The 1985 CFL Draft composed of nine rounds where 81 Canadian football players were chosen from eligible Canadian universities and Canadian players playing in the NCAA.[1] The 1985 draft was the first draft in Canadian Football League history wherein there were no territorial exemptions provided for teams to only draft players from the region in Canada where they were located.[2]

1st RoundEdit

1. Ottawa Rough Riders Nicholas Benjamin OL Concordia

2. Calgary Stampeders Randy Ambroise OL Manitoba

3. British Columbia Lions John Ulmer DE North Dakota

4. Montreal Concordes Tony Johnson TB Henderson State

5. Edmonton Eskimos Peter Emsky OL Washington State

6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Pat Langdon TE Tennessee

7. British Columbia Lions Rick Ryan DB Weber State

8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jed Tommy TB Guelph

9. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Bob Molle DE Simon Fraser

2nd RoundEdit

10. Ottawa Rough Riders Tom Munroe WR British Columbia

11. Calgary Stampeders Garrett Doll LB Alberta

12. Saskatchewan Roughriders David Conrad TE Acadia

13. Montreal Concordes Scott Robson C North Dakota

14. British Columbia Lions Bruce Barnett DB British Columbia

15. Calgary Stampeders Tom Spoltenini T Calgary

16. British Columbia Lions Joe Pariselli TB York

17. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Lance Thompson LB Carleton

18. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Derron Vernon TB Eastern Michigan

3rd RoundEdit

19. Ottawa Rough Riders Neri Fratin TB Ottawa

20. Calgary Stampeders Wes Cooper TB Weber State

21. Saskatchewan Roughriders Gerald Lashyn LB Saskatchewan

22. British Columbia Lions Bob Jedicke DL Western Ontario

23. Edmonton Eskimos Mark Horvath DB McMaster

24. Toronto Argonauts Don Adamic OL British Columbia

25. Edmonton Eskimos Renzo Passaretti LB Saint Mary's

26. British Columbia Lions Chris Spence TB Simon Fraser

27. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Rob Prodanovic DL Calgary

4th RoundEdit

28. Saskatchewan Roughriders Tony Dennis WR Simon Fraser

29. Calgary Stampeders Scott Bissessar WR Queen's

30. Saskatchewan Roughriders Lloyd Clefstad DT Simon Fraser

31. Montreal Concordes Mike O'Donnell QB Manitoba

32. Edmonton Eskimos Clorindo Grilli TB McMaster

33. Toronto Argonauts Kristen Keillor T Wilfrid Laurier

34. British Columbia Lions Kurt Wilchuck LB Oregon

35. Ottawa Rough Riders Marty Palazeti DE Marshall

36. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Dale Sanderson C Tennessee

5th RoundEdit

37. Saskatchewan Roughriders Steve Crane DB Acadia

38. Calgary Stampeders Terry Cochrane TB British Columbia

39. Saskatchewan Roughriders Rob Bresciani WR Saskatchewan

40. Montreal Concordes Bloyce Bulman DE Mount Allison

41. Edmonton Eskimos Tom Richards TB Alberta

42. Toronto Argonauts Dan Petschenig OL Carleton

43. British Columbia Lions John Moffatt WR Western Ontario

44. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Glen Miller SB McGill

45. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Glenn Steele TB British Columbia

6th RoundEdit

46. Ottawa Rough Riders Lance Chomyc K/P Toronto

47. Calgary Stampeders Joe Mahnic TB Saskatchewan

48. Saskatchewan Roughriders Jerry Nash DB Alberta

49. Montreal Concordes Mark Clatney DT Moorhead State

50. Edmonton Eskimos Harold Riemer OL Alberta

51. Toronto Argonauts Alex Troop LB Wilfrid Laurier

52. British Columbia Lions Chester Krala LB Calgary

53. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Lance Harry G Concordia

54. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Greg Miller LB Concrodia

7th RoundEdit

55. Ottawa Rough Riders George Ganas TB York

56. Calgary Stampeders Roger DesLauriers DB British Columbia

57. Saskatchewan Roughriders Mark Urness G Boise State

58. Montreal Concordes Donovan Brown DB York

59. Edmonton Eskimos Bill Starke WR Western Ontario

60. Toronto Argonauts Andy Filipuik WR Toronto

61. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Doug Campbell LB Alberta

62. Hamilton Tiger-Cats John Lepore TB Guelph

63. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Randy Saunders TE Simon Fraser

8th RoundEdit

64. Ottawa Rough Riders Morris Elfenbaum OL Minot State

65. Calgary Stampeders James Whute WR Simon Fraser

66. Saskatchewan Roughriders Roger Mayer DL Concordia

67. Montreal Concordes David Binkle LB Panhandle State

68. Edmonton Eskimos Dana Donald DB Alberta

69. Toronto Argonauts Nolan Duke C Wilfrid Laurier

70. British Columbia Lions John Melvin DL British Columbia

71. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Brian Bone WR Western Ontario

72. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Randy Fabi WR Western Ontario

9th RoundEdit

73. Ottawa Rough Riders Craig Keenan QB Colorado

74. Calgary Stampeders Robin Simpson OL Calgary

75. Saskatchewan Roughriders Colum Armstrong K Acadia

76. Montreal Concordes Denis Boisclair K/P Illinois

77. Edmonton Eskimos Mike McLean LB Alberta

78. Toronto Argonauts Kevin Reaume TE St. Francis Xavier

79. British Columbia Lions Bob Ros TE British Columbia

80. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Sean McKenna LB McMaster

81. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Ron St. Mars LB Manitoba


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1986 CFL Draft
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