Georgia SEC from Dallas
7 236 Indianapolis Colts Richard, JameyJamey Richard C Buffalo MAC
7 237 New Orleans Saints Arrington, AdrianAdrian Arrington WR Michigan Big Ten from Green Bay Packers
7 238 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Boyd, CoryCory Boyd RB South Carolina SEC from New England
7 239 Kansas City Chiefs Merritt, MikeMike Merritt TE Central Florida C-USA from NY Giants
7 * 240 Baltimore Ravens Patrick, AllenAllen Patrick RB Oklahoma Big 12
7 * 241 Carolina Panthers Schwartz, GeoffGeoff Schwartz OT Oregon Pac-10
7 * 242 Washington Redskins Jackson, RobRob Jackson DE Kansas State Big 12
7 * 243 Chicago Bears LaRocque, JoeyJoey LaRocque LB Oregon State Pac-10
7 * 244 Cincinnati Bengals Craig, AngeloAngelo Craig DE Cincinnati Big East
7 * 245 Miami Dolphins Dotson, LionelLionel Dotson DE Arizona Pac-10
7 * 246 Cincinnati Bengals Urrutia, MarioMario Urrutia WR Louisville Big East
7 * 247 Chicago Bears Barton, KirkKirk Barton OT Ohio State Big Ten
7 * 248 Chicago Bears Monk, MarcusMarcus Monk WR Arkansas SEC
7 * 249 Washington Redskins Horton, ChrisChris Horton S UCLA Pac-10
7 * 250 Carolina Panthers Bernadeau, MackenzyMackenzy Bernadeau G Bentley NE-10
7 * 251 Buffalo Bills Cox, KennardKennard Cox CB Pittsburgh Big East
7 * 252 St. Louis Rams Vobora, DavidDavid Vobora LB Idaho WAC

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[7]
Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Dallas Cowboys Amendola, DannyDanny Amendola WR Texas Tech Big 12
Miami Dolphins Bess, DavoneDavone Bess WR Hawaiʻi WAC 54 receptions in rookie year is the second most in NFL history for an undrafted rookie
Miami Dolphins Carpenter, DanDan Carpenter K Montana N/A
Indianapolis Colts Foster, EricEric Foster DT Rutgers Big East
New England Patriots Green-Ellis, BenJarvusBenJarvus Green-Ellis RB Ole Miss SEC
New England Patriots Guyton, GaryGary Guyton LB Georgia Tech ACC
Chicago Bears Hanie, CalebCaleb Hanie QB Colorado State MWC
Denver Broncos Hartley, GarrettGarrett Hartley K Oklahoma Big 12
Seattle Seahawks Hawthorne, DavidDavid Hawthorne LB TCU MWC
Minnesota Vikings Henderson, ErinErin Henderson OLB Maryland ACC
Minnesota Vikings Reynaud, DariusDarius Reynaud RB West Virginia Big East
Indianapolis Colts Silva, JamieJamie Silva S Boston College ACC
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Smith, CliftonClifton Smith RB Fresno State WAC
San Diego Chargers Tolbert, MikeMike Tolbert FB Coastal Carolina Big South
New York Jets Woodhead, DannyDanny Woodhead RB Chadron State N/A
Denver Broncos Woodyard, WesleyWesley Woodyard LB Kentucky SEC

Pre-draft trades

First round

  • No. 7: 49ers to Patriots. San Francisco traded its first-round selection in 2008 and a fourth-round selection in the 2007 draft (No. 110, traded to the Oakland Raiders for Randy Moss, used to select John Bowie), to New England for one of its first-round selections in 2007 (No. 28, used to select Joe Staley).[13]
  • No. 17: Vikings to Chiefs. Minnesota traded its first-round selection and their two third-round selections (No. 73 and 82) to Kansas City for defensive end Jared Allen.[14]
  • No. 22: Browns to Cowboys. Cleveland traded its first-round selection in 2008 and a second-round selection in 2007 (No. 36, later traded to Philadelphia, who selected Kevin Kolb) for Dallas' first-round selection in 2007 (No. 22, used to select Brady Quinn).[15]
  • No. 29: Colts to 49ers. Indianapolis traded its first-round selection in 2008 and a fourth-round selection in 2007 (No. 126, used to select Dashon Goldson) to San Francisco for San Francisco's second-round selection in 2007 (No. 42, used to select Tony Ugoh).[13]

Second round

  • No. 34: Raiders to Falcons. Oakland traded its second-round selection in 2008 and its fifth-round selection in 2009 to Atlanta for cornerback DeAngelo Hall.[16]
  • No. 48: Texans to Falcons. Houston traded its second-round selection in 2008, and its second-round selection in 2007 (No. 39, used to select Justin Blalock) to Atlanta for quarterback Matt Schaub in a deal in which Houston and Atlanta swapped first-round draft picks (Atlanta selected Jamaal Anderson with No. 8, Houston drafted Amobi Okoye with No. 10).[17]
  • No. 56: Browns to Packers. Cleveland traded its second-round selection (used to select Brian Brohm) to the Green Bay Packers for Corey Williams.[18]
  • No. 57: Chargers to Dolphins. San Diego traded its second-round selection to Miami for wide receiver Chris Chambers.[19]

Third round

  • No. 67: Jets to Panthers. The New York Jets traded their third-round and fifth-round selections to Carolina for Kris Jenkins.[20]
  • No. 69: Raiders to Patriots. Oakland traded its third-round selection in 2008, and the No. 211 selection in 2007 (used to select Oscar Lua) to New England for the No. 91 selection in 2007 (used to select Mario Henderson).[21]
  • No. 70 and 75: 49ers/Bears swap. As penalty for tampering with Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, Goodell ordered San Francisco to swap its third-round selection with Chicago's, and to forfeit its fifth-round selection.[22]
  • No. 71: Ravens to Bills. Baltimore traded its third-round selection in 2008, and the No. 92 and 239 selections in 2007 (used to select Trent Edwards and C. J. Ah You, respectively) to Buffalo for Willis McGahee.[23]
  • No. 71: Bills to Jaguars. Buffalo traded its third- and fifth- round selections to Jacksonville for defensive tackle Marcus Stroud.[24]
  • No. 73: Broncos to Vikings. Denver traded its third-round selection in 2008, and the No. 176 and 233 selections in 2007 to Minnesota for the No. 121 selection in 2007 (used to select Marcus Thomas).[25]
  • No. 73: Vikings to Chiefs. See No. 17: Vikings to Chiefs above.
  • No. 82: Vikings to Chiefs. See No. 17: Vikings to Chiefs above.
  • No. 87: Browns to Lions. Cleveland traded its third-round selection and Leigh Bodden to Detroit for Shaun Rogers.
  • No. 90: Chargers to Bears. San Diego traded its third-round selection in 2008, as well as the No. 62, 93, and 167 selections in 2007 (used to select Dan Bazuin, Garrett Wolfe, and Kevin Payne, respectively) to Chicago for the No. 37 selection in 2007 (used to select Eric Weddle).[13]

Fourth round

  • Dolphins to Cowboys. The Miami Dolphins traded their fourth-round selection in 2008 to the Dallas Cowboys for players Akin Ayodele and Anthony Fasano.[26]
  • Redskins to Broncos. The Washington Redskins traded their fourth-round selection in 2008, and their third-round selection in 2007 (used to select Ryan Harris) to Denver as part of a three-team trade in which Washington received T.J. Duckett and Atlanta received Ashley Lelie. (This was the result of a formula which could have had Denver and Washington swapping 2007 first-round selections.)[27]
  • Saints to Jets. The New Orleans Saints traded their fourth-round selection to the New York Jets for Jonathan Vilma and a conditional pick in the 2009 draft.[28]
  • Cowboys to Titans. The Dallas Cowboys traded their fourth-round selection to the Tennessee Titans for suspended defensive back Pacman Jones.[29]

Fifth round

  • Jets to Panthers. As noted earlier, the Jets traded their third and fifth-round selections to Carolina in the Kris Jenkins deal.
  • Dolphins to Chiefs. Miami conditionally traded its fifth-round selection to Kansas City for Trent Green. The selection would have been upgraded to a fourth-round selection if Green had met certain performance criteria.[30] However, Green was injured in a game against the Houston Texans and would up on the injured reserve list for the remainder of the season.
  • Bears to Bills. Chicago conditionally traded their fifth-round selection to Buffalo in exchange for Darwin Walker. The round of the selection was dependent on Walker's playing time.[31]
  • Panthers to Bears. Carolina traded their fifth-round selection to Chicago in exchange for Chris Harris.[32]
  • Raiders to Broncos. Oakland (conditionally) traded their fifth-round selection to Denver in exchange for Gerard Warren.[33]
  • Bills to Jaguars. As part of the Marcus Stroud trade, Buffalo traded their third- and fifth-round selections to Jacksonville.
  • Seahawks to Jaguars. The Seattle Seahawks traded their fifth-round selection to Jacksonville for running back Alvin Pearman and the Jaguars' seventh-round pick.[citation needed]

Sixth round

  • Seahawks to Browns. Seattle traded their sixth-round selection to Cleveland in exchange for Charlie Frye.[34]
  • Packers to Giants. Green Bay traded their sixth-round selection to the New York Giants in exchange for running back Ryan Grant.[35]
  • Broncos to Rams. Denver traded their sixth-round selection to the St. Louis Rams for defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy.[36] The trade occurred after the Broncos had tried to trade the same pick to Miami for defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson; that trade was voided.[37]
  • Browns to Eagles. Cleveland traded their sixth-round selection to Philadelphia for center Hank Fraley. The trade was conditional on games started by Fraley, and could have fallen to a seventh-round pick, but Fraley started all 16 games.[38]
  • Cowboys to Dolphins. Dallas and Miami exchanged their sixth-round selections in a trade with Jason Ferguson going to the Dolphins as part of the deal.[39]
  • Jaguars to Vikings. Jacksonville traded their sixth-round selection to Minnesota for Troy Williamson.[40]
  • Texans to Broncos. Houston traded their sixth-round selection to Denver for Chris Myers.[41]
  • Titans to Seahawks. The Tennessee Titans traded their sixth-round selection to Seattle for defensive end Bryce Fisher.[citation needed]
  • Buccaneers to Chiefs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded their sixth-round selection to Kansas City for nose tackle Ryan Sims and running back Michael Bennett.[citation needed]

Seventh round

  • Steelers to Falcons. The Pittsburgh Steelers traded their seventh-round selection to Atlanta for kick/punt returner Allen Rossum.[42]
  • Seahawks to Eagles. Seattle traded their seventh-round selection to Philadelphia for fullback Josh Parry.[43]
  • Eagles to Bills. Philadelphia traded their seventh-round selection, and defensive tackle Darwin Walker, to Buffalo for linebacker Takeo Spikes and quarterback Kelly Holcomb.[44]
  • Rams to Vikings. St. Louis traded their seventh-round selection to Minnesota for offensive tackle Adam Goldberg.[45]
  • Giants to Chiefs. The Giants traded their seventh-round selection to Kansas City for kicker Lawrence Tynes.[46]
  • Vikings to Jets. Minnesota traded their seventh-round selection to the Jets in exchange for Brooks Bollinger.[47]
  • Bengals to Rams. Cincinnati traded their seventh-round selection to St. Louis in exchange for Ryan Fitzpatrick[48]
  • Jaguars to Seahawks. As noted above, the Jaguars exchanged their seventh-round pick along with running back Alvin Pearman to Seattle for the Seahawks' fifth-round selection.
  • Buccaneers to Broncos. Tampa Bay traded a conditional 2008 draft pick to Denver for the rights to quarterback Jake Plummer. If Plummer, who is currently retired, had reported to the Buccaneers before the first pick of the 2008 draft was made, Tampa Bay would have sent the Broncos their fourth-round selection. Since Plummer did not report, Denver will receive Tampa's seventh-round selection.[49]

Draft day trades

First round

  • No. 7: Patriots to Saints. New England traded its first- and fifth-round selections (No. 7 and 164) to New Orleans for New Orleans' first- and third-round selections (No. 10 and 78).
  • No. 8: Ravens to Jaguars. Baltimore traded its first-round selection to Jacksonville for Jacksonville's first-round selection, two third-round selections, and fourth-round selection (No. 26, 71, 89, 125).
  • No. 15: Lions to Chiefs. Detroit traded its first- and third-round selections (No. 15 and 76) to Kansas City for Kansas City's second first-round selection, first third-round selection, and first fifth-round selection (No. 17, 66, and 136).
  • No. 18: Texans to Ravens. Houston traded its first-round selection to Baltimore for the first-round and (second) third-round selections Baltimore acquired from Jacksonville, and a sixth-round selection (No. 26, 89, and 173).
  • No. 19: Eagles to Panthers. Philadelphia traded its first-round selection to Carolina for Carolina's second- and fourth-round selections in 2008 (No. 43 and 109), and Carolina's first-round pick in 2009.
  • No. 21: Redskins to Falcons. Washington traded its first-, third-, and fifth-round selections (No. 21, 84, and 154) to Atlanta for two of Atlanta's second-round selections and its fourth-round selection (No. 34, 48, and 103).
  • No. 25: Seahawks to Cowboys. Seattle traded its first-round selection to Dallas for Dallas' remaining first-round selection (No. 28) and its fifth- and seventh-round selections (No. 163 and 235).
  • No. 30: Packers to Jets. Green Bay traded its first-round selection to the Jets for the Jets' second- and fourth-round selections (No. 36 and 113).

Second round

  • No. 34: Falcons to Redskins. See No. 21: Redskins to Falcons above.
  • No. 36: Jets to Packers. See No. 30: Packers to Jets above.
  • No. 38: Ravens to Seahawks. Baltimore traded its second-round selection (No. 38) to Seattle for Seattle's second- and third-round selections (No. 55 and 86).
  • No. 43: Panthers to Eagles. See No. 19: Eagles to Panthers above.
  • No. 43: Eagles to Vikings. Philadelphia traded its second- and fifth-round selections (No. 43 and 152) to Minnesota for Minnesota's second- and fourth-round selections (No. 47 and 117).
  • No. 48: Falcons to Redskins. See No. 21: Redskins to Falcons above.
  • No. 52: Buccaneers to Jaguars. Tampa Bay traded its second-round selection to Jacksonville for Jacksonville's second- and fifth-round selections (No. 58 and 158) and a seventh-round selection in 2009.

Third round

  • No. 64: Dolphins to Lions. Miami traded its third-round selection to Detroit for Detroit's third- and sixth-round selections (No. 66 and 176).
  • No. 66, 76: Lions/Chiefs swap. See No. 15: Lions to Chiefs above.
  • No. 69: Patriots to Chargers. New England traded the first of its third-round selections to San Diego for San Diego's fifth-round selection in 2008 (No. 160) and second-round selection in 2009.
  • No. 78: Saints to Patriots. See No. 7: Patriots to Saints above.
  • No. 84: Redskins to Falcons. See No. 21: Redskins to Falcons above.
  • No. 89: Jaguars to Ravens. See No. 8: Ravens to Jaguars above.
  • No. 89: Ravens to Texans. See No. 18: Texans to Ravens above.
  • No. 92: Cowboys to Lions. Dallas traded its third-round selection to Detroit for Detroit's fourth-round selection in 2008 (No. 111) and fourth-round selection in 2009.

Fourth round

  • Jaguars to Ravens. See first-round trade above.
  • Panthers to Eagles. See first-round trade above.
  • Falcons to Redskins. See first-round trade above.
  • Jets to Packers. See first-round trade above.
  • Vikings to Eagles. See second-round trade above.
  • Packers to Jets. Green Bay traded their fourth round selection (#113 overall) and fifth round selection (#162 overall) to the Jets for New York's fourth round selection (#102 overall)
  • Eagles to Dolphins. Philadelphia traded their fourth-round selection (#115 overall) to Miami for running back Lorenzo Booker.
  • Lions to Cowboys. See third-round trade above.
  • Cowboys to Raiders. Dallas traded their fourth-round selection (#100 overall) to Oakland for their fourth-round selection (#104 overall) and seventh-round selection (#213 overall).
  • Cowboys to Browns. Dallas traded their fourth-round selection (#104 overall) to Cleveland for their fourth-round selection (#122 overall), and fifth-round selection (#155 overall).
  • Cowboys to Browns. Dallas traded their fourth-round selection (#111 overall) to Cleveland for their 2009 NFL Draft third-round selection.[50]
  • Steelers to Giants. Pittsburgh traded their fourth-round selection (#123 overall) to New York Giants for their fourth-round selection (#130 overall), and a sixth-round selection (#194 overall).
  • Redskins to Titans. Washington traded their fourth-round selection (#103 overall) to Tennessee Titans for their fourth-round selection (#124 overall), and a fifth-round selection (#157 overall).
  • Ravens to Raiders. Baltimore traded the fourth-round selection obtained from Jacksonville in Round 1 (#125 overall) to the Oakland Raiders for CB Fabian Washington.

Fifth round

  • No. 164: Patriots to Saints. See No. 7: Patriots to Saints above.
  • Chiefs to Lions. See first-round trade above.
  • Redskins to Falcons. See first-round trade above.
  • Cowboys to Seahawks. See first-round trade above.
  • Eagles to Vikings. See second-round trade above.
  • Jaguars to Cowboys. Jacksonville traded its fifth-round selection (#143 overall) to Dallas for its fifth-round selection (#155 overall) and seventh-round selection (#213 overall).
  • Packers to Vikings. Green Bay traded its fifth-round selection (#137 overall) to Minnesota for its fifth-round selection (#150 overall) and seventh-round selection (#209 overall).
  • Patriots to Buccaneers. New England traded fifth-round and seventh-round selections (#160 and #238 overall) to Tampa Bay for its fifth-round selection (#153 overall).
  • Redskins to Rams. Washington traded fifth-round and seventh-round selections (#157 and #228 overall) to St. Louis for its two sixth-round selections (#168 and #180 overall).

Sixth round

  • Ravens to Texans. See first-round trade above.
  • Steelers to Giants. See fourth-round trade above.
  • Eagles to Browns. Philadelphia traded to Cleveland the 6th round selection they had previously received from the Browns for Hank Fraley (#191 overall). (see Pre-Draft Trades above) In return, the Browns gave the Eagles their 5th round pick in the 2009 draft.

Seventh round

  • Cowboys to Seahawks. See first-round trade above.
  • Raiders to Cowboys. See fourth-round trade above.
  • Cowboys to Jaguars. See fifth-round trade above.
  • Packers to Vikings. See fifth-round trade above.
  • Patriots to Buccaneers. See fifth-round trade above.

Draft breakdown

By position

1st 2 5 0 0 1 0 0 8* 4 3 2 5 1 0 0 0
2nd 2 2 0 10* 3 1 1 0 3 2 2 5 1 0 0 0
3rd 1 3 1 5 3 0 1 3 5* 3 4 4 3 0 0 0
4th 0 1 0 5 3 2 1 5 3 2 4 8* 2 0 0 0
5th 4 3 2 2 2 0 1 2 2 5* 4 4 0 0 0 0
6th 2 5 0 6* 2 2 1 2 5 2 5 1 5 1 1 1
7th 2 4 1 7* 2 1 2 7* 5 1 6 3 3 1 0 0
TOTAL 13 23 4 35* 16 6 7 27 27 18 27 30 15 2 1 1


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