The 1981 CFL Draft composed of seven rounds where 81 Canadian football players were chosen from eligible Canadian universities and Canadian players playing in the NCAA. A total of 18 players were selected as territorial exemptions, with every team making at least one selection during this stage of the draft. Through a trade with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Calgary Stampeders selected first overall in the draft.

Territorial exemptionsEdit

Saskatchewan Roughriders Eugene Larocque DT Utah

Toronto Argonauts Hazen Carinci DB Simon Fraser

Toronto Argonauts Dan Ferrone G Simon Fraser

Toronto Argonauts Bernie Pickett TB Wilfrid Laurier

Toronto Argonauts Bob Bronk TB Queen's

Ottawa Rough Riders John Park TE Bowling Green

Ottawa Rough Riders Ian Beckstead TE Richmond

Montreal Alouettes Mark Lacelle TB McGill

British Columbia Lions Rob Smith G Utah State

British Columbia Lions Rick Klassen G Simon Fraser

Calgary Stampeders Scott MacArthur DE Calgary

Calgary Stampeders Shawn Beaton DL Boise State

Calgary Stampeders Randy Besler G Northeast Missouri

Calgary Stampeders Randy Fournier DT Cincinnati

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Perry Kuras G North Dakota

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Bill Howard C Western Ontario

Edmonton Eskimos Sean Kehoe TB Alberta

Edmonton Eskimos Joshua Borger WR Calgary

1st RoundEdit

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
1 Calgary Stampeders Fank Kosec LB Waterloo
2 Toronto Argonauts Tom Trifaux T Calgary
3 Ottawa Rough Riders Maurice Doyle RB Toronto
4 Montreal Alouettes Chris Walby DT Dickinson State
5 BC Lions Nelson Martin WR Seneca
6 Calgary Stampeders Mike Wolfram SB Alberta
7 Toronto Argonauts Tom Bray DT Bishop's
8 Toronto Argonauts Ronald Engleson DT Simon Fraser
9 Edmonton Eskimos Rob Logan DE Waterloo

2nd RoundEdit

10. Saskatchewan Roughriders Hazen Henderson DB Simon Fraser

11. Toronto Argonauts Gord Elser LB Calgary

12. Ottawa Rough Riders Don Burns WR Ottawa

13. Montreal Alouettes Samuel Marshall DB Simon Fraser

14. Toronto Argonauts Warner Miles OL Ottawa

15. Montreal Alouettes Fred Prinzen LB Queen's

16. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dave Brown WR Alberta

17. Calgary Stampeders Terry Lehne DB Saskatchewan

18. Edmonton Eskimos Mike Reid C Ottawa

3rd RoundEdit

19. Saskatchewan Roughriders Don Busto FL/DB Simon Fraser

20. Toronto Argonauts Don Dominico WR Western Ontario

21. British Columbia Lions Jamie Armstead DB Calgary

22. Montreal Alouettes Joe Kuklo DB Simon Fraser

23. British Columbia Lions Larry Priestnall TB Acadia

24. Calgary Stampeders Kari Suutari LB Wisconsin

25. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hubert Walsh TB Acadia

26. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jeff Arp G Western Ontario

27. Edmonton Eskimos Scott Essery TE Windsor

4th RoundEdit

28. Saskatchewan Roughriders David Pearson DT Western Ontario

29. Ottawa Rough Riders John Lowe TB Guelph

30. Ottawa Rough Riders Eric Boss DT Toronto

31. Montreal Alouettes Dean Claridge DE British Columbia

32. British Columbia Lions Ed Jones DB Simon Fraser

33. Calgary Stampeders Ted Kozik DE Saint Mary's

34. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dick Rigelhof LB North Dakota

35. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Rob Sommerville DB Waterloo

36. Edmonton Eskimos Ron Lammer DL Alberta

5th RoundEdit

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
37 Saskatchewan Roughriders Vic Stevenson OT Calgary
38 Toronto Argonauts Gord Goodwin RB Calgary
39 Ottawa Rough Riders Larry Ring DB Bishop's
40 Montreal Alouettes Murray Wenhardt OT Saskatchewan
41 BC Lions Frank Roberto RB Simon Fraser
42 Calgary Stampeders Dan Pavlicik OT Concordia
43 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Martin Pardell RB Alberta
44 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Rick Maloney OT Western Ontario
45 Edmonton Eskimos Robin Lawrence DB Alberta

6th RoundEdit

46. Saskatchewan Roughriders John Celestino DT Windsor

47. Toronto Argonauts Jeff Hale T Guelph

48. Ottawa Rough Riders Anthony Refosso T Toronto

49. Montreal Alouettes Dominic Vetro WR Wilfrid Laurier

50. British Columbia Lions David Thornhill WR Bishop's

51. Calgary Stampeders Jav Troiano DB Simon Fraser

52. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hugh Goodman DL Acadia

53. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Ian Troop G Wilfrid Laurier

54. Edmonton Eskimos Wyatt Wisharts DT Concordia

7th RoundEdit

55. Saskatchewan Roughriders Wayne Strembel LB Simon Fraser

56. Toronto Argonauts Kevin Malone DB Queen's

57. Ottawa Rough Riders Rob Ball DB Queen's

58. Montreal Alouettes Dave Ridgeway K Toledo

59. British Columbia Lions Ed Hole T Alberta

60. Calgary Stampeders Wayne Harris LB Calgary

61. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Peter Martell TB St. Francis Xavier

62. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Bill Paul TB Sheridan

63. Edmonton Eskimos Craig Mallender TB Windsor


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1982 CFL Draft
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