2006 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) April 29–30, 2006
Time 12:00 PM EDT April 29
11:00 AM EDT April 30
Location Radio City Music Hall
New York City, New York
Network(s) (US) ESPN and NFL Network
First selection Mario Williams, DE
Houston Texans
Mr. Irrelevant Kevin McMahan, WR
Oakland Raiders
Most selections Green Bay Packers (12)
Fewest selections Atlanta Falcons (5)
Overall selections 255
NFL Draft
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The 2006 National Football League Draft, the 71st in league history, took place in New York City at Radio City Music Hall on April 29 and April 30, 2006. For the 27th consecutive year, the draft was telecast on ESPN and ESPN2, with additional coverage offered by ESPNU and, for the first time, by the NFL Network. Having signed a contract with the Houston Texans on the evening before the draft, Mario Williams, a defensive end from North Carolina State, became the draft’s first pick.[1] The selection surprised many commentators, who predicted that the Texans would draft Southern California running back Reggie Bush or Texas quarterback Vince Young. Ohio State produced the most first round selections (five), while Southern California produced the most overall selections (eleven). Twenty-seven compensatory and supplemental compensatory selections were distributed amongst seventeen teams; Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and Tennessee each held three compensatory picks. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season. The 255 players chosen in the draft were composed of:

Player selections[edit | edit source]

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* = compensatory selection
^ = supplemental compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[2]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end DL Defensive lineman
DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety G Guard HB Halfback
K Placekicker KR Kick returner OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Houston Texans Williams, MarioMario Williams DE NC State ACC [3]
1 2 New Orleans Saints Bush, ReggieReggie Bush RB USC Pac-10 [4]
1 3 Tennessee Titans Young, VinceVince Young QB Texas Big 12 [5]
1 4 New York Jets Ferguson, D'BrickashawD'Brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia ACC
1 5 Green Bay Packers Hawk, A. J.A. J. Hawk LB Ohio State Big Ten
1 6 San Francisco 49ers Davis, VernonVernon Davis TE Maryland ACC
1 7 Oakland Raiders Huff, MichaelMichael Huff S Texas Big 12
1 8 Buffalo Bills Whitner, DonteDonte Whitner S Ohio State Big Ten
1 9 Detroit Lions Sims, ErnieErnie Sims LB Florida State ACC
1 10 Arizona Cardinals Leinart, MattMatt Leinart QB USC Pac-10 [6]
1 11 Denver Broncos Cutler, JayJay Cutler QB Vanderbilt SEC from St. Louis[7]
1 12 Baltimore Ravens Ngata, HalotiHaloti Ngata DT Oregon Pac-10 from Cleveland[8]
1 13 Cleveland Browns Wimbley, KamerionKamerion Wimbley DE Florida State ACC from Baltimore
1 14 Philadelphia Eagles Bunkley, BrodrickBrodrick Bunkley DT Florida State ACC
1 15 St. Louis Rams Hill, TyeTye Hill CB Clemson ACC from Atlanta via Denver
1 16 Miami Dolphins Allen, JasonJason Allen S Tennessee SEC
1 17 Minnesota Vikings Greenway, ChadChad Greenway LB Iowa Big Ten
1 18 Dallas Cowboys Carpenter, BobbyBobby Carpenter LB Ohio State Big Ten
1 19 San Diego Chargers Cromartie, AntonioAntonio Cromartie CB Florida State ACC [9]
1 20 Kansas City Chiefs Hali, TambaTamba Hali DE Penn State Big Ten
1 21 New England Patriots Maroney, LaurenceLaurence Maroney RB Minnesota Big Ten
1 22 San Francisco 49ers Lawson, MannyManny Lawson LB NC State ACC from Washington via Denver
1 23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Joseph, DavinDavin Joseph G Oklahoma Big 12
1 24 Cincinnati Bengals Joseph, JohnathanJohnathan Joseph CB South Carolina SEC
1 25 Pittsburgh Steelers Holmes, SantonioSantonio Holmes WR Ohio State Big Ten from New York Giants
1 26 Buffalo Bills McCargo, JohnJohn McCargo DT NC State ACC from Chicago
1 27 Carolina Panthers Williams, DeAngeloDeAngelo Williams RB Memphis C-USA
1 28 Jacksonville Jaguars Lewis, MarcedesMarcedes Lewis TE UCLA Pac-10
1 29 New York Jets Mangold, NickNick Mangold C Ohio State Big Ten from Denver via Atlanta
1 30 Indianapolis Colts Addai, JosephJoseph Addai RB LSU SEC
1 31 Seattle Seahawks Jennings, KellyKelly Jennings CB Miami (FL) ACC [10]
1 32 New York Giants Kiwanuka, MathiasMathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College ACC from Pittsburgh
2 33 Houston Texans Ryans, DeMecoDeMeco Ryans LB Alabama SEC
2 34 Cleveland Browns Jackson, D'QwellD'Qwell Jackson LB Maryland ACC from New Orleans
2 35 Washington Redskins McIntosh, RockyRocky McIntosh LB Miami (FL) ACC from New York Jets
2 36 New England Patriots Jackson, ChadChad Jackson WR Florida SEC from Green Bay
2 37 Atlanta Falcons Williams, Jimmy F.Jimmy F. Williams CB Virginia Tech ACC from San Francisco via Denver and Green Bay
2 38 Oakland Raiders Howard, ThomasThomas Howard LB UTEP C-USA
2 39 Philadelphia Eagles Justice, WinstonWinston Justice OT USC Pac-10 from Tennessee
2 40 Detroit Lions Bullocks, DanielDaniel Bullocks S Nebraska Big 12 [11]
2 41 Arizona Cardinals Lutui, Taitusi "Deuce"Taitusi "Deuce" Lutui G USC Pac-10
2 42 Chicago Bears Manning, DaniealDanieal Manning S Abilene Christian Lone Star from Buffalo
2 43 New Orleans Saints Harper, RomanRoman Harper S Alabama SEC from Cleveland
2 44 New York Giants Moss, SinoriceSinorice Moss WR Miami (FL) ACC from Baltimore
2 45 Tennessee Titans White, LenDaleLenDale White RB USC Pac-10 from Philadelphia
2 46 St. Louis Rams Klopfenstein, JoeJoe Klopfenstein TE Colorado Big 12
2 47 Green Bay Packers Colledge, DarynDaryn Colledge OT Boise State WAC from Atlanta
2 48 Minnesota Vikings Griffin, CedricCedric Griffin CB Texas Big 12
2 49 New York Jets Clemens, KellenKellen Clemens QB Oregon Pac-10 from Dallas
2 50 San Diego Chargers McNeill, MarcusMarcus McNeill OT Auburn SEC
2 51 Minnesota Vikings Cook, RyanRyan Cook C New Mexico MWC from Miami
2 52 Green Bay Packers Jennings, GregGreg Jennings WR Western Michigan MAC from New England
2 53 Dallas Cowboys Fasano, AnthonyAnthony Fasano TE Notre Dame Ind. from New York Jets
2 54 Kansas City Chiefs Pollard, BernardBernard Pollard S Purdue Big Ten
2 55 Cincinnati Bengals Whitworth, AndrewAndrew Whitworth OT LSU SEC
2 56 Baltimore Ravens Chester, ChrisChris Chester C Oklahoma Big 12 from New York Giants
2 57 Chicago Bears Hester, DevinDevin Hester CB Miami (FL) ACC
2 58 Carolina Panthers Marshall, RichardRichard Marshall CB Fresno State WAC
2 59 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trueblood, JeremyJeremy Trueblood OT Boston College ACC
2 60 Jacksonville Jaguars Jones-Drew, MauriceMaurice Jones-Drew RB UCLA Pac-10
2 61 Denver Broncos Scheffler, TonyTony Scheffler TE Western Michigan MAC
2 62 Indianapolis Colts Jennings, TimTim Jennings CB Georgia SEC
2 63 Seattle Seahawks Tapp, DarrylDarryl Tapp DE Virginia Tech ACC
2 64 Minnesota Vikings Jackson, TarvarisTarvaris Jackson QB Alabama State SWAC from Pittsburgh
3 65 Houston Texans Spencer, CharlesCharles Spencer OT Pittsburgh Big East
3 66 Houston Texans Winston, EricEric Winston OT Miami (FL) ACC from New Orleans
3 67 Green Bay Packers Hodge, AbdulAbdul Hodge LB Iowa Big Ten
3 68 St. Louis Rams Wroten, ClaudeClaude Wroten DT LSU SEC from San Francisco via Denver
3 69 Oakland Raiders McQuistan, PaulPaul McQuistan G Weber State Big Sky
3 70 Buffalo Bills Youboty, AshtonAshton Youboty CB Ohio State Big Ten from Tennessee
3 71 Philadelphia Eagles Gocong, ChrisChris Gocong LB Cal Poly Great West from New York Jets
3 72 Arizona Cardinals Pope, LeonardLeonard Pope TE Georgia SEC
3 73 Chicago Bears Dvoracek, DustyDusty Dvoracek DT Oklahoma Big 12 from Buffalo
3 74 Detroit Lions Calhoun, BrianBrian Calhoun RB Wisconsin Big Ten
3 75 Green Bay Packers Spitz, JasonJason Spitz C Louisville Big East from New England
3 76 New York Jets Schlegel, AnthonyAnthony Schlegel LB Ohio State Big Ten from Philadelphia
3 77 St. Louis Rams Alston, JonJon Alston LB Stanford Pac-10
3 78 Cleveland Browns Wilson, TravisTravis Wilson WR Oklahoma Big 12
3 79 Atlanta Falcons Norwood, JeriousJerious Norwood RB Mississippi State SEC
3 80 Jacksonville Jaguars Ingram, ClintClint Ingram LB Oklahoma Big 12 from Dallas
3 81 San Diego Chargers Whitehurst, CharlieCharlie Whitehurst QB Clemson ACC
3 82 Miami Dolphins Hagan, DerekDerek Hagan WR Arizona State Pac-10
3 83 Pittsburgh Steelers Smith, AnthonyAnthony Smith S Syracuse Big East from Minnesota
3 84 San Francisco 49ers Williams, BrandonBrandon Williams WR Wisconsin Big Ten from Washington
3 85 Kansas City Chiefs Croyle, BrodieBrodie Croyle QB Alabama SEC
3 86 New England Patriots Thomas, DavidDavid Thomas TE Texas Big 12
3 87 Baltimore Ravens Pittman, DavidDavid Pittman CB Northwestern State Southland from New York Giants
3 88 Carolina Panthers Anderson, JamesJames Anderson LB Virginia Tech ACC from Chicago
3 89 Carolina Panthers Butler, RashadRashad Butler OT Miami (FL) ACC
3 90 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stovall, MauriceMaurice Stovall WR Notre Dame Ind.
3 91 Cincinnati Bengals Rucker, FrosteeFrostee Rucker DE USC SEC
3 92 Dallas Cowboys Hatcher, JasonJason Hatcher DE Grambling State SWAC from Jacksonville
3 93 St. Louis Rams Byrd, DominiqueDominique Byrd TE USC Pac-10 from Green Bay
3 94 Indianapolis Colts Keiaho, FreddyFreddy Keiaho LB San Diego State MWC
3 95 Pittsburgh Steelers Reid, WillieWillie Reid WR Florida State ACC from Minnesota via Seattle
3 96 New York Giants Wilkinson, GerrisGerris Wilkinson LB Georgia Tech ACC from Pittsburgh
3 * 97 New York Jets Smith, EricEric Smith S Michigan State Big Ten
4 98 Houston Texans Daniels, OwenOwen Daniels TE Wisconsin Big Ten
4 99 Philadelphia Eagles Jean-Gilles, MaxMax Jean-Gilles G Georgia SEC from New Orleans
4 100 San Francisco 49ers Robinson, MichaelMichael Robinson RB Penn State Big Ten
4 101 Oakland Raiders Bing, DarnellDarnell Bing S USC Pac-10
4 102 Tennessee Titans Lowry, CalvinCalvin Lowry S Penn State Big Ten
4 103 New York Jets Smith, BradBrad Smith QB Missouri Big 12
4 104 Green Bay Packers Rodgers, CoryCory Rodgers WR TCU MWC
4 105 Buffalo Bills Simpson, KoKo Simpson S South Carolina SEC
4 106 New England Patriots Mills, GarrettGarrett Mills TE Tulsa C-USA from Detroit
4 107 Arizona Cardinals Watson, GabeGabe Watson DT Michigan Big Ten
4 108 New Orleans Saints Evans, JahriJahri Evans OT Bloomsburg N/A from Philadelphia
4 109 Philadelphia Eagles Avant, JasonJason Avant WR Michigan Big Ten from Green Bay via St. Louis
4 110 Cleveland Browns Williams, LeonLeon Williams LB Miami (FL) ACC
4 111 Baltimore Ravens Williams, DemetriusDemetrius Williams WR Oregon Pac-10
4 112 Cleveland Browns Sowells, IsaacIsaac Sowells G Indiana Big Ten from Atlanta
4 113 St. Louis Rams Adeyanju, VictorVictor Adeyanju DE Indiana Big Ten from San Diego
4 114 Miami Dolphins Toledo, JoeJoe Toledo OT Washington Pac-10
4 115 Green Bay Packers Blackmon, WillWill Blackmon CB Boston College ACC from Philadelphia via Minnesota
4 116 Tennessee Titans Tulloch, StephenStephen Tulloch LB NC State ACC from Philadelphia via Dallas
4 117 New York Jets Washington, LeonLeon Washington RB Florida State ACC from Kansas City [12]
4 118 New England Patriots Gostkowski, StephenStephen Gostkowski K Memphis C-USA
4 119 Denver Broncos Marshall, BrandonBrandon Marshall WR UCF C-USA from Washington
4 120 Chicago Bears Williams, JamarJamar Williams LB Arizona State Pac-10
4 121 Carolina Panthers Salley, NateNate Salley S Ohio State Big Ten
4 122 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Zemaitis, AlanAlan Zemaitis CB Penn State Big Ten
4 123 Cincinnati Bengals Peko, DomataDomata Peko DT Michigan State Big Ten
4 124 New York Giants Cofield, BarryBarry Cofield DT Northwestern Big Ten
4 125 Dallas Cowboys Green, SkylerSkyler Green WR LSU SEC from Jacksonville
4 126 Denver Broncos Dumervil, ElvisElvis Dumervil DE Louisville Big East
4 127 Minnesota Vikings Edwards, RayRay Edwards DE Purdue Big Ten from Philadelphia Eagles via Indianapolis
4 128 Seattle Seahawks Sims, RobRob Sims G Ohio State Big Ten
4 129 New York Giants Whimper, GuyGuy Whimper OT East Carolina C-USA from Pittsburgh
4 * 130 Denver Broncos Hixon, DomenikDomenik Hixon WR Akron MAC
4 * 131 Pittsburgh Steelers Colon, WillieWillie Colon G Hofstra N/A
4 * 132 Baltimore Ravens Daniels, P. J.P. J. Daniels RB Georgia Tech ACC
4 * 133 Pittsburgh Steelers Harris, OrienOrien Harris DT Miami (FL) ACC
5 134 Buffalo Bills Williams, KyleKyle Williams DT LSU SEC from Houston
5 135 New Orleans Saints Ninkovich, RobRob Ninkovich DE Purdue Big Ten
5 136 New England Patriots O'Callaghan, RyanRyan O'Callaghan OT California Pac-10 from Oakland
5 137 Tennessee Titans Nande, TernaTerna Nande LB Miami (OH) MAC
5 138 Dallas Cowboys Watkins, PatPat Watkins S Florida State ACC from New York Jets
5 139 Atlanta Falcons Ojinnaka, QuinnQuinn Ojinnaka OT Syracuse Big East from Green Bay
5 140 San Francisco 49ers Haralson, ParysParys Haralson DE Tennessee SEC
5 141 Detroit Lions Scott, JonathanJonathan Scott OT Texas Big 12
5 142 Arizona Cardinals Johnson, BrandonBrandon Johnson LB Louisville Big East
5 143 Buffalo Bills Butler, BradBrad Butler OT Virginia ACC
5 144 St. Louis Rams Hagans, MarquesMarques Hagans WR Virginia ACC
5 145 Cleveland Browns Harrison, JeromeJerome Harrison RB Washington State Pac-10
5 146 Baltimore Ravens Landry, DawanDawan Landry S Georgia Tech ACC
5 147 Philadelphia Eagles Bloom, JeremyJeremy Bloom WR Colorado Big 12
5 148 Green Bay Packers Martin, IngleIngle Martin QB Furman SoCon from Atlanta
5 148.5 Miami Dolphins selection forfeited because of use of 5th round selection in 2005 Supplemental Draft
5 149 Minnesota Vikings Blue, GregGreg Blue S Georgia SEC
5 150 New York Jets Pociask, JasonJason Pociask TE Wisconsin Big Ten from Dallas
5 151 San Diego Chargers Dobbins, TimTim Dobbins LB Iowa State Big 12
5 152 Cleveland Browns Minter, DeMarioDeMario Minter CB Georgia SEC from New England
5 153 Washington Redskins Montgomery, AnthonyAnthony Montgomery DT Minnesota Big Ten
5 154 Kansas City Chiefs Maxey, MarcusMarcus Maxey CB Miami (FL) ACC
5 155 Carolina Panthers King, JeffJeff King TE Virginia Tech ACC
5 156 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jenkins, JulianJulian Jenkins DE Stanford Pac-10
5 157 Cincinnati Bengals Nicholson, A. J.A. J. Nicholson LB Florida State ACC
5 158 New York Giants Peprah, CharlieCharlie Peprah S Alabama SEC
5 159 Chicago Bears Anderson, MarkMark Anderson DE Alabama SEC
5 160 Jacksonville Jaguars Hawkins, BrentBrent Hawkins DE Illinois State MVFC
5 161 Denver Broncos Kuper, ChrisChris Kuper G North Dakota N/A
5 162 Indianapolis Colts Toudouze, MichaelMichael Toudouze G TCU MWC
5 163 Seattle Seahawks Kirtman, DavidDavid Kirtman FB USC Pac-10
5 164 Pittsburgh Steelers Jacobs, OmarOmar Jacobs QB Bowling Green MAC
5 * 165 Green Bay Packers Moll, TonyTony Moll OT Nevada WAC
5 * 166 Baltimore Ravens Sypniewski, QuinnQuinn Sypniewski TE Colorado Big 12
5 * 167 Pittsburgh Steelers Davis, CharlesCharles Davis TE Purdue Big Ten
5 * 168 Philadelphia Eagles Gaither, OmarOmar Gaither LB Tennessee SEC
5 * 169 Tennessee Titans Mahelona, JesseJesse Mahelona DT Tennessee SEC
6 170 Houston Texans Lundy, WaliWali Lundy RB Virginia ACC
6 171 New Orleans Saints Hass, MikeMike Hass WR Oregon State Pac-10
6 172 Tennessee Titans Orr, JonathanJonathan Orr WR Wisconsin Big Ten
6 173 Washington Redskins Doughty, ReedReed Doughty S Northern Colorado N/A from New York Jets
6 174 New Orleans Saints Lay, JoshJosh Lay CB Pittsburgh Big East from Green Bay
6 175 San Francisco 49ers Walker, DelanieDelanie Walker TE/FB Central Missouri State N/A
6 176 Oakland Raiders Boothe, KevinKevin Boothe OT Cornell N/A
6 177 Arizona Cardinals Lewis, JonathanJonathan Lewis DT Virginia Tech ACC
6 178 Buffalo Bills Ellison, KeithKeith Ellison LB Oregon State Pac-10
6 179 Detroit Lions McCann, DeeDee McCann CB West Virginia Big East
6 180 Cleveland Browns Vickers, LawrenceLawrence Vickers FB Colorado Big 12
6 181 Cleveland Browns Oshinowo, BabatundeBabatunde Oshinowo DT Stanford Pac-10 from Baltimore
6 182 Dallas Cowboys Stanley, MontaviousMontavious Stanley DT Louisville Big East from Philadelphia
6 183 Green Bay Packers Jolly, JohnnyJohnny Jolly DT Texas A&M Big 12 from St. Louis
6 184 Atlanta Falcons Jennings, AdamAdam Jennings WR Fresno State WAC
6 185 Green Bay Packers Culver, TyroneTyrone Culver DB Fresno State WAC from Minnesota via Philadelphia
6 186 Kansas City Chiefs Stallings, Tre'Tre' Stallings OT Ole Miss SEC from Dallas
6 187 San Diego Chargers Clary, JeromeyJeromey Clary OT Kansas State Big 12
6 188 San Diego Chargers Smith, KurtKurt Smith K Virginia ACC from Miami
6 189 New York Jets Coleman, DrewDrew Coleman CB TCU MWC from Washington via New York Jets and Dallas
6 190 Kansas City Chiefs Webb, JeffJeff Webb WR San Diego State MWC
6 191 New England Patriots Mincey, JeremyJeremy Mincey DE Florida SEC
6 192 San Francisco 49ers Hudson, MarcusMarcus Hudson S NC State ACC from Tampa Bay
6 193 Cincinnati Bengals McNeal, ReggieReggie McNeal QB Texas A&M Big 12
6 194 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gradkowski, BruceBruce Gradkowski QB Toledo MAC from New York Giants
6 195 Chicago Bears Runnels, J. D.J. D. Runnels FB Oklahoma Big 12
6 196 Washington Redskins Golston, KedricKedric Golston DT Georgia SEC from Carolina
6 197 San Francisco 49ers Oliver, MelvinMelvin Oliver DE LSU SEC from Jacksonville
6 198 Denver Broncos Eslinger, GregGreg Eslinger C Minnesota Big Ten
6 199 Indianapolis Colts Johnson, CharlieCharlie Johnson OT Oklahoma State Big 12
6 200 Chicago Bears Reed, TylerTyler Reed G Penn State Big Ten from Seattle
6 201 Pittsburgh Steelers Philip, MarvinMarvin Philip C California Pac-10
6 * 202 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Williams, T. J.T. J. Williams TE NC State ACC
6 * 203 Baltimore Ravens Koch, SamSam Koch P Nebraska Big 12
6 * 204 Philadelphia Eagles Ramsey, LaJuanLaJuan Ramsey DT USC Pac-10
6 * 205 New England Patriots Stevenson, DanDan Stevenson G Notre Dame Ind.
6 * 206 New England Patriots Smith, Le KevinLe Kevin Smith DT Nebraska Big 12
6 * 207 Indianapolis Colts Bethea, AntoineAntoine Bethea S Howard N/A
6 * 208 Baltimore Ravens Martin, DerrickDerrick Martin CB Wyoming MWC
7 209 Cincinnati Bengals Kilmer, EthanEthan Kilmer DB Penn State Big Ten from Houston
7 210 New Orleans Saints Strief, ZachZach Strief OT Northwestern Big Ten
7 211 Dallas Cowboys McQuistan, PatPat McQuistan OT Weber State Big Sky from New York Jets
7 212 Miami Dolphins Evans, FredFred Evans DT Texas State N/A from Green Bay
7 213 Jacksonville Jaguars Wyche, JamesJames Wyche DE Syracuse Big East from San Francisco
7 214 Oakland Raiders Morris, ChrisChris Morris C Michigan State Big Ten
7 215 Tennessee Titans Finnegan, CortlandCortland Finnegan DB Samford N/A
7 216 Buffalo Bills Pennington, TerranceTerrance Pennington OT New Mexico MWC
7 217 Detroit Lions Matua, FredFred Matua G USC Pac-10
7 218 Arizona Cardinals Watkins, ToddTodd Watkins WR BYU MWC
7 219 Baltimore Ravens LaCasse, RyanRyan LaCasse DE Syracuse Big East
7 220 New York Jets Adams, TitusTitus Adams DT Nebraska Big 12 from Philadelphia
7 221 St. Louis Rams McGarigle, TimTim McGarigle LB Northwestern Big Ten
7 222 Cleveland Browns Hamilton, JustinJustin Hamilton S Virginia Tech ACC
7 223 Atlanta Falcons Shockley, D. J.D. J. Shockley QB Georgia SEC
7 224 Dallas Cowboys Whitley, E. J.E. J. Whitley C Texas Tech Big 12
7 225 San Diego Chargers Page, ChaseChase Page DT North Carolina ACC
7 226 Miami Dolphins Wright, RodriqueRodrique Wright DT Texas Big 12
7 227 San Diego Chargers Martin, JimmyJimmy Martin OT Virginia Tech ACC from Minnesota
7 228 Kansas City Chiefs Page, JarradJarrad Page S UCLA Pac-10
7 229 New England Patriots Andrews, WillieWillie Andrews S Baylor Big 12
7 230 Washington Redskins Lefotu, KiliKili Lefotu G Arizona Pac-10
7 231 Cincinnati Bengals Brazell, BennieBennie Brazell WR LSU SEC
7 232 New York Giants McPhearson, GerrickGerrick McPhearson CB Maryland ACC
7 233 Miami Dolphins Aromashodu, DevinDevin Aromashodu WR Auburn SEC from Chicago
7 234 Carolina Panthers Montgomery, WillWill Montgomery C Virginia Tech ACC
7 235 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Phinisee, JustinJustin Phinisee CB Oregon Pac-10
7 236 Jacksonville Jaguars Webb, DeeDee Webb CB Florida SEC
7 237 Carolina Panthers McClover, StanleyStanley McClover DE Auburn SEC from Denver
7 238 Indianapolis Colts Rushing, T. J.T. J. Rushing CB Stanford Pac-10 from Tennessee via Indianapolis
7 239 Seattle Seahawks Plackemeier, RyanRyan Plackemeier P Wake Forest ACC
7 240 Pittsburgh Steelers Humes, CedricCedric Humes RB Virginia Tech ACC
7 * 241 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bennett, CharlesCharles Bennett DE Clemson ACC
7 * 242 St. Louis Rams Setterstrom, MarkMark Setterstrom G Minnesota Big Ten
7 * 243 St. Louis Rams Palmer, TonyTony Palmer G Missouri Big 12
7 * 244 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Massaquoi, TimTim Massaquoi TE Michigan Big Ten
7 * 245 Tennessee Titans Toone, SpencerSpencer Toone LB Utah MWC
7 * 246 Tennessee Titans Ganther, QuintonQuinton Ganther RB Utah MWC
7 * 247 Detroit Lions Cannon, AnthonyAnthony Cannon LB Tulane C-USA
7 * 248 Buffalo Bills Merz, AaronAaron Merz G California Pac-10
7 * 249 Seattle Seahawks Obomanu, BenjaminBenjamin Obomanu WR Auburn SEC
7 * 250 Washington Redskins Simon, KevinKevin Simon LB Tennessee SEC
7 ^ 251 Houston Texans Anderson, DavidDavid Anderson WR Colorado State MWC
7 ^ 252 New Orleans Saints Colston, MarquesMarques Colston WR Hofstra N/A
7 ^ 253 Green Bay Packers Tollefson, DaveDave Tollefson DE NW Missouri State MIAA
7 ^ 254 San Francisco 49ers Vaughn, VickielVickiel Vaughn S Arkansas SEC
7 ^ 255 Oakland Raiders McMahan, KevinKevin McMahan WR Maine CAA

Supplemental draft selections[edit | edit source]

For each player selected in the Supplemental Draft, the team forfeits its pick in that round in the draft of the following season.

Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
3 - Cincinnati Bengals Brooks, AhmadAhmad Brooks LB Virginia ACC

Notable undrafted players[edit | edit source]

= Pro Bowler[2]
Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
- - Tennessee Titans Allred, ColinColin Allred LB Baylor Big 12
- - Dallas Cowboys Austin, MilesMiles Austin WR Monmouth NEC
- - Minnesota Vikings Baskett, HankHank Baskett WR New Mexico MWC
- - Denver Broncos Bell, MikeMike Bell RB Arizona Pac-10
- - New England Patriots Cobbs, PatrickPatrick Cobbs RB North Texas Sun Belt
- - Atlanta Falcons Grimes, BrentBrent Grimes CB Shippensburg N/A
- - Jacksonville Jaguars Iwuh, BrianBrian Iwuh LB Colorado Big 12
- - New England Patriots Mays, CoreyCorey Mays LB Notre Dame Ind.
- - San Diego Chargers Neill, RyanRyan Neill DE Rutgers Big East
- - Jacksonville Jaguars Owens, MontellMontell Owens RB Maine CAA
- - Minnesota Vikings Penn, DonaldDonald Penn OT Utah State WAC
- - Cincinnati Bengals Roland, DennisDennis Roland OT Georgia SEC
- - Houston Texans Williams, TramonTramon Williams CB Louisiana Tech WAC
- - New England Patriots Woods, PierrePierre Woods LB Michigan Big Ten

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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  2. 2.0 2.1 Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro Bowl at any time in their career.
  3. Williams became the first-ever number one draft pick to come from a school in the Atlantic Coast Conference.
  4. Reggie Bush was named the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner, but the award was forfeited due to issues with Bush's college eligibility"Reggie Bush to forfeit Heisman". ESPN.com. http://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/ncf/news/story?id=5572827.
  5. The University of Texas at Austin extended its streak of consecutive drafts in which the school produced at least one drafted player to 69.
  6. Matt Leinart, 2004 Heisman Trophy winner "2004 Heisman Trophy winner". http://www.heisman.com/winners/m-leinart04.php. Retrieved 2011-03-28.
  7. The Rams traded the 11th overall selection to the Broncos for the 15th and 68th choices.
  8. The Browns traded the 12th overall selection to the Ravens for the 13th and 181st choices.
  9. Cromartie was the fourth Defensive player from Florida State selected in the first round; only twice previously had one school produced four first-round selections from one unit (offense or defense) in a single NFL draft.[citation needed]
  10. The University of Miami extended its streak of drafts in which at least one player from the school was selected in the first round to 12.
  11. Bullocks' identical twin brother, Josh Bullocks, also a safety from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the same position in the 2005 draft.
  12. The Chiefs transferred the 117th overall pick to the Jets as compensation for the Jets' permitting Herman Edwards to leave the Jets to become head coach of the Chiefs.

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