The 1988 CFL Draft composed of eight rounds where 64 Canadian football players were chosen from eligible Canadian universities and Canadian players playing in the NCAA.[1][2] This was the first draft not to feature a Montreal franchise, as the Alouettes had folded just before the start of the 1987 regular season. This was also the first national draft to feature only eight teams.

1st RoundEdit

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
1 Ottawa Rough Riders Orville Lee RB Simon Fraser
2 Saskatchewan Roughriders Jeff Fairholm WR/SB Arizona
3 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dan Wicklum LB Guelph
4 Calgary Stampeders Poly Georganos T Bishop's
5 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Ryan Hanson RB Slippery Rock
6 Saskatchewan Roughriders Pete Giftopoulos LB Penn State
7 BC Lions Tony Martino P Kent State
8 Edmonton Eskimos Brian Forde LB Washington State

2nd RoundEdit

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
9 Saskatchewan Roughriders Ken Evraire WR Wilfrid Laurier
10 Saskatchewan Roughriders Peter Mangold FB Western Ontario
11 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Tim Lorenz DE California State
12 Calgary Stampeders Chris Bleue SB Washburn
13 Calgary Stampeders Wayne Yearwood WR West Virginia
14 BC Lions Dave Vankoughnett C Boise State
15 Toronto Argonauts Paul Masotti WR Acadia
16 Edmonton Eskimos Branko Vincic DE/DT Eastern Michigan

3rd RoundEdit

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
17 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Brian Wise DE Utah
18 Saskatchewan Roughriders Jim Jauch DB North Carolina
19 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Shawn Daniels FB Bowling Green
20 Calgary Stampeders Mark McLoughlin K South Dakota
21 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Rob Crifo WR/QB Toronto
22 Ottawa Rough Riders Leon Hatziioannou DL Simon Fraser
23 Toronto Argonauts Tommy Kane WR Syracuse
24 Edmonton Eskimos Greg Nyte S Simon Fraser

4th RoundEdit

25. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Brad Tierney OL Acadia

26. Ottawa Rough Riders Sheridon Baptiste WR/HB Queen's

27. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Burt Cummings WR/CB North Dakota

28. Calgary Stampeders Wally Zatylny WR Bishop's

29. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Micheal Allen CB/RB Carleton

30. British Columbia Lions Warren Robinson T York

31. Toronto Argonauts Floyd Salazar CB/HB McGill

32. Edmonton Eskimos Todd Middleton ILB Dickinson State

5th RoundEdit

33. Ottawa Rough Riders Sieg Will T/DE Guelph

34. Ottawa Rough Riders Christopher Rick OLB Queen's

35. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jeff MacDonald S New Mexico State

36. Calgary Stampeders Jeff Yausie TB Saskatchewan

37. Saskatchewan Roughriders John Hoffman TB/P Saskatchewan

38. British Columbia Lions Carl Ljungberg P/K Guelph

39. Toronto Argonauts Chris Munford S Simon Fraser

40. Edmonton Eskimos Greg Kratzer WR Dickinson State

6th RoundEdit

41. Ottawa Rough Riders Brent Matich P/K Calgary

42. Saskatchewan Roughriders Darrell Harle T Eastern Michigan

43. Hamilton Tiger-Cats John Yach OLB/DE Queen's

44. Calgary Stampeders Steve Watts CB/S Toronto

45. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Matt Fitzpatrick DE British Columbia

46. British Columbia Lions Dave Johnson LB Simon Fraser

47. Toronto Argonauts Tim Karbonick SB/TE Calgary

48. Edmonton Eskimos Terry Ainge TB British Columbia

7th RoundEdit

49. Ottawa Rough Riders Scott Warr T McGill

50. Saskatchewan Roughriders Hugh Alexander T Utah

51. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Bob Frenkel NG Arizona State

52. Calgary Stampeders Jordan Gagner QB British Columbia

53. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Rob Deluca P/K McMaster

54. British Columbia Lions Tony Mandarich T Michigan State

55. Toronto Argonauts Frank Paradiso ILB York

56. Edmonton Eskimos Stephen Kasowski P/K/WR Alberta

8th RoundEdit

57. Ottawa Rough Riders Ray Goerke T Weber State

58. Saskatchewan Roughriders Floyd Collins TB Boise State

59. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Michael Carrier TB Western Kentucky

60. Calgary Stampeders Ian James OLD Calgary

61. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Jim Taplin FB Acadia

62. British Columbia Lions Tom Vlasic TE British Columbia

63. Toronto Argonauts Jamie Williamson HB York

64. Edmonton Eskimos Neil Ferguson DB Alberta


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