Below is the 2004 CIS Football All-Canadian Team. The CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) Football All-Canadian Team is an honour given annually to the best college football players at Canadian Universities at their respective positions.

2004 CIS Football All-Canadian Team

First Team

Steve Bilan, QB, Saskatchewan
Jesse Lumsden, RB, McMaster
Andre Durie, RB, York
Andrew Fantuz, WR, Western
Andrew Ginther, WR, Alberta
Arjei Franklin, IR, Windsor
Nathan Beveridge, IR, UBC
Dominic Picard, C, Laval
Ben Walsh, G, McGill
Fabio Filice, G, McMaster
Pierre Tremblay, T, Laval
Richard Yalowsky, T, Calgary
Troy Cunningham, DE, Concordia
Kyle Markin, DE, Acadia
Nick Johansson, DT, UBC
Marc-André Dion, DT, Laval
David Lowry, LB, Alberta
Jason Pottinger, LB, McMaster
Mickey Donovan, LB, Concordia
Gregory Lavaud, CB, Montréal
Eric Nielsen, CB, Acadia
Derek Baldry, HB, Alberta
Ian Logan, HB, Laurier
Jason Milne, FS, Alberta
Special Teams
Mike Renaud, P, Concordia
Rob Pikula, K, Western

Second Team

Ryan Pyear, QB, Laurier
Jarred Winkel, RB, Alberta
Jeronimo Huerta Flores, RB, Laval
Kenneth Branco, WR, Ottawa
Ivan Birungi, WR, Acadia
Michael Black, IR, Acadia
Iain Fleming, IR, Queen's
Evan Haney, C, Calgary
Geoff St. Denis, G, Western
Adam Krajewski, G, Simon Fraser
Ryan Jeffrey, T, Laurier
Chris Sutherland, T, Saskatchewan
Ricky Foley, DE, York
Jeff Robertshaw, DE, McMaster
Ryan Gottselig, DT, Saskatchewan
Andrew Jones, DT, McMaster
Marc Trépanier, LB, Montréal
Jesse Alexander, LB, Laurier
Matt Harding, LB, Mount Allison
Conor Healey, CB, Laurier
Ryan Barnstable, CB, Saskatchewan
Dustin Cherniawski, HB, UBC
Sebastian Clovis, HB, Saint Mary's
John Sullivan, FS, Waterloo
Special Teams
Rob Pikula, P, Western
No nomination, K

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