The 1990 CFL Draft composed of eight rounds where 64 Canadian football players were chosen from eligible Canadian universities and Canadian players playing in the NCAA.[1][2]

1st RoundEdit

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
1 Edmonton Eskimos Sean Millington RB Simon Fraser
2 BC Lions Ian Beckles G/DT Indiana
3 Saskatchewan Roughriders Glen Scrivener DE/DT William Jewell
4 Toronto Argonauts Jock Climie WR Queen's
5 Calgary Stampeders Dave Sapunjis SB Western Ontario
6 Edmonton Eskimos Steve Christie P/K William & Mary
7 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Mark Dennis LB Central Michigan
8 Saskatchewan Roughriders Dane McArthur SB/RB Hawaii-Manoa

2nd RoundEdit

9. Saskatchewan Roughriders Bruce Boyko SB/TE Western Michigan

10. British Columbia Lions Ken Whitney G/TE California Lutheran

11. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dave Boveil CB/S Carleton

12. British Columbia Lions Keith Kelly TB Bishop's

13. Calgary Stampeders Mark Singer LB/FB Alberta

14. Edmonton Eskimos Bob MacDonald T/LS McMaster

15. Saskatchewan Roughriders Chris Gioskos T/G Ottawa

16. Saskatchewan Roughriders Brent Chuhaniuk P/K Weber State

3rd RoundEdit

17. Toronto Argonauts Paul Kerr DE/DT McGill

18. Calgary Stampeders Pat Hinds T/G San Jose State

19. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Allan Boyko WR Western Michigan

20. Toronto Argonauts John Yule LB Manitoba

21. Saskatchewan Roughriders Craig Henderson T/G Minnesota

22. Edmonton Eskimos Lance Trumble FB/DE McMaster

23. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Richard Nurse WR/DB Canisius

24. Saskatchewan Roughriders Bill Hitchcock T/DT Purdue

4th RoundEdit

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
25 Ottawa Rough Riders Michael Philbrick DE Carleton
26 BC Lions Carl Coulter G/LB Carleton
27 Calgary Stampeders Derek Sang T San Diego State
28 Toronto Argonauts Dave Van Belleghem DB Calgary
29 Calgary Stampeders Richard Chen HB/PR Waterloo
30 Edmonton Eskimos Gordon Steeves DB Manitoba
31 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Kevin King DB/LB Simon Fraser
32 Saskatchewan Roughriders Paul Bushley FB/HB Colgate

5th RoundEdit

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
33 Ottawa Rough Riders Al Neufeld G Saskatchewan
34 BC Lions Mohammed Elewonibi T Brigham Young
35 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dave Vandersloot T Henderson State
36 Toronto Argonauts Bill Madden DB Wilfrid Laurier
37 Calgary Stampeders Rob Godley FS/FR Western Ontario
38 Edmonton Eskimos Jordan Gaertner DB Saskatchewan
39 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Scott Douglas DB/LB Western Ontario
40 Saskatchewan Roughriders Paul Chapman RB/FB Dickinson State

6th RoundEdit

41. Ottawa Rough Riders Cam Sackschewsky G/T Calgary

42. British Columbia Lions Doug Shorman LB British Columbia

43. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Steve Zatylny WR Bishop's

44. Toronto Argonauts Gerry Ilfill TB McGill

45. Calgary Stampeders Kevin Kazan WR/K Calgary

46. Edmonton Eskimos Chris Porter TB Windsor

47. Hamilton Tiger-Cats John Monaco TB/SB Canisius

48. Ottawa Rough Riders Brett Wilson WR Ottawa

7th RoundEdit

49. Ottawa Rough Riders Jamie Coombs DL/G Carleton

50. British Columbia Lions Phil Poirer DT/DE Cincinnati

51. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Lorne McCasin DE/DT North Dakota

52. Toronto Argonauts Richard MacLean T Saint Mary's

53. Calgary Stampeders Randy Power LB Mount Allison

54. Edmonton Eskimos Maki Katsube SB/RB St. Francis Xavier

55. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jeff Martens OL/DT Alberta

56. Ottawa Rough Riders Hagen Mehnert LB McGill

8th RoundEdit

57. Ottawa Rough Riders Darryl Forde CB/DB Western Ontario

58. British Columbia Lions Richard Kitchener OT/OL Simon Fraser

59. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Ray Wiens OL Saskatchewan

60. Toronto Argonauts Marco Arbour LB Ottawa

61. Calgary Stampeders Sean Furlong WR Calgary

62. Edmonton Eskimos Ron Webert P/K Washington State

63. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Mike Raymond FB York

64. Ottawa Rough Riders Mike Koladich LB Western Ontario


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