Below is the 1995 CIAU Football All-Canadian Team. The Canadian Interuniversity Sport Football All-Canadian Team is an honour given annually to the best CIS football players at Canadian Universities at their respective positions.

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Larry Jusdanis, QB, Acadia
Dominic Zagari, RB, Manitoba
Sean Reade, RB, Western
Stuart Beak, SB, Western
Don Blair, SB, Calgary
Francis Etienne, WR, Toronto
Andrew English, WR, British Columbia
Samir Chahine, C, McGill
Steve Salter, G, Ottawa
Adam Cassidy, G, Alberta
Blaine Dzendzara, T, Manitoba
Dan Comiskey, T, Windsor
Rob Richards, DE, Calgary
John Raposo, DE, Toronto
Harry van Hotwegen, DT, Carleton
John Shoniker, DT, Waterloo
Paul Frian, LB, St Francis Xavier
Francis Bellefroid, LB, Bishop's
Patrick Denis, LB, Western
Paul Greenhow, CB, Queen's
Chris Redguard, CB, Wilfrid Laurier
Wes Barbour, DB, McGill
Travis Tait, DB, Mount Allison
Trent Bagnall, S, Saskatchewan

Second Team Edit

Adrian Rainbow, QB, British Columbia
Éric Lapointe, RB, Mount Allison
Carlo Disipio, RB, Ottawa
Grant Davy, SB, Acadia
Grayson Shillingford, SB, British Columbia
David Stefnitz, WR, Acadia
David Butler, WR, Bishop's
Scott Staples, C, Alberta
Chris Church, G, Windsor
Justin Shoniker, G, Waterloo
George Savard, T, Ottawa
Teddy MacLean, T, Saint Mary's
Gerry Smith, DE, Wilfrid Laurier
Joe Saul, DE, Saskatchewan
Mike Farraway, DT, St Francis Xavier
Barclay Spady, DT, Alberta
Barry McCamus, LB, Toronto
Jason van Geel, LB, Waterloo
David Luna, LB, Mount Allison
Chris Merritt, CB, Saint Mary's
Troy Russell, CB, Bishop's
Sean Kotri, DB, Alberta
Shawn Dyson, DB, Waterloo
Kyle Waters, S, Guelph

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