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2005 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) April 23–24, 2005
Time 12:00 PM EDT April 23
11:00 AM EDT April 24
Location Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
New York City, New York
Network(s) (US) ESPN
First selection Alex Smith, QB
San Francisco 49ers
Mr. Irrelevant Andy Stokes, TE
New England Patriots
Most selections Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12)
Fewest selections New York Giants (4)
Overall selections 255
NFL Draft
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The 2005 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 23–24, 2005. The league also held an supplemental draft that year, which was held after the regular draft but before the regular season. The draft took place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, New York and was televised for the 26th consecutive year on ESPN and ESPN2. The NFL Draft had been held at Madison Square Garden since 1995, but was moved to the Javits Center in 2005.[1] The draft featured the San Francisco 49ers selecting first overall Alex Smith from the University of Utah.[2][3] Also 4 Auburn University players were drafted in the first round. Thirty-two compensatory selections were distributed amongst fourteen teams, with the Philadelphia Eagles and the St. Louis Rams garnering the most with four picks each.[4] Three of the first five picks were running backs, an NFL Draft first.[5] The 255 players chosen in the draft were composed of:

Player selections

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* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[6]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end DL Defensive lineman
DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety G Guard HB Halfback
K Placekicker KR Kick returner OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 San Francisco 49ers Smith, AlexAlex Smith QB Utah MWC
1 2 Miami Dolphins Brown, RonnieRonnie Brown RB Auburn SEC
1 3 Cleveland Browns Edwards, BraylonBraylon Edwards WR Michigan Big Ten
1 4 Chicago Bears Benson, CedricCedric Benson RB Texas Big 12
1 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Williams, Carnell "Cadillac"Carnell "Cadillac" Williams RB Auburn SEC
1 6 Tennessee Titans Jones, Adam "Pac-Man"Adam "Pac-Man" Jones CB West Virginia Big East
1 7 Minnesota Vikings Williamson, TroyTroy Williamson WR South Carolina SEC from Oakland
1 8 Arizona Cardinals Rolle, AntrelAntrel Rolle CB Miami (FL) ACC
1 9 Washington Redskins Rogers, CarlosCarlos Rogers CB Auburn SEC
1 10 Detroit Lions Williams, MikeMike Williams WR USC Pac-10
1 11 Dallas Cowboys Ware, DeMarcusDeMarcus Ware LB Troy Sun Belt
1 12 San Diego Chargers Merriman, ShawneShawne Merriman LB Maryland ACC from New York Giants
1 13 New Orleans Saints Brown, JammalJammal Brown OT Oklahoma Big 12 from Houston
1 14 Carolina Panthers Davis, ThomasThomas Davis LB Georgia SEC
1 15 Kansas City Chiefs Johnson, DerrickDerrick Johnson LB Texas Big 12
1 16 Houston Texans Johnson, TravisTravis Johnson DT Florida State ACC from New Orleans
1 17 Cincinnati Bengals Pollack, DavidDavid Pollack LB Georgia SEC
1 18 Minnesota Vikings James, ErasmusErasmus James DE Wisconsin Big Ten
1 19 St. Louis Rams Barron, AlexAlex Barron OT Florida State ACC
1 20 Dallas Cowboys Spears, MarcusMarcus Spears DE LSU SEC from Buffalo[7]
1 21 Jacksonville Jaguars Jones, MattMatt Jones WR Arkansas SEC
1 22 Baltimore Ravens Clayton, MarkMark Clayton WR Oklahoma Big 12
1 23 Oakland Raiders Washington, FabianFabian Washington CB Nebraska Big 12 from Seattle
1 24 Green Bay Packers Rodgers, AaronAaron Rodgers QB California Pac-10
1 25 Washington Redskins Campbell, JasonJason Campbell QB Auburn SEC from Denver
1 26 Seattle Seahawks Spencer, ChrisChris Spencer C Ole Miss SEC from New York Jets via Oakland
1 27 Atlanta Falcons White, RoddyRoddy White WR UAB C-USA
1 28 San Diego Chargers Castillo, LuisLuis Castillo DT Northwestern Big Ten
1 29 Indianapolis Colts Jackson, MarlinMarlin Jackson CB Michigan Big Ten
1 30 Pittsburgh Steelers Miller, HeathHeath Miller TE Virginia ACC
1 31 Philadelphia Eagles Patterson, MikeMike Patterson DT USC Pac-10
1 32 New England Patriots Mankins, LoganLogan Mankins G Fresno State WAC
2 33 San Francisco 49ers Baas, DavidDavid Baas C Michigan Big Ten
2 34 Cleveland Browns Pool, BrodneyBrodney Pool S Oklahoma Big 12
2 35 Philadelphia Eagles Brown, ReggieReggie Brown WR Georgia SEC from Miami
2 36 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ruud, BarrettBarrett Ruud LB Nebraska Big 12
2 37 Detroit Lions Cody, ShaunShaun Cody DT USC Pac-10 from Tennessee
2 38 Oakland Raiders Routt, StanfordStanford Routt CB Houston C-USA
2 39 Chicago Bears Bradley, MarkMark Bradley WR Oklahoma Big 12
2 40 New Orleans Saints Bullocks, JoshJosh Bullocks S Nebraska Big 12 from Washington
2 41 Tennessee Titans Roos, MichaelMichael Roos OT Eastern Washington N/A from Detroit
2 42 Dallas Cowboys Burnett, KevinKevin Burnett LB Tennessee SEC
2 43 New York Giants Webster, CoreyCorey Webster CB LSU SEC
2 44 Arizona Cardinals Arrington, J. J.J. J. Arrington RB California Pac-10
2 45 Seattle Seahawks Tatupu, LofaLofa Tatupu LB USC Pac-10 from Carolina
2 46 Miami Dolphins Roth, MattMatt Roth DE Iowa Big Ten from Kansas City
2 47 New York Jets Nugent, MikeMike Nugent K Ohio State Big Ten from Houston via Oakland
2 48 Cincinnati Bengals Thurman, OdellOdell Thurman LB Georgia SEC
2 49 Minnesota Vikings Johnson, MarcusMarcus Johnson OT Ole Miss SEC
2 50 St. Louis Rams Bartell, RonRon Bartell CB Howard N/A
2 51 Green Bay Packers Collins, NickNick Collins S Bethune-Cookman N/A from New Orleans
2 52 Jacksonville Jaguars Barnes, KhalifKhalif Barnes OT Washington Pac-10
2 53 Baltimore Ravens Cody, DanDan Cody DE Oklahoma Big 12
2 54 Carolina Panthers Shelton, EricEric Shelton RB Louisville C-USA from Seattle
2 55 Buffalo Bills Parrish, RoscoeRoscoe Parrish WR Miami (FL) ACC
2 56 Denver Broncos Williams, DarrentDarrent Williams CB Oklahoma State Big 12
2 57 New York Jets Miller, JustinJustin Miller CB Clemson ACC
2 58 Green Bay Packers Murphy, TerrenceTerrence Murphy WR Texas A&M Big 12
2 59 Atlanta Falcons Babineaux, JonathanJonathan Babineaux DT Iowa Big Ten
2 60 Indianapolis Colts Hayden, KelvinKelvin Hayden CB Illinois N/A
2 61 San Diego Chargers Jackson, VincentVincent Jackson WR Northern Colorado N/A
2 62 Pittsburgh Steelers McFadden, BryantBryant McFadden CB Florida State ACC
2 63 Philadelphia Eagles McCoy, MattMatt McCoy LB San Diego State MWC
2 64 Baltimore Ravens Terry, AdamAdam Terry OT Syracuse Big East from New England
3 65 San Francisco 49ers Gore, FrankFrank Gore RB Miami (FL) ACC
3 66 St. Louis Rams Atogwe, Oshiomogho "O. J."Oshiomogho "O. J." Atogwe S Stanford Pac-10 from Miami
3 67 Cleveland Browns Frye, CharlieCharlie Frye QB Akron MAC
3 68 Tennessee Titans Roby, CourtneyCourtney Roby WR Indiana Big Ten
3 69 Oakland Raiders Walter, AndrewAndrew Walter QB Arizona State Pac-10
3 70 Miami Dolphins Crowder, ChanningChanning Crowder LB Florida SEC from Chicago
3 71 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Smith, AlexAlex Smith TE Stanford Pac-10
3 72 Detroit Lions Wilson, StanleyStanley Wilson CB Stanford Pac-10
3 73 Houston Texans Morency, VernandVernand Morency RB Oklahoma State Big 12 from Dallas
3 74 New York Giants Tuck, JustinJustin Tuck DE Notre Dame Ind.
3 75 Arizona Cardinals Green, EricEric Green CB Virginia Tech ACC
3 76 Denver Broncos Paymah, KarlKarl Paymah CB Washington State Pac-10 from Washington
3 77 Philadelphia Eagles Moats, RyanRyan Moats RB Louisiana Tech WAC from Kansas City
3 78 Oakland Raiders Morrison, KirkKirk Morrison LB San Diego State MWC from Houston
3 79 Carolina Panthers Mathis, EvanEvan Mathis G Alabama SEC
3 80 Minnesota Vikings Fox, DustinDustin Fox CB Ohio State Big Ten
3 81 St. Louis Rams Incognito, RichieRichie Incognito C Nebraska Big 12
3 82 New Orleans Saints Fincher, AlfredAlfred Fincher LB Connecticut Big East
3 83 Cincinnati Bengals Henry, ChrisChris Henry WR West Virginia Big East
3 84 New England Patriots Hobbs, EllisEllis Hobbs CB Iowa State Big 12 from Baltimore
3 85 Seattle Seahawks Greene, DavidDavid Greene QB Georgia SEC
3 86 Buffalo Bills Everett, KevinKevin Everett TE Miami (FL) ACC
3 87 Jacksonville Jaguars Starks, ScottScott Starks CB Wisconsin Big Ten
3 88 New York Jets Pouha, SioneSione Pouha DT Utah MWC
3 89 Carolina Panthers Ellison, AtiyyahAtiyyah Ellison DT Missouri Big 12 from Green Bay
3 89.5 Denver Broncos selection forfeited due to salary-cap violations.[8]
3 90 Atlanta Falcons Beck, JordanJordan Beck LB Cal Poly Great West
3 91 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Colmer, ChrisChris Colmer OT NC State ACC from San Diego
3 92 Indianapolis Colts Burns, VincentVincent Burns DE Kentucky SEC
3 93 Pittsburgh Steelers Essex, TraiTrai Essex G Northwestern Big Ten
3 94 San Francisco 49ers Snyder, AdamAdam Snyder G Oregon Pac-10 from Philadelphia
3 95 Arizona Cardinals Blackstock, DarrylDarryl Blackstock LB Virginia ACC from New England
3 * 96 Tennessee Titans Jones, BrandonBrandon Jones WR Oklahoma Big 12
3 * 97 Denver Broncos Foxworth, DomoniqueDomonique Foxworth CB Maryland ACC
3 * 98 Seattle Seahawks Hill, LeroyLeroy Hill LB Clemson ACC
3 * 99 Kansas City Chiefs Colquitt, DustinDustin Colquitt P Tennessee SEC
3 * 100 New England Patriots Kaczur, NickNick Kaczur G Toledo MAC
3 * 101 Denver Broncos Clarett, MauriceMaurice Clarett RB Ohio State Big Ten
4 102 Philadelphia Eagles Considine, SeanSean Considine S Iowa Big Ten from San Francisco
4 103 Cleveland Browns Perkins, AntonioAntonio Perkins CB Oklahoma Big 12
4 104 Miami Dolphins Daniels, TravisTravis Daniels CB LSU SEC
4 105 Seattle Seahawks Willis, RayRay Willis OT Florida State ACC from Oakland
4 106 Chicago Bears Orton, KyleKyle Orton QB Purdue Big Ten
4 107 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buenning, DanDan Buenning G Wisconsin Big Ten
4 108 Tennessee Titans Fuller, VincentVincent Fuller S Virginia Tech ACC
4 109 Dallas Cowboys Barber III, MarionMarion Barber III RB Minnesota Big Ten
4 110 New York Giants Jacobs, BrandonBrandon Jacobs RB Southern Illinois Gateway
4 111 Arizona Cardinals Brown, EltonElton Brown G Virginia ACC
4 112 Minnesota Vikings Fason, CiatrickCiatrick Fason RB Florida SEC from Washington
4 113 Tennessee Titans Stewart, DavidDavid Stewart OT Mississippi State SEC from Detroit
4 114 Houston Texans Mathis, JeromeJerome Mathis WR Hampton MEAC
4 115 Green Bay Packers Underwood, MarvielMarviel Underwood S San Diego State MWC from Carolina
4 116 Kansas City Chiefs Thorpe, CraphonsoCraphonso Thorpe WR Florida State ACC
4 117 St. Louis Rams Carter, JeromeJerome Carter S Florida State ACC
4 118 New Orleans Saints Lyman, ChaseChase Lyman WR California Pac-10
4 119 Cincinnati Bengals Ghiaciuc, EricEric Ghiaciuc C Central Michigan MAC
4 120 Washington Redskins White, ManuelManuel White FB UCLA Pac-10 from Minnesota
4 121 Carolina Panthers LeFors, StefanStefan LeFors QB Louisville C-USA from Seattle
4 122 Buffalo Bills Preston, DukeDuke Preston C Illinois N/A
4 123 New York Jets Rhodes, KerryKerry Rhodes S Louisville C-USA from Jacksonville
4 124 Baltimore Ravens Brown, JasonJason Brown C North Carolina ACC
4 125 Green Bay Packers Poppinga, BradyBrady Poppinga LB BYU MWC
4 126 Philadelphia Eagles Herremans, ToddTodd Herremans OT Saginaw Valley State N/A from Denver via Cleveland, Seattle, Carolina and Green Bay
4 127 Jacksonville Jaguars Pearman, AlvinAlvin Pearman RB Virginia ACC from New York Jets
4 128 Atlanta Falcons Davis, ChaunceyChauncey Davis DE Florida State ACC
4 129 Indianapolis Colts Gandy, DylanDylan Gandy G Texas Tech Big 12
4 130 San Diego Chargers Sproles, DarrenDarren Sproles RB Kansas State Big 12
4 131 Pittsburgh Steelers Gibson, FredFred Gibson WR Georgia SEC
4 132 Dallas Cowboys Canty, ChrisChris Canty DE Virginia ACC from Philadelphia
4 133 New England Patriots Sanders, JamesJames Sanders S Fresno State WAC
4 * 134 St. Louis Rams Terrell, ClaudeClaude Terrell G New Mexico MWC
4 * 135 Indianapolis Colts Giordano, MattMatt Giordano S California Pac-10
4 * 136 Tennessee Titans Williams, RoydellRoydell Williams WR Tulane C-USA
5 137 San Francisco 49ers Fields, RonaldRonald Fields DT Mississippi State SEC
5 138 Kansas City Chiefs Grigsby, BoomerBoomer Grigsby LB Illinois State MVFC from Miami
5 139 Cleveland Browns McMillan, DavidDavid McMillan DE Kansas Big 12
5 140 Chicago Bears Currie, AireseAirese Currie WR Clemson ACC
5 141 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nicholson, DonteDonte Nicholson S Oklahoma Big 12
5 142 Tennessee Titans Nash, DamienDamien Nash RB Missouri Big 12
5 143 Green Bay Packers Coston, JuniusJunius Coston C North Carolina A&T N/A from Oakland
5 144 St. Louis Rams Collins, JeromeJerome Collins TE Notre Dame Ind. from New York Giants via San Diego and Tampa Bay
5 145 Detroit Lions Orlovsky, DanDan Orlovsky QB Connecticut Big East from Arizona via New England
5 146 Philadelphia Eagles Cole, TrentTrent Cole DE Cincinnati C-USA from Washington
5 147 Kansas City Chiefs Hodge, AlphonsoAlphonso Hodge CB Miami (OH) MAC from Detroit
5 148 Indianapolis Colts Welsh, JonathanJonathan Welsh DE Wisconsin Big Ten from Dallas via Philadelphia
5 149 Carolina Panthers Seward, AdamAdam Seward LB UNLV MWC
5 150 Tennessee Titans Loper, DanielDaniel Loper OT Texas Tech Big 12 from Kansas City
5 151 Houston Texans Hodgdon, DrewDrew Hodgdon C Arizona State Pac-10
5 152 New Orleans Saints McPherson, AdrianAdrian McPherson QB Florida State ACC
5 153 Cincinnati Bengals Kieft, AdamAdam Kieft OT Central Michigan MAC
5 154 Washington Redskins McCune, RobertRobert McCune LB Louisville C-USA from Minnesota
5 155 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brackins, LarryLarry Brackins WR Pearl River CC N/A from St. Louis
5 156 Buffalo Bills King, EricEric King CB Wake Forest ACC
5 157 Jacksonville Jaguars Sensabaugh, GeraldGerald Sensabaugh S North Carolina ACC
5 158 Baltimore Ravens Green, JustinJustin Green FB Montana N/A
5 159 Seattle Seahawks Huckeba, JebJeb Huckeba DE Arkansas SEC
5 160 Atlanta Falcons Boley, MichaelMichael Boley LB Southern Miss C-USA from Denver
5 161 New York Jets Maddox, AndreAndre Maddox S NC State ACC
5 162 Miami Dolphins Alabi, AnthonyAnthony Alabi OT TCU C-USA from Green Bay via Kansas City
5 163 Atlanta Falcons Omiyale, FrankFrank Omiyale OT Tennessee Tech N/A
5 164 San Diego Chargers Britt, WesleyWesley Britt OT Alabama SEC
5 165 Indianapolis Colts Hunt, RobertRobert Hunt C North Dakota State Great West
5 166 Pittsburgh Steelers Wallace, RianRian Wallace LB Temple Big East
5 167 Green Bay Packers Hawkins, MikeMike Hawkins CB Oklahoma Big 12 from Philadelphia
5 168 Arizona Cardinals Mitchell, LanceLance Mitchell LB Oklahoma Big 12 from New England
5 * 169 Carolina Panthers Hangartner, GeoffGeoff Hangartner C Texas A&M Big 12
5 * 170 New England Patriots Claridge, RyanRyan Claridge LB UNLV MWC
5 * 171 Carolina Panthers Emanuel, BenBen Emanuel S UCLA Pac-10
5 * 172 Philadelphia Eagles Young, ScottScott Young OT BYU MWC
5 * 173 Indianapolis Colts Hagler, TyjuanTyjuan Hagler LB Cincinnati C-USA
5 * 174 San Francisco 49ers Marshall, RasheedRasheed Marshall WR West Virginia Big East
6 175 Oakland Raiders Hawthorne, AnttajAnttaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin Big Ten from San Francisco via New England, Green Bay and Philadelphia
6 176 Cleveland Browns Speegle, NickNick Speegle LB New Mexico MWC
6 177 San Diego Chargers Sims, WesWes Sims OT Oklahoma Big 12 from Miami Dolphins
6 178 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bryant, AnthonyAnthony Bryant DT Alabama SEC
6 179 Tennessee Titans Scaife, BoBo Scaife TE Texas Big 12
6 180 Green Bay Packers Montgomery, MichaelMichael Montgomery DE Texas A&M Big 12 from Oakland
6 181 Chicago Bears Harris, ChrisChris Harris S Louisiana-Monroe Sun Belt
6 182 New York Jets Houston, CedricCedric Houston RB Tennessee SEC from Arizona via Oakland
6 183 Washington Redskins Newberry, JaredJared Newberry LB Stanford Pac-10
6 184 Detroit Lions Swancutt, BillBill Swancutt DE Oregon State Pac-10
6 185 Jacksonville Jaguars Owens, ChadChad Owens WR Hawaiʻi WAC
6 186 New York Giants Moore, EricEric Moore DE Florida State ACC
6 187 Kansas City Chiefs Svitek, WillWill Svitek G Stanford Pac-10
6 188 Houston Texans Brown, C. C.C. C. Brown S Louisiana–Lafayette Sun Belt
6 189 Carolina Panthers Haye, JovanJovan Haye DE Vanderbilt SEC
6 190 Cincinnati Bengals Perry, TabTab Perry WR UCLA Pac-10
6 191 Minnesota Vikings Mosley, C. J.C. J. Mosley DT Missouri Big 12
6 192 St. Louis Rams Ridgeway, DanteDante Ridgeway WR Ball State MAC
6 193 New Orleans Saints Jefferson, JasonJason Jefferson DT Wisconsin Big Ten
6 194 Jacksonville Jaguars Thomas, PatPat Thomas LB NC State ACC
6 195 Green Bay Packers Bragg, CraigCraig Bragg WR UCLA Pac-10 from Baltimore
6 196 Seattle Seahawks Jackson, TonyTony Jackson TE Iowa Big Ten
6 197 Buffalo Bills Geisinger, JustinJustin Geisinger G Vanderbilt SEC
6 198 New York Jets Dreessen, JoelJoel Dreessen TE Colorado State MWC
6 199 Kansas City Chiefs Long, KhariKhari Long DE Baylor Big 12 from Green Bay
6 200 Denver Broncos Myers, ChrisChris Myers G Miami (FL) ACC
6 201 Atlanta Falcons Cobb, DeAndra'DeAndra' Cobb RB Michigan State Big Ten
6 202 Indianapolis Colts Rayner, DaveDave Rayner K Michigan State Big Ten
6 203 Cleveland Browns Hoffman, AndrewAndrew Hoffman DT Virginia ACC from Tampa Bay via San Diego
6 204 Pittsburgh Steelers Kemoeatu, ChrisChris Kemoeatu G Utah MWC
6 205 San Francisco 49ers Johnson, DerrickDerrick Johnson CB Washington Pac-10 from Philadelphia
6 206 Detroit Lions Goddard, JohnathanJohnathan Goddard LB Marshall MAC from New England
6 * 207 Carolina Panthers Berger, JoeJoe Berger G Michigan Tech N/A
6 * 208 Dallas Cowboys Beriault, JustinJustin Beriault S Ball State MAC
6 * 209 Dallas Cowboys Petitti, RobRob Petitti OT Pittsburgh Big East
6 * 210 St. Louis Rams Hodges, ReggieReggie Hodges P Ball State MAC
6 * 211 Philadelphia Eagles Armstrong, CalvinCalvin Armstrong OT Washington State Pac-10
6 * 212 Oakland Raiders Riddle, RyanRyan Riddle DE California Pac-10
6 * 213 Baltimore Ravens Anderson, DerekDerek Anderson QB Oregon State Pac-10
6 * 214 Oakland Raiders McMahon, PetePete McMahon OT Iowa Big Ten
7 215 San Francisco 49ers Holly, DavenDaven Holly CB Cincinnati C-USA
7 216 Miami Dolphins Vickerson, KevinKevin Vickerson DT Michigan State Big Ten
7 217 Cleveland Browns Dunn, JonJon Dunn OT Virginia Tech ACC
7 218 Tennessee Titans Hill, ReynaldoReynaldo Hill CB Florida SEC
7 219 Minnesota Vikings Ward, AdrianAdrian Ward CB UTEP WAC from Oakland
7 220 Chicago Bears Wilson, RodRod Wilson LB South Carolina SEC
7 221 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Razzano, RickRick Razzano FB Ole Miss SEC
7 222 Washington Redskins Broughton, NehemiahNehemiah Broughton FB Citadel SoCon
7 223 San Francisco 49ers Maxwell, MarcusMarcus Maxwell WR Oregon Pac-10 from Detroit
7 224 Dallas Cowboys Ratliff, JayJay Ratliff DT Auburn SEC
7 225 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Warren, ParisParis Warren WR Utah MWC from New York Giants
7 226 Arizona Cardinals McCoy, LeRonLeRon McCoy WR Indiana (PA) PSAC
7 227 Houston Texans Pettway, KennethKenneth Pettway LB Grambling State SWAC
7 228 Pittsburgh Steelers Nua, ShaunShaun Nua DE BYU MWC from Carolina
7 229 Kansas City Chiefs Kilian, JamesJames Kilian QB Tulsa WAC
7 230 New England Patriots Cassel, MattMatt Cassel QB USC Pac-10 from Minnesota via New York Jets and Oakland
7 231 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Abdullah, HamzaHamza Abdullah S Washington State Pac-10 from St. Louis
7 232 New Orleans Saints Verdon, JimmyJimmy Verdon DE Arizona State Pac-10
7 233 Cincinnati Bengals Fanene, JonathanJonathan Fanene DE Utah MWC
7 234 Baltimore Ravens Smith, MikeMike Smith LB Texas Tech Big 12
7 235 Seattle Seahawks Wortham, CorneliusCornelius Wortham LB Alabama SEC
7 236 Buffalo Bills Gates, LionelLionel Gates RB Louisville C-USA
7 237 Jacksonville Jaguars Roberson, ChrisChris Roberson CB Eastern Michigan MAC
7 238 Kansas City Chiefs Parquet, JeremyJeremy Parquet OT Southern Miss C-USA from Green Bay
7 239 Denver Broncos Ernster, PaulPaul Ernster K Northern Arizona N/A
7 240 New York Jets Williams, HarryHarry Williams WR Tuskegee N/A
7 241 Atlanta Falcons Shropshire, DarrellDarrell Shropshire DT South Carolina SEC
7 242 San Diego Chargers Mruczkowski, ScottScott Mruczkowski C Bowling Green MAC
7 243 Indianapolis Colts Davis, AnthonyAnthony Davis RB Wisconsin Big Ten
7 244 Pittsburgh Steelers Herron, NoahNoah Herron RB Northwestern Big Ten
7 245 Green Bay Packers Campbell, KurtKurt Campbell S Albany NEC from Philadelphia
7 246 Green Bay Packers Whitticker, WillWill Whitticker G Michigan State Big Ten from New England
7 * 247 Philadelphia Eagles Marshall, KeyontaKeyonta Marshall DT Grand Valley State GLIAC
7 * 248 San Francisco 49ers Estes, PatrickPatrick Estes TE Virginia ACC
7 * 249 San Francisco 49ers Bajema, BillyBilly Bajema TE Oklahoma State Big 12
7 * 250 St. Louis Rams Fitzpatrick, RyanRyan Fitzpatrick QB Harvard N/A
7 * 251 St. Louis Rams Hedgecock, MadisonMadison Hedgecock FB North Carolina ACC
7 * 252 Philadelphia Eagles Bergeron, DavidDavid Bergeron LB Stanford Pac-10
7 * 253 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Russell, J. R.J. R. Russell WR Louisville C-USA
7 * 254 Seattle Seahawks Nienhuis, DougDoug Nienhuis OT Oregon State Pac-10
7 * 255 New England Patriots Stokes, AndyAndy Stokes TE William Penn N/A

Supplemental draft selections

For each player selected in the Supplemental Draft, the team forfeited its pick in that round in the draft of the following season.

Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
5 - Miami Dolphins Wright, ManuelManuel Wright DT USC Pac-10

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[6]
Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
- - Houston Texans Bulman, TimTim Bulman DE Boston College Big East
- - New York Giants Butler, JamesJames Butler S Georgia Tech ACC
- - Oakland Raiders Carr, ChrisChris Carr KR Boise State WAC
- - New England Patriots Childress, BamBam Childress WR Ohio State Big Ten
- - Jacksonville Jaguars Collier, RichardRichard Collier OT Valdosta State N/A
- - Dallas Cowboys Condo, JonJon Condo LB Maryland ACC
- - Cleveland Browns Cribbs, JoshuaJoshua Cribbs KR Kent State MAC
- - Miami Dolphins Denney, JohnJohn Denney LS BYU MWC
- - San Diego Chargers Camarillo, GregGreg Camarillo WR Stanford Pac-10
- - Minnesota Vikings Farwell, HeathHeath Farwell LB San Diego State MWC
- - Cleveland Browns Fraser, SimonSimon Fraser DE Ohio State Big Ten
- - Kansas City Chiefs Gado, SamkonSamkon Gado RB Liberty Big South
- - Philadelphia Eagles Gasperson, MichaelMichael Gasperson WR San Diego Pioneer
- - New England Patriots Gould, RobbieRobbie Gould K Penn State Big Ten
- - New York Giants Grant, RyanRyan Grant RB Notre Dame Ind.
- - Seattle Seahawks Kluwe, ChrisChris Kluwe P UCLA Pac-10
- - Atlanta Falcons Koenen, MichaelMichael Koenen P Western Washington N/A
- - Buffalo Bills Leonhard, JimJim Leonhard S Wisconsin Big Ten
- - Chicago Bears McGowan, BrandonBrandon McGowan S Maine CAA
- - Cleveland Browns Moore, LanceLance Moore WR Toledo MAC
- - Washington Redskins Novak, NickNick Novak K Maryland ACC
- - Indianapolis Colts Reid, DarrellDarrell Reid DT Minnesota Big Ten
- - Dallas Cowboys Thompson, TysonTyson Thompson KR San Jose State WAC
- - New York Giants Wake, CameronCameron Wake LB Penn State Big Ten
- - Pittsburgh Steelers Washington, NateNate Washington WR Tiffin N/A
- - Seattle Seahawks Weaver, LeonardLeonard Weaver FB Carson-Newman N/A
- - Tennessee Titans White, JasonJason White QB Oklahoma Big 12 Heisman Trophy winner[9]
- - New England Patriots Wright, MikeMike Wright DL Cincinnati C-USA




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