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The National Football League held a draft of United States Football League and Canadian Football League players on June 5, 1984. In an attempt to head off a bidding war in its own ranks for USFL and CFL players. NFL teams chose 84 players from 224 available during the three-round selection meeting. Many of the big name USFL players were ineligible for the draft because their rights were already owned by NFL clubs.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [1] = Hall of Famer

First round

Pick # NFL Team Player Position Pro Team College
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Steve Young QB Los Angeles Express BYU
2 Houston Oilers Mike Rozier RB Pittsburgh Maulers Nebraska
3 New York Giants Gary Zimmerman G Los Angeles Express Oregon
4 Philadelphia Eagles Reggie White DE Memphis Showboats Tennessee
5 Kansas City Chiefs Mark Adickes OT Los Angeles Express Baylor
6 San Diego Chargers Lee Williams DE Los Angeles Express Bethune-Cookman
7 Cincinnati Bengals Wayne Peace QB Tampa Bay Bandits Florida
8 Indianapolis Colts Paul Bergmann TE Jacksonville Bulls UCLA
9 Atlanta Falcons Joey Jones WR Birmingham Stallions Alabama
10 New York Jets Ken Hobart QB Denver Gold Idaho
11 Cleveland Browns(from Chicago Bears) Kevin Mack RB Los Angeles Express Clemson
12 Green Bay Packers Buford Jordan RB New Orleans Breakers McNeese State
13 Minnesota Vikings Allanda Smith CB Los Angeles Express TCU
14 Buffalo Bills Dwight Drane DB Los Angeles Express Oklahoma
15 New Orleans Saints Vaughan Johnson LB Jacksonville Bulls North Carolina State
16 New England Patriots Ricky Sanders WR Houston Gamblers Southwest Texas State
17 St. Louis Cardinals Mike Ruether C Los Angeles Express Texas
18 Cleveland Browns Mike Johnson LB Philadelphia Stars Virginia Tech
19 Denver Broncos Freddie Gilbert DE New Jersey Generals Georgia
20 Detroit Lions Alphonso Williams WR Oklahoma Outlaws Nevada-Reno
21 Los Angeles Rams William Fuller DE Philadelphia Stars North Carolina
22 Seattle Seahawks Gordon Hudson TE Los Angeles Express BYU
23 Pittsburgh Steelers Duane Gunn WR Los Angeles Express Indiana
24 San Francisco 49ers Derrick Crawford WR Memphis Showboats Memphis State
25 Dallas Cowboys Todd Fowler TE-RB Houston Gamblers Stephen F. Austin
26 Miami Dolphins Danny Knight WR New Jersey Generals Mississippi State
27 Washington Redskins Tony Zendejas K Los Angeles Express Nevada-Reno
28 Los Angeles Raiders Christopher Woods WR Edmonton Eskimos CFL Auburn

Second round

Pick # NFL Team Player Position Pro Team College
29 Houston Oilers Don Maggs OT Pittsburgh Maulers Tulane
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kevin Nelson RB Los Angeles Express ULCA
31 New York Giants James Robinson DT Los Angeles Express Clemson
32 Philadelphia Eagles Daryl Goodlow LB Oklahoma Outlaws Arizona
33 Kansas City Chiefs Lupe Sanchez QB Arizona Wranglers UCLA
34 San Diego Chargers Steve Smith QB Montreal Concordes CFL Michigan
35 Cincinnati Bengals Bill Johnson RB Denver Gold Arkansas State
36 Indianapolis Colts Albert Bentley RB Michigan Panthers Miami, Fla
37 Atlanta Falcons Michael McInnis DT Philadelphia Stars Arkansas-Pine Bluff
38 New York Jets Jim Sandusky WR British Columbia Lions CFL San Diego State
39 Green Bay Packers Chuck Clanton DB Birmingham Stallions Auburn
40 Minnesota Vikings Robert B. Smith DE Arizona Wranglers Grambling
41 Buffalo Bills Daryl Hart DB Oakland Invaders Lane
42 New Orleans Saints Mel Gray RB Los Angeles Express Purdue
43 New England Patriots Eric Jordan RB Oakland Invaders Purdue
44 Cleveland Browns(from Chicago Bears) Gerald McNeil WR Houston Gamblers Baylor
45 St. Louis Cardinals Derek Kennard G Los Angeles Express Nevada-Reno
46 Denver Broncos Rick Massie WR Calgary Stampeders CFL Kentucky
47 Detroit Lions George Jamison LB Philadelphia Stars Cincinnati
48 Los Angeles Rams Rick Johnson QB Oklahoma Outlaws Southern Illinois
49 Seattle Seahwks Alvin Powell G Oklahoma Outlaws Winston-Salem State
50 Cleveland Browns Tommy Robison OT Houston Gamblers Texas A&M
51 San Francisco 49ers Joe Conwell OT Philadelphia Stars North Carolina
52 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Dixon C Michigan Panthers Michigan
53 Miami Dolphins Dewey Forte DE Los Angeles Express Bethune-Cookman
54 Dallas Cowboys Malcolm Moore WR Los Angeles Express USC
55 Washington Redskins Gary Clark WR Jacksonville Bulls James Madison
56 Los Angeles Raiders Stewart Hill LB Edmonton Eskimos CFL Washington

Third round

Pick # NFL Team Player Position Pro Team College
57 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Alex Clark DB New Orleans Breakers LSU
58 Houston Oilers Lynn Madsen DT New Jersey Generals Washington
59 New York Giants Kirby Warren RB Los Angeles Express Pacific
60 Philadelphia Eagles Thomas Carter LB Oakland Invaders San Diego State
61 Kansas City Chiefs Garcia Lane CB Philadelphia Stars Ohio State
62 San Diego Chargers Clarence Collins WR New Jersey Generals Illinois State
63 Atlanta Falcons Dennis Woodberry DB Birmingham Stallions Southern Arkansas
64 New York Jets Turner Gill QB Montreal Concordes CFL Nebraska
65 Cincinnati Bengals Tom Kilkenny LB Chicago Blitz Temple
66 Indianapolis Colts Byron Smith DT Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL California
67 Minnesota Vikings David Howard LB Los Angeles Express Long Beach State
68 Buffalo Bills Don Corbin OT Pittsburgh Maulers Kentucky
69 New Orleans Saints Steve Dearden LB Memphis Showboats Vanderbilt
70 New England Patriots Walter Lewis QB Memphis Showboats Alabama
71 Cleveland Browns (from Chicago Bears) Doug West LB Jacksonville Bulls UCLA
72 Green Bay Packers John Sullivan DB Oakland Invaders California
73 St. Louis Cardinals Tim Riordan QB Philadelphia Stars Temple
74 Detroit Lions Doug Hollie DE Pittsburgh Maulers SMU
75 Los Angeles Rams Jim Byrne NT Philadelphia Stars Wisconsin-LaCrosse
76 Seattle Seahawks Frank Seurer QB Los Angeles Express Kansas
77 Cleveland Browns John Bond QB Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL Mississippi State
78 Denver Broncos Reggie Smith OT Tampa Bay Bandits Kansas
79 Pittsburgh Steelers Phil Boren OT Birmingham Stallions Arkansas
80 San Francisco 49ers Mark Schellen RB New Orleans Breakers Nebraska
81 Dallas Cowboys Jeff Spek TE New Jersey Generals San Diego State
82 Miami Dolphins Duan Hanks WR Philadelphia Stars Stephen F. Austin
83 Washington Redskins Clarence Verdin WR Houston Gamblers Southwestern Louisiana
84 Los Angeles Raiders James Farr G Washington Federals Clemson


  1. Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro-Bowl at any time in their career.