The 1974 CFL Draft composed of nine rounds where 97 Canadian football players were chosen from eligible Canadian universities and Canadian players playing in the NCAA. A total of 18 players were selected as territorial exemptions. Through trades with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Toronto Argonauts selected first in the first, second, and sixth rounds.

Territorial exemptionsEdit

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Gordon Paterson TB Manitoba

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Glen Perrin TB Bemidji State

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Ted Greaves WB Ithaca

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Gary Mueller LB Wilfrid Laurier

Calgary Stampeders Murray Anderson C Calgary

Calgary Stampeders Gordon Yeomans TB Washington State

British Columbia Lions Terry Bailey TB Simon Fraser

British Columbia Lions Loren Sherbina DT Idaho

Toronto Argonauts Larry Uteck DB Wilfrid Laurier

Toronto Argonauts Morris Zubkewych DT Simon Fraser

Saskatchewan Roughriders Ken McEachern DB Weber State

Saskatchewan Roughriders Laurie Skolrood T North Dakota

Montreal Alouettes Gary Chown LB Bishop's

Montreal Alouettes Gordon Knowlton TB Jacksonville State

Edmonton Eskimos Dave Fennell DT North Dakota

Edmonton Eskimos Bill Stevenson DT Drake

Ottawa Rough Riders Perry Arnold DB Western Ontario

Ottawa Rough Riders Darryl Craig T North Carolina

1st RoundEdit

1. Toronto Argonauts Randy Halsall T Wake Forest

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Ken Clark WR Saint Mary's

3. Calgary Stampeders Henry Janssen TE Western Ontario

4. British Columbia Lions Bob Hornes DB Idaho State

5. Toronto Argonauts Larry Simpson TE Wilfrid Laurier

6. Saskatchewan Roughriders Vic McLeod E Western Ontario

7. Calgary Stampeders Fraser MacDonald LB Saint Mary's

8. Ottawa Rough Riders Dave Hadden DB Queen's

9. Ottawa Rough Riders Darryl Craig T North Carolina

2nd RoundEdit

10. Toronto Argonauts Rick Konopka LB Wilfird Laurier

11. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Tom Dufault HB LaCrosse State

12. Calgary Stampeders Morris Cousineau LB Windsor

13. British Columbia Lions Mark Stevenson DT Simon Fraser

14. Edmonton Eskimos Al Shemanchuk DT Alberta

15. Saskatchewan Roughriders Leif Petterson WR Otterbein

16. Montreal Alouettes Phil Levesque G Guelph

17. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Andy Currie DE Acadia

18. Montreal Alouettes Bob Petrie WR Western Ontario

3rd RoundEdit

19. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Derek Forbes LB McMaster

20. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Frank Yakimchuk T Saint Mary's

21. Calgary Stampeders Brian Hedges T Carleton

22. British Columbia Lions Andy Jonassen DE Calgary

23. Toronto Argonauts Bill Baker DB British Columbia

24. Saskatchewan Roughriders Duncan Findlay TB Whitworth

25. Montreal Alouettes Michael Fenner DT Fordham

26. Edmonton Eskimos Brian Heiland TE Simon Fraser

27. Ottawa Rough Riders Bill Robinson QB Saint Mary's

4th RoundEdit

28. Winnipeg Blue Bombers David Semple C Simon Fraser

29. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Peter McNabb DB Queen's

30. Calgary Stampeders Donn Sommerfeldt LB Whitworth

31. British Columbia Lions Dave Kaduhr WR Simon Fraser

32. Toronto Argonauts Wayne Sudsbury LB Mount Allison

33. Saskatchewan Rough Riders Brian Berg G Augsburg

34. Montreal Alouettes Doug Smith G Wilfrid Laurier

35. Edmonton Eskimos Peter Quigley TB Ottawa

36. British Columbia Lions Paul Kliger LB Ottawa

5th RoundEdit

37. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Geoff Sutherland FB Waterloo

38. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Fred McLean HB Wilfrid Laurier

39. Calgary Stampeders Len Bzdel E Saskatchewan

40. British Columbia Lions Joe Pal DB Queen's

41. Toronto Argonauts Heinz Brademan DT Alberta

42. Saskatchewan Roughriders Bruce Pazarena DB Puget Sound

43. Montreal Alouettes Jim Allen DT Western Ontario

44. Edmonton Eskimos Rich Ellert WR Minot State

45. Ottawa Rough Riders Tom Balfe DT Wilfrid Laurier

6th RoundEdit

46. Toronto Argonauts Jay Chapman DE Western Ontario

47. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Ralph Corvino DB McMaster

48. Calgary Stampeders Steve Fudge E Mount Allison

49. British Columbia Lions Herb Page K Kent State

50. Toronto Argonauts John Dionisi WR Acadia

51. Saskatchewan Roughriders Vance Curtis TE Alberta

52. Montreal Alouettes Rick Griffiths C Wilfrid Laurier

53. Edmonton Eskimos Stuart Lang WR Queen's

54. Ottawa Rough Riders Jeff Cope DB Simon Fraser

7th RoundEdit

55. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Rick Howse FB Waterloo

56. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Dave Lane DB Guelph

57. Calgary Stampeders Ron Southwick DE McMaster

58. British Columbia Lions Charlie Campbell DE Simon Fraser

59. Toronto Argonauts Bob Spree QB Waterloo

60. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Doug Ward DB York

61. Montreal Alouettes Jim Boltin LB Otterbein

62. Edmonton Eskimos Neil Falkeid T Alberta

63. Ottawa Rough Riders Doug Ridding LB Otterbein

8th RoundEdit

64. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Carl Knovac DE Bridgeport

65. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jamie Porteous DB New Brunswick

66. Calgary Stampeders Bruce Morris HB Guelph

67. British Columbia Lions Bob Osness E Augsburg

68. Toronto Argonauts John Wintermeyer TB Queen's

69. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Dave Lawson QB McMaster

70. Montreal Alouettes Howard Hills WR Acadia

71. Edmonton Eskimos Tony Pugliese LB Alberta

9th RoundEdit

72. Winnipeg Blue Bombers John Malus DE Manitoba

73. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Dave Hutton LB Guelph

74. Calgary Stampeders Art Carefoote T Guelph

75. British Columbia Lions Mike Lapensee K Loyola

76. Toronto Argonauts Tom Graham C Guelph

77. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Craig Holt WR Guelph

78. Montreal Alouettes Terry Clement LB Eastern Washington

79. Edmonton Eskimos Blake Walker G Saskatchewan


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