The 2002 Canadian Football League Expansion Draft was a three-round CFL draft that took place on January 17, 2002 which assigned players from existing CFL teams to the expansion Ottawa Renegades.[1] Ottawa could select one import player from each team and two non-import players. Alternatively, the Renegades could select a team's second-round draft pick in the 2002 or 2003 CFL Drafts in place of one of the non-import players. Additionally, member teams were permitted to protect two quarterbacks in the draft, limiting Ottawa's selections. Ottawa selected six quarterbacks from teams' negotiation lists and, as such, their names were not released.[2]

Round oneEdit

Player Position Original CFL Team
Mike Maurer Fullback BC Lions
Clinton Wayne Defensive tackle Calgary Stampeders
George Hudson Offensive lineman Edmonton Eskimos
Matt Robichaud Linebacker Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Kelly Wiltshire Linebacker Montreal Alouettes
Shawn Gallant Safety Saskatchewan Roughriders
Dan Giancola Punter/Placekicker Toronto Argonauts
Donnie Ruiz Safety Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Round twoEdit

Player Position Original CFL Team
Jimmy Oliver Wide receiver BC Lions
Ricky Bell Cornerback Calgary Stampeders
Fred Perry Defensive end Edmonton Eskimos
Seth Dittman Offensive tackle Hamilton Tiger-Cats
John Grace Linebacker Montreal Alouettes
Troy Asbell Linebacker Saskatchewan Roughriders
Earl Scott Centre Toronto Argonauts
Sefa O'Reilly Linebacker Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Round threeEdit

Player/Pick Position Original CFL Team
2002 second-round pick - BC Lions
Kelly Lochbaum Linebacker Calgary Stampeders
Andrew Henry Defensive back Edmonton Eskimos
Carl Coulter Centre Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2002 second-round pick - Montreal Alouettes
2002 second-round pick - Saskatchewan Roughriders
2003 second-round pick - Toronto Argonauts
2003 second-round pick - Winnipeg Blue Bombers


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