Jason Clermont was drafted 4th overall by the BC Lions.

The 2002 CFL Draft took place on Thursday, April 25, 2002. From a list of 442 eligible CIS football players from Canadian universities and Canadian players in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, 54 players were chosen, up from the previous 48 since the 2002 CFL season marked the addition of the Ottawa Renegades to the league.[1][2][3] Of the 54 draft selections, 26 players were drafted from Canadian Interuniversity Sport institutions.[4]

Round one

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position School
1 Ottawa Renegades (Bonus) Alexandre Gauthier OL Laval
2 Ottawa Renegades Mike Vilimek RB Simon Fraser
Saskatchewan Roughriders Forfeit Pick
3 Toronto Argonauts Cory Annett OL Eastern Michigan
4 BC Lions Jason Clermont SB Regina
5 Montreal Alouettes Patrick Dorvelus CB Hofstra
6 BC Lions (via Edmonton) Paul Cheng DL Simon Fraser
7 Hamilton Tiger-Cats John Macdonald DL McGill
8 Calgary Stampeders (via Winnipeg) Jon Oosterhuis DE New Hampshire
9 Calgary Stampeders Brian Nugent WR York

Round two

Pick # CFL Team Player Position School
10 Ottawa Renegades D.J. Owchar DL Bowling Green
11 Ottawa Renegades (via Saskatchewan) Pat Fleming P Bowling Green
12 Montreal Alouettes (via Toronto) Sherko Haji-Rasouli OL Miami
13 Ottawa Renegades (via BC) Brock Ralph WR Wyoming
14 Calgary Stampeders (via Montreal via Ottawa via Toronto) Deitan Dubuc TE Michigan
15 Saskatchewan Roughriders (via Edmonton) Francois Boulianne OL Laval
16 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jake Roberts OL Simon Fraser
17 BC Lions (via Winnipeg) Brett Romberg OL Miami
18 Calgary Stampeders Scott Gordon DB Ottawa

Round three

Pick # CFL Team Player Position School
19 Ottawa Renegades Kevin Lawrence RB Northwestern
20 Saskatchewan Roughriders Patrick Thibeault SB Saint Mary's
21 Toronto Argonauts Robin Tremblay DE Houston
22 BC Lions Chris Gayton LB Kentucky
23 Montreal Alouettes Josh Jansen LB Occidental College
24 Edmonton Eskimos Dahrran Diedrick RB Nebraska
25 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Doug Borden DT Saint Mary's
26 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Michael Shaver FB Ottawa
27 Calgary Stampeders Reid Seitz WR Northern Iowa

Round four

Pick # CFL Team Player Position School
28 Toronto Argonauts (via Ottawa) Rob Stewart DT Manitoba
29 Saskatchewan Roughriders Darnell Edwards CB Manitoba
30 Toronto Argonauts Alexis Sanschagrin DB Western Ontario
31 BC Lions John Williams RB Edinboro
32 Montreal Alouettes Aaron Fiacconi OT Mansfield
33 Montreal Alouettes (via Edmonton) Jon Landon OL Queen's
34 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jamie Elliot WR Calgary
35 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Mike Faisthuber SB Manitoba
36 Calgary Stampeders Jeff Almon RB Calgary

Round five

Pick # CFL Team Player Position School
37 Ottawa Renegades Youdlain Marcellus DB Buffalo
38 Saskatchewan Roughriders Gonzalo Segovia DT Eastern Illinois
39 Toronto Argonauts Marvin Brereton RB Buffalo
40 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (via BC) Lloyd Orris RB Simon Fraser
41 BC Lions (via Montreal) Atnas Maeko WR Saint Mary's
42 Edmonton Eskimos Olanzo Jarrett DE Toledo
43 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Scott Coe LB Manitoba
44 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Joey Mikawoz LB Manitoba
45 Toronto Argonauts Chuck Walsh LB Waterloo

Round six

Pick # CFL Team Player Position School
46 Ottawa Renegades Tyler Paopao QB Occidental College
47 Saskatchewan Roughriders Curtis Nash DB Saint Mary's
48 Toronto Argonauts Sean Spender LB Guelph
49 Toronto Argonauts (via BC) Jarel Cockburn WR Columbia
50 Montreal Alouettes Mitch Sutherland DE Alberta
51 Edmonton Eskimos Andrew Dubiellak WR UNLV
52 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Kenneth Vermette RB Manitoba
53 BC Lions (via Winnipeg) Joe Orel WR Manitoba
54 Toronto Argonauts (via Calgary) Darryl Ray WR Ottawa


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