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The 2005 CFL Draft took place on Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 11:30 AM ET.[1][2] 53 players were chosen from among eligible players from Canadian Universities across the country, as well as Canadian players playing in the NCAA. Of the 53 draft selections, 33 players were drafted from Canadian Interuniversity Sport institutions.[3]


  • Toronto forfeited their third round selection after selecting Riall Johnson in the 2004 Supplemental Draft.[4]

Round one

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
1 Calgary Stampeders Miguel Robede DE Laval
2 Ottawa Renegades Cam Yeow LB Akron
3 Saskatchewan Roughriders (via Toronto via Winnipeg) Matt O'Meara OT McMaster
4 Saskatchewan Roughriders Chris Best OL Duke
5 Montreal Alouettes (via Ottawa via Edmonton) Matthieu Proulx DB Laval
6 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jesse Lumsden RB McMaster
7 Saskatchewan Roughriders (via Montreal) Nathan Hoffart SB Saskatchewan
8 BC Lions Alexis Bwenge RB Kentucky
9 Toronto Argonauts Nick Kaczur OL Toledo

Round two

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
10 Calgary Stampeders Godfrey Ellis OL Acadia
11 Toronto Argonauts (via Calgary via Ottawa) Raymond Fontaine LB Kentucky
12 Montreal Alouettes (via Winnipeg) Jeff Piercy RB Saskatchewan
13 Montreal Alouettes (via Saskatchewan) Thomas Whitfield DB Syracuse
14 Toronto Argonauts (via Hamilton via Ottawa via Edmonton) Phillipe Audet DL Laval
15 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Fabio Filice OL McMaster
16 Montreal Alouettes Philip Gauthier DB Laval
17 BC Lions Pierre Tremblay OL Laval
18 Toronto Argonauts Jeff Keeping OT Western Ontario

Round Three

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
19 Calgary Stampeders John Comiskey OT Windsor
20 Ottawa Renegades Les Mullings RB Saint Mary's
Toronto Argonauts (via Winnipeg) Forfeit Pick[4]
21 Saskatchewan Roughriders Matt Kudu DL Eastern Michigan
22 Edmonton Eskimos Tim O'Neill OL Calgary
23 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Francois Brochu ST Boston College
24 Montreal Alouettes Victor Cabral DT Georgia Southern
25 BC Lions David Lowry LB Calgary
26 BC Lions (via Toronto) Patick Pierre-Louis LB UCLA

Round Four

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
27 Calgary Stampeders Kyler Jukes OL Regina
28 Ottawa Renegades Cory Hathaway TE/FB Tulsa
29 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Scott Mennie LB Manitoba
30 Saskatchewan Roughriders J.O. Gagnon-Gordillo DL Eastern Michigan
31 Edmonton Eskimos Anthony Posteraro K/P Graceland
32 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jeremy Steeves S St. Francis Xavier
33 Montreal Alouettes Mike Ray K/P McMaster
34 BC Lions Sebastian Clovis DB Saint Mary's
35 Toronto Argonauts Tye Smith OL Manitoba

Round Five

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
36 Calgary Stampeders David Hewson DB Manitoba
37 Ottawa Renegades Adrian Baird DE Ottawa
38 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Martin Lapostolle DL Indiana
39 Saskatchewan Roughriders Dustin Cherniawski DB British Columbia
40 Edmonton Eskimos Robert Leblanc SB McGill
41 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Iain Fleming SB Queen's
42 Montreal Alouettes Curt Hundeby OL Saskatchewan
43 BC Lions Nuvraj Bassi DT Oregon
44 Toronto Argonauts Bryan Crawford RB Queen's

Round Six

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
45 Calgary Stampeders Brett Ralph WR Alberta
46 Ottawa Renegades Lenard Semajuste FB Adams State
47 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Ryan Bisson OL Northwood
48 Saskatchewan Roughriders Ryan Gottselig DL Saskatchewan
49 Montreal Alouettes (via Edmonton) Adam Eckert WR Dickinson State
50 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Andrew Paopao DL San Jose State
51 Montreal Alouettes Olivier Manigat OL Columbia
52 BC Lions Karl Ortmanns OL Acadia
53 Toronto Argonauts Ian Forde RB Waterloo


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