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The 1987 All-Pro Team is composed of the National Football League players that were named to the Associated Press, Newspaper Enterprise Association, Pro Football Writers Association, Pro Football Weekly and The Sporting News in 1987. Both first- and second- teams are listed for the AP and NEA teams. These are the five teams that are included in Total Football II: The Official Encyclopedia of the National Football League. In 1987 NEA went with a 3-4 format for their All-Pro defense.


Position First Team Second Team
Quarterback Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers (AP, PFWA, PFW)
John Elway, Denver Broncos (NEA, TSN)
Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers (NEA-2)
John Elway, Denver Broncos (AP-2)
Bernie Kosar, Cleveland Browns (UPI)
Running back Eric Dickerson, Indianapolis Colts-L.A. Rams (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Charles White, Los Angeles Rams (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Curt Warner, Seattle Seahawks (NEA)
Herschel Walker, Dallas Cowboys (AP-2,NEA-2)
Charles White, Los Angeles Rams (NEA-2)
Curt Warner, Seattle Seahawks (AP-2)
Wide receiver Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
J. T. Smith, St. Louis Cardinals (PFW, TSN)
Gary Clark, Washington Redskins (AP)
Mike Quick, Philadelphia Eagles (NEA)
Steve Largent, Seattle Seahawks (PFWA)
Steve Largent, Seattle Seahawks (AP-2, NEA-2)
Gary Clark, Washington Redskins (NEA-2)
J.T. Smith, St. Louis Cardinals (AP-2)
Tight end Mark Bavaro, New York Giants (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN) Kellen Winslow, San Diego Chargers (AP-2)
Robert Awalt, St. Louis Cardinals (NEA-2)
Tackle Gary Zimmerman, Minnesota Vikings (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Anthony Munoz, Cincinnati Bengals (AP, PFWA, PFW)
Jackie Slater, Los Angeles Rams (NEA)
Joe Jacoby, Washington Redskins (NEA)
Chris Hinton, Indianapolis Colts (TSN)
Jim Lachey, San Diego Chargers (AP-2)
Jim Covert, Chicago Bears (NEA-2)
Jackie Slater, Los Angeles Rams (AP-2)
Gary Zimmerman, Minnesota Vikings (NEA-2)
Guard Mike Munchak, Houston Oilers (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Bill Fralic, Atlanta Falcons (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Ron Solt, Indianapolis Colts (NEA)
Tom Newberry, Los Angeles Rams (AP-2)
Bill Fralic, Atlanta Falcons (NEA-2)
Ron Solt, Indianapolis Colts (AP-2)
Keith Bishop, Denver Broncos (NEA-2)
Center Dwight Stephenson, Miami Dolphins (AP, PFWA, PFW)
Mike Webster, Pittsburgh Steelers (NEA)
Jay Hilgenberg, Chicago Bears (TSN)
Ray Donaldson, Indianapolis Colts (AP-2, NEA-2)


Position First Team Second Team
Defensive end Reggie White, Philadelphia Eagles (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Chris Doleman, Minnesota Vikings (NEA)
Charles Mann, Washington Redskins (AP-2)
Bruce Clark, New Orleans Saints (NEA-2)
Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills (NEA-2)
Chris Doleman, Minnesota Vikings (AP-2)
Defensive tackle Michael Carter, San Francisco 49ers (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Steve McMichael, Chicago Bears (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Bill Maas, Kansas City Chiefs (PFW)
Keith Millard, Minnesota Vikings (AP-2)
Tim Krumrie, Cincinnati Bengals (AP-2)
Bill Maas, Kansas City Chiefs (NEA-2)
Middle linebacker Fredd Young, Seattle Seahawks, (AP, NEA PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Mike Singletary, Chicago Bears (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Karl Mecklenburg, Denver Broncos (NEA)
Shane Conlan, Buffalo Bills (AP-2, NEA-2)
Mike Singletary, Chicago Bears (NEA-2)
Karl Mecklenburg, Denver Broncos (AP-2)
Outside linebacker Carl Banks, New York Giants, (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Andre Tippett, New England Patriots (AP, PFWA, PFW)
Rickey Jackson, New Orleans Saints (NEA, TSN)
Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants (PFW)
Duane Bickett, Indianapolis Colts (AP-2, NEA-2)
Andre Tippett, New England Patriots (NEA-2)
Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants (AP-2)
Cornerback Hanford Dixon, Cleveland Browns (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Frank Minnifield, Cleveland Browns (PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Darrell Green, Washington Redskins (NEA)
Barry Wilburn, Washington Redskins (AP)
Frank Minnifield, Cleveland Browns (AP-2, NEA-2)
Jerry Gray, Los Angeles Rams (NEA-2)
Dave Waymer, New Orleans Saints (AP-2)
Safety Joey Browner, Minnesota Vikings (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Ronnie Lott, San Francisco 49ers (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Keith Bostic, Houston Oilers (NEA)
Kenny Easley, Seattle Seahawks (NEA-2)
Dave Duerson, Chicago Bears (AP-2)
Ronnie Lott, San Francisco 49ers (NEA-2)
Keith Bostic, Houston Oilers (AP-2)

Special teams

Position First Team Second Team
Kicker Morten Andersen, New Orleans Saints (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN) Dean Biasucci, Indianapolis Colts (AP-2, NEA-2)
Punter Jim Arnold, Detroit (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN) Ralf Mojsiejenko, San Diego Chargers (AP-2, NEA-2)
Kick Returner Sylvester Stamps, Atlanta Falcons (PFW, TSN)
Vai Sikahema, St. Louis Cardinals (AP)
Dennis Gentry, Chicago Bears (PFWA)
Dennis Gentry, Chicago Bears (AP-2)
Punt Returner Mel Gray, New Orleans Saints (PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Special Teams Ron Wolfley, St. Louis Cardinals (PFW)
Steve Tasker, Buffalo Bills (PFWA)


AP = Associated Press All-Pro team; AP-2 Associated Press Second-team All-Pro; PFWA = Pro Football Writers Association All-Pro team; NEA = Newspaper Enterprise Association All-Pro team; NEA-2 Newspaper Enterprise Association Second-team All-Pro; PFW = Pro Football Weekly All-Pro team; TSN = The Sporting News All-Pro team; t = players tied in selection


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