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1980 Nebraska Cornhuskers football
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Sun Bowl Champions
Sun Bowl vs. #17 Mississippi State, W 31-17
ConferenceBig Eight Conference
CoachesNo. 7
APNo. 7
1980 record10-2-0 (6-1-0 Big 8)
Head coachTom Osborne (8th season)
Offensive coordinatorTom Osborne (11th season)
Offensive schemeI formation
Defensive coordinatorLance Van Zandt (4th season)
Home stadiumMemorial Stadium
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1980 Big 8 football standings
v · d · e Conf     Overall
Team W   L   T     W   L   T
#3 Oklahoma 7 0 0     10 2 0
#7 Nebraska 6 1 0     10 2 0
Missouri 5 2 0     8 4 0
Iowa State 3 4 0     7 4 0
Oklahoma State 3 4 0     4 7 0
Kansas State 2 5 0     4 7 0
Kansas 1 6 0     2 8 1
Colorado 1 6 0     1 10 0
† – Conference champion
Rankings from AP Poll

The 1980 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team represented the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in the 1980 NCAA Division I-A football season. The team was coached by Tom Osborne and played their home games in Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska.



Date Time Opponent# Rank# Site TV Result Attendance
September 13* Utah #8 Memorial StadiumLincoln, Nebraska W 55-9   75,526
September 20* Iowa #6 Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska W 57-0   76,029
September 27* at #11 Penn State #3 Beaver StadiumUniversity Park, Pennsylvania ABC W 21-7   84,585
October 4* #16 Florida State #3 Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska L 14-18   76,152
October 11 at Kansas #10 Memorial StadiumLawrence, Kansas W 54-0   50,268
October 18† Oklahoma State #10 Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska W 48-7   76,021
October 25 at Colorado #9 Folsom FieldBoulder, Colorado W 45-7   51,489
November 1 #15 Missouri #8 Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska W 38-16   76,155
November 8 Kansas State #5 Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska W 55-8   76,121
November 15 at Iowa State #4 Cyclone StadiumAmes, Iowa W 35-0   52,942
November 22 #9 Oklahoma #4 Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska L 17-21   74,684
December 27* vs. #17 Mississippi State #8 Sun Bowl StadiumEl Paso, Texas (Sun Bowl) W 31-17   34,723
*Non-Conference Game. Homecoming. #Rankings from AP Poll released prior to game. All times are in Central Time.



Adams, Joe #64 (Sr.) OG
Alberico, Tim (So.) SE
Alven, Robert (So.) OG
Austin, Jimmy (So.) IB
Baker, Kim #41 (Sr.) LB
Barnes, Ed (So.) LB
Bates, Phil #43 (So.) FB
Bauer, Steve (So.) DB
Beaudin, Rick (So.) MG
Beideck, John (So.) C
Bell, Warren #4 (So.) DB
Bergkamp, Tim (Sr.) PK
Bess, Donnie #85 (Jr.) DE
Boll, Peter #72 (So.) OT
Brandl, Matt #58 (So.) OG
Brown, Steve (So.) DE
Brown, Todd #28 (So.) SE
Bruce, Mike #76 (Sr.) OT
Brungardt, Tim (So.) IB
Carlstrom, Tom #78 (Jr.) OT
Chandler, Rick (So.) LB
Clark, David #63 (Sr.) DT
Cook, Bill (So.) DT
Corbeil, Jim (So.) DB
Craig, Roger #21 (So.) IB
Curry, Tom (So.) WB
Damkroger, Steve #35 (So.) LB
Daniels, Richard (So.) DB
Davies, Steve #82 (Sr.) TE
DeLoach, Trey #52 (Sr.) C
Derr, Robin (So.) MG
Dhein, Doug (So.) OT
Eberspacher, Rex (So.) PK
Engebritson, Monte (So.) TE
England, Gary #70 (Sr.) OG
Evans, Brent #48 (Jr.) LB
Felici, Tony (So.) DE
Finn, Jeff #87 (Sr.) TE
Fischer, Dan #26 (So.) DB
Florell, Randy #77 (Jr.) LB
Franklin, Andra #39 (Sr.) FB
Frazier, Russell (So.) QB
Gary, Russell #9 (Sr.) DB
Gdowski, Tom #93 (So.) DT
Gemar, Scott #1 (Sr.) P
Glathar, Kurt #69 (So.) OG
Haase, David (So.) QB
Hagerman, Mark (So.) PK
Hansman, Bob (So.) LB
Heath, John (So.) LB


Hendricks, Dennis (Jr.) OG
Herrmann, Doug (So.) DT
Hill, Dan #84 (So.) TE
Hinds, Tom (So.) OG
Hineline, Curt #59 (Jr.) MG
Holbrook, Tim #23 (So.) DB
Holmes, Daryl #94 (Sr.) DE
Holmon, Craig (So.) FB
Huebert, Randy (Jr.) WB
Hurley, Dan #73 (Jr.) OT
Iodence, Brian #14 (Jr.) DB
Jeffries, Jim (Fr.) DB
Johnson, Brad #55 (So.) C
Johnson, Craig #30 (Sr.) IB
Keeler, Mike #61 (So.) DT
Kirk, Donnie (Jr.) PK
Knoll, Eric (So.) QB
Kotera, Jim #44 (Sr.) FB
Krejci, Jeff #2 (Jr.) DB
Krenk, Mitch #89 (So.) TE
Kwapick, Jeff #57 (So.) OT
Landwehr, Randy #27 (Jr.) IB
Larsen, Pat #3 (So.) DB
Lewis, Rodney #5 (Jr.) DB
Liegl, David #28 (Sr.) DB
Lindquist, Ric #15 (Jr.) DB
Lindstrom, Dan #98 (Sr.) DE
Lindstrom, Scott (So.) MG
Lingenfelter, Bruce #71 (Jr.) OG
Lonowski, Jack #67 (Jr.) DT
Lyday, Allen (So.) DB
Mandelko, Mike #68 (So.) OG
Mann, Ricky (So.) DB
Mason, Nate #8 (So.) QB
Mathison, Bruce #19 (So.) QB
Mauer, Mark #17 (Jr.) QB
McCrady, Tim #24 (Sr.) WB
McCue, Dave #32 (So.) WB
McElroy, Mike (So.) C
McWhirter, Steve #45 (So.) LB
Means, Andy #34 (Sr.) DB
Merrell, Jeff #74 (So.) MG
Miles, Darwin #91 (So.) DE
Moravec, Mark #42 (So.) FB
Mortensen, Kurt (So.) DB
Muehling, Brad (So.) C
Murphy, Jim (So.) DB
Neil, Eddie (So.) PK
Nelson, Derrie #92 (Sr.) DE
Noonan, John #95 (Sr.) SE


O'Hearn, Allan (So.) PK
Owen, Keith (So.) DB
Patterson, Bill (So.) IB
Peterson, Dick #83 (Jr.) TE
Praeuner, Wade (So.) DE
Quinn, Jeff #11 (Sr.) QB
Raridon, Scott (So.) OT
Redwine, Jarvis #12 (Sr.) IB
Ridder, Dave (So.) DT
Rimington, Dave #50 (So.) C
Rogan, Dennis (So.) IB
Rush, Kym (So.) DT
Santin, John (So.) LB
Schleusener, Randy #53 (Sr.) OG
Schmuecker, Dan (So.) OT
Schoening, Lynn (So.) PK
Sculley, Mike (Jr.) MG
Searcey, L.G. #37 (Jr.) DB
Seibel, Kevin #49 (So.) P/PK
Sherlock, John (So.) OG
Sherry, Scott (Jr.) DE
Simmons, Ricky #7 (So.) WB
Sims, Sammy #6 (Jr.) DB
Smith, Paul (So.) FB
Sorenson, John (So.) SE
Spratte, Todd #81 (So.) DE
Steels, Anthony #33 (Jr.) WB
Steinkuhler, Dean (So.) OG
Stephens, Greg (So.) TE
Stromath, Dave #99 (Jr.) DT
Theiss, Randy #65 (So.) OT
Tramner, Mike (So.) MG
Trent, Phil #16 (So.) DB
Van Lent, Bill #90 (So.) DT
Van Norman, Kris #38 (So.) DB
Vergith, Tom (So.) WB
Waechter, Henry #75 (Jr.) DT
Walton, Jerry (So.) DB
Wees, Dennis #62 (So.) MG
Wehrle, Craig (So.) TE
White, Felix (So.) MG
Wilkening, Doug (So.) FB
Williams, Brent #66 (Sr.) LB
Williams, Jamie #80 (So.) TE
Williams, Jimmy #96 (Jr.) DE
Williams, Toby #97 (So.) DT
Woodard, Scott #88 (Sr.) SE
Zutavern, John (Jr.) LB


Coaching staff

Name Title First year
in this position
Years at Nebraska Alma Mater
Tom Osborne Head Coach
Offensive Coordinator
1973 1964-1997 Hastings College
Lance Van Zandt Defensive Coordinator
Defensive Backs
1977 1977-1980 Lamar
Charlie McBride Defensive Line 1977 1977-1999 Colorado
Cletus Fischer Offensive Line 1960-1985 Nebraska
John Melton Tight Ends
1973 1962-1988 Wyoming
Mike Corgan Running Backs 1962 1962-1982 Notre Dame
Boyd Epley Head Strength Coach 1969 1969-2003 Nebraska
George Darlington Defensive Backs 1973-2002 Rutgers
Milt Tenopir Offensive Line 1974 1974-2002 Sterling
Gene Huey Receivers 1977 1977-1986 Wyoming
Frank Solich Head Freshman Coach 1979 1979-2003 Nebraska
Jack Pierce 1979-1991
Jerry Pettibone Recruiting Coordinator 1980 1980-1981 Oregon State

Game notes


Utah at #8 Nebraska [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
Utah 3 0 0 6 9
#8 Nebraska 14 7 20 14 55

Nebraska racked up 545 yards on the ground, the second-highest total in school history, as IB Jarvis Redwine averaged over 10 yards per carry before leaving the game in the hands of capable reserves. Utah suffered from two interceptions, and the sole Utes touchdown didn't get punched in until Cornhusker backups were on the field in the 4th quarter for playing time.


Iowa at #6 Nebraska [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
Iowa 0 0 0 0 0
#6 Nebraska 14 21 7 15 57

Nebraska completely shut down Iowa's heralded runner Jeff Brown, putting to rest Iowa's hope for a rushing contest with Nebraska IB Jarvis Redwine. Redwine left the game shortly after halftime after collecting 153 yards on 12 attempts, while Brown added only 51 to his career total during the entire game. Other Iowa rushing attempts went the other way, and the Hawkeye ground total netted only 44 yards as the Cornhuskers allowed Iowa into Nebraska territory only twice in the entire game on their way to delivering a painful 57-0 shutout.

Penn State

#3 Nebraska at #11 Penn State [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
#3 Nebraska 7 7 7 0 21
#11 Penn State 0 7 0 0 7

The Blackshirts were the stars of this day in front of a record crowd at State College, as the Nebraska defense sacked Penn State QB Jeff Hostetler eight times for 89 yards, and forced seven turnovers, keeping the Nittany Lions constantly on their heels and away from any hope of an upset. Penn State managed just one touchdown, in the 2nd quarter, and accumulated a net rushing total of only 33 yards.

Florida State

#16 Florida State at #3 Nebraska [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
#16 Florida State 0 3 12 3 18
#3 Nebraska 7 7 0 0 14

Trailing by 4 points as the clock wound down under 15 seconds, Nebraska QB Jeff Quinn was hit only three yards from the end zone, forcing a fumble which was recovered by Florida State. The Seminoles escaped Lincoln with a win, and the Cornhuskers lost IB Jarvis Redwine for two weeks due to broken ribs, along with their hopes for an undefeated season.


#10 Nebraska at Kansas [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
#10 Nebraska 7 26 14 7 54
Kansas 0 0 0 0 0

The temporary loss of IB Jarvis Redwine to injury presented no difficulties to the Big Red Machine, as Nebraska steamrolled Kansas in Lawrence, chalking up 33 points in the 1st half alone. By the end of the game, the Blackshirts had posted another shutout to their stats while the Cornhusker offense rolled up 520 yards of offense and 54 points.

Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State at #10 Nebraska [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
Oklahoma State 0 0 7 0 7
#10 Nebraska 14 7 14 13 48

The Nebraska defense saw their string of touchdown-prevention quarters ended at 8 when Oklahoma State managed to squeak in a touchdown in the 3rd quarter, but that was all that would be heard from the Cowboys on this day since they were held to -13 ground yards compared to the 430 ground yards posted by the Cornhuskers.


#9 Nebraska at Colorado [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
#9 Nebraska 7 24 7 7 45
Colorado 0 0 0 7 7

The return of Nebraska IB Jarvis Redwine was short-lived, as both he and 2nd string IB Craig Johnson left the game with injuries in the 1st quarter. 3rd string IB Roger Craig was still too much for Colorado as Nebraska swept up the Buffaloes in Boulder while collecting 403 ground yards and a decisive 45-7 win, the 13th Cornhusker win in a row over Colorado, whose only score came in the 4th quarter against Nebraska reserves.


#15 Missouri at #8 Nebraska [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
#15 Missouri 3 10 0 3 16
#8 Nebraska 14 14 0 10 38

Nebraska created a 15 point lead by halftime and never looked back, though Missouri was not to be trifled with. Where the Cornhuskers made their gains on the ground, the Tigers achieved their yards in the air, but at the end of the game it was still the Cornhuskers well ahead and celebrating their first win over Missouri in Memorial Stadium since 1972.

Kansas State

Kansas State at #5 Nebraska [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
Kansas State 0 0 0 8 8
#5 Nebraska 10 24 14 7 55

Kansas State was demolished in Lincoln in every way, as Nebraska racked up 495 yards on the ground and pushed both the 1st and 2nd string Wildcat quarterbacks backwards for a combined -67 yard net on the day. The normally ground-oriented Cornhuskers also dominated in the air, nearly doubling the Wildcat passing yard total and bringing the Nebraska yardage total to 695. Kansas State scored a single touchdown and capped it with a two point conversion with just 1:52 left on the clock in garbage time, narrowly avoiding the shutout.

Iowa State

#4 Nebraska at Iowa State [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
#4 Nebraska 7 7 14 7 35
Iowa State 0 0 0 0 0

Compared with the week prior, Nebraska had a slow start, leading by only 14 at the half, and that only when a Cornhusker punt was fumbled by the Cyclone returner into the end zone and recovered by the Cornhuskers to add 7 to the total with 2:28 left in the half. Nonetheless, the Nebraska offense simply kept powering along, wearing down the Iowa State squad until they surrendered another 21 points, while the Blackshirts held the Cyclone offense to just 130 total yards and no points.


#9 Oklahoma at #4 Nebraska [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
#9 Oklahoma 0 14 0 7 21
#4 Nebraska 10 0 0 7 17

The Cornhuskers had a promising start, as IB Jarvis Redwine tore the Sooner defense for an 89 yard touchdown run on Nebraska's first possession and PK Kevin Seibel put a 47 yarder through the uprights to go up by 10, but Oklahoma came to life to lead 14-10 by halftime. Nebraska held the Oklahoma wishbone attack to just 7 yards in the 3rd quarter, but also gave up a couple of turnovers which proved costly as both teams put up only another touchdown each before the game was over with Oklahoma still up by 4 to claim the Big 8 title.

Mississippi State

#8 Nebraska vs #17 Mississippi State [box score]
by Quarter 1 2 3 4 Total
#8 Nebraska 7 10 7 7 31
#17 Mississippi State 0 0 3 14 17

Nebraska marked their 12th consecutive bowl game appearance by striking first with 7 points only 2:30 into the first quarter. It was not a major record-setting day, but consistent production and solid ball control provided the Cornhuskers with ample opportunities to produce points. The Bulldogs found themselves behind 17–0 at the half and never had an opportunity to make any serious threat to the Cornhuskers again.


Ranking Movement
Poll Pre Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10 Wk 11 Wk 12 Wk 13 Wk 14 Final
AP 7 8 6 3 3 10 10 9 8 5 4 4 10 9 8 7
Coaches 7



Award Name(s)
All-America 1st team Derrie Nelson, Jarvis Redwine, Randy Schleusner
All-America honorable mention David Clark, Russell Gary, Curt Hineline
Big 8 Coach of the Year Tom Osborne
Big 8 Defensive Player of the Year Derrie Nelson
Big 8 Deensive Newcomer of the Year Toby Williams
All-Big 8 1st team David Clark, Andra Franklin, Russell Gary, Derrie Nelson, Jarvis Redwine, Dave Rimington, Randy Schleusner
All-Big 8 2nd team Joe Adams, Curt Hineline, Dan Hurley, Jeff Quinn, Jimmy Williams (linebacker)
All-Big 8 honorable mention Todd Brown, Roger Craig, Steve Damkroger, Jeff Finn, Craig Johnson, Andy Means, Randy Theiss, Brent Williams, Toby Williams

NFL and Pro Players

The following Nebraska players who participated in the 1980 season later moved on to the next level and joined a professional or semi-pro team as draftees or free agents.[5]

Name Team
Todd Brown Montreal Concordes
Roger Craig San Francisco 49ers
Andra Franklin Miami Dolphins
Russell Gary New Orleans Saints
Dan Hurley Boston Breakers
Brad Johnson Boston Breakers
Mitch Krenk Chicago Bears
Rodney Lewis New Orleans Saints
Allen Lyday Houston Oilers
Bruce Mathison San Diego Chargers
Jeff Merrell Boston Breakers
Derrie Nelson San Diego Chargers
Jeff Quinn Pittsburgh Steelers
Jarvis Redwine Minnesota Vikings
Dave Rimington Cincinnati Bengals
Kevin Seibel Chicago Blitz
Ricky Simmons Washington Federals
Anthony Steels Boston Breakers
Dean Steinkuhler Houston Oilers
Henry Waechter Chicago Bears
Jamie Williams St. Louis Cardinals
Jimmy Williams Detroit Lions
Toby Williams New England Patriots