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The 1985 All-Pro Team is composed of the National Football League players that were named to the Associated Press, Newspaper Enterprise Association, Pro Football Writers Association, and The Sporting News in 1985. Both first- and second- teams are listed for the AP and NEA teams. These are the four teams that are included in Total Football II: The Official Encyclopedia of the National Football League.

Pro Football Weekly, which suspended operations in 1985, did not choose an All-Pro team.


Position First Team Second Team
Quarterback Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Dan Fouts, San Diego Chargers (NEA)
Dan Fouts, San Diego Chargers (AP-2)
Running back Marcus Allen, Los Angeles Raiders (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Walter Payton, Chicago Bears (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Roger Craig, San Francisco 49ers (AP-2, NEA-2)
Gerald Riggs, Atlanta Falcons (AP-2)
Freeman McNeil, New York Jets (NEA-2)
Wide receiver Mike Quick, Philadelphia Eagles (AP, NEA, TSN)
Steve Largent, Seattle Seahawks (AP, PFWA)
Louis Lipps, Pittsburgh Steelers (NEA, PFWA)
Art Monk, Washington Redskins (TSN)
James Lofton, Green Bay Packers (NEA-2)
Steve Largent, Seattle Seahawks (NEA-2)
Louis Lipps, Pittsburgh Steelers (AP-2)
Art Monk, Washington Redskins (AP-2)
Tight end Todd Christensen, Los Angeles Raiders (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN) Ozzie Newsome, Cleveland Browns (AP-2)
Mickey Shuler, New York Jets (NEA-2)
Tackle Anthony Munoz, Cincinnati Bengals (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Jimbo Covert, Chicago Bears (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Chris Hinton, Indianapolis Colts (AP-2, NEA-2)
Keith Fahnhorst, San Francisco 49ers (NEA-2)
Brian Holloway, New England Patriots (AP-2)
Guard Russ Grimm, Washington Redskins (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
John Hannah, New England Patriots (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Randy Cross, San Francisco 49ers (NEA)
Mike Munchak, Houston Oilers (AP-2, NEA-2)
Kent Hill, Los Angeles Rams (AP-2)
John Hannah, New England Patriots (NEA-2)
Center Dwight Stephenson, Miami Dolphins (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN) Joe Fields, New York Jets AP-2
Billy Bryan, Denver Broncos (NEA-2)


Position First Team Second Team
Defensive end Howie Long, Los Angeles Raiders (AP, NEA, PFWA)
Richard Dent, Chicago Bears (AP, PFWA)
Mark Gastineau, New York Jets (NEA, TSN)
Rulon Jones, Denver Broncos (TSN)
Leonard Marshall, New York Giants (AP-2, NEA-2)
Rulon Jones, Denver Broncos (AP-2, NEA-2)
Defensive tackle Randy White, Dallas Cowboys (AP, NEA, TSN)
Joe Klecko, New York Jets (AP-NT, NEA, PFWA)
Bob Golic, Cleveland Browns (TSN)
Steve McMichael, Chicago Bears (AP)
Dan Hampton, Chicago Bears (AP-2, NEA-2)
Michael Carter, San Francisco 49ers (AP-2)
Joe Nash, Seattle Seahawks (NEA-2)
Bob Golic, Cleveland Browns (AP-2-NT)
Middle linebacker Mike Singletary, Chicago Bears (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Karl Mecklenburg Denver Broncos (AP, NEA, PFWA)
Jim Collins, Los Angeles Rams (TSN)
Harry Carson, New York Giants (AP-2, NEA-2)
Lance Mehl, New York Jets (AP-2, NEA-2)
Outside linebacker Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Andre Tippett, New England Patriots (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Otis Wilson, Chicago Bears (AP-2)
Rickey Jackson, New Orleans Saints (AP-2)
Mike Merriweather, Pittsburgh Steelers (NEA-2)
Keena Turner, San Francisco 49ers (NEA-2)
Cornerback Mike Haynes, Los Angeles Raiders (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Eric Wright, San Francisco 49ers (AP, NEA, TSN)
Everson Walls, Dallas Cowboys (PFWA)
LeRoy Irvin, Los Angeles Rams (AP-2)
Raymond Clayborn, New England Patriots (NEA-2)
Everson Walls, Dallas Cowboys (AP-2, NEA-2)
Safety Kenny Easley, Seattle Seahawks (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Wes Hopkins, Philadelphia Eagles (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Deron Cherry, Kansas City Chiefs (AP-2, NEA-2)
Gary Fencik, Chicago Bears (AP-2)
Bo Eason, Houston Oilers (NEA-2)

Special teams

Position First Team Second Team
Kicker Nick Lowery, Kansas City Chiefs (AP, NEA, PFWA)
Morten Andersen, New Orleans Saints (TSN)
Kevin Butler, Chicago Bears (NEA-2)
Morten Andersen, New Orleans Saints (AP-2)
Punter Dale Hatcher, Los Angeles Rams (AP, PFWA, TSN)
Rohn Stark, Indianapolis Colts (NEA)
Reggie Roby, Miami Dolphins (NEA-2)
Rohn Stark, Indianapolis Colts (AP-2)
Kick Returner Ron Brown, Los Angeles Rams (AP, PFWA, TSN) Irving Fryar, New England Patriots (AP-2)
Punt Returner Henry Ellard, Los Angeles Rams (TSN)


AP = Associated Press All-Pro team; AP-2 Associated Press Second-team All-Pro; PFWA = Pro Football Writers Association All-Pro team; NEA = Newspaper Enterprise Association All-Pro team; NEA-2 Newspaper Enterprise Association Second-team All-Pro ; TSN = The Sporting News All-Pro team; t = players tied in selection


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