The 1973 CFL Draft composed of nine rounds where 93 Canadian football players were chosen from eligible Canadian universities and, for the first time, Canadian players playing in the NCAA. Prior to 1973, teams were given exclusive signing privileges to Canadian players who attended U.S. schools based on the territory he was domiciled. After the draft was expanded to include NCAA schools, teams were also permitted to exempt from the draft and select players from their area, regardless of where they attended school.[1]

Territorial Exemptions[edit | edit source]

Montreal Alouettes Pat Bonnett T Idaho State

Ottawa Rough Riders Donn Smith T Purdue

Toronto Argonauts Louis Clare TB Minnesota

Toronto Argonauts Peter Muller TE Western Illinois

Hamilton Tiger-Cats George Milosevic E Cornell

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Bob Macoritti K Wooster

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Roy Albertson T Simon Fraser

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Wayne Ducharme TB Bowling Green

Saskatchewan Roughriders Terry Bolych LB Weber State

Saskatchewan Roughriders Andy McLeon LB Alberta

Calgary Stampeders Tom Forzani WR Utah State

Calgary Stampeders Blaine Lamoreaux LB Washington State

Edmonton Eskimos Joe Worobec T Drake

Edmonton Eskimos Gary Adam DT Alberta

Edmonton Eskimos Rick McKay LB North Dakota State

British Columbia Lions Harold Grozadanich G Boise State

British Columbia Lions Ross Clarkson WR Simon Fraser

British Columbia Lions Robbie Allen T Bishop's

1st Round[edit | edit source]

1. British Columbia Lions Brian Sopatyk G Boise State

2. Toronto Argonauts Barry Finlay QB McMaster

3. Calgary Stampeders Mike Logan QB Eastern Michigan

4. Montreal Alouettes Pierre LeFebvre DB Saint Mary's

5. Montreal Alouettes Jacob Schwartzberg K Alberta

6. British Columbia Lions Slade Willis WR Drake

7. Edmonton Eskimos Brian Jones DE Alberta

8. Saskatchewan Roughriders Art Edgson DB Idaho State

9. Edmonton Eskimos Wayne Allison QB Waterloo Lutheran

2nd Round[edit | edit source]

10. British Columbia Lions Paul Giroday LB California-Berkeley

11. Toronto Argonauts Greg Higson HB McMaster

12. Calgary Stampeders Paul Perras G McMaster

13. British Columbia Lions Bob Helman TB North Dakota State

14. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Ken Hass LB Moorhead

15. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dale Potter LB Ottawa

16. Ottawa Rough Riders Bruce McMillan TB Mount Allison

17. Saskatchewan Roughriders Ted Passmore TB Waterloo Lutheran

18. British Columbia Lions Cor Doret TB Toronto

3rd Round[edit | edit source]

19. British Columbia Lions Joe Fabiani QB Western Ontario

20. Toronto Argonauts Chris Skopelianos DB Western Ontario

21. Calgary Stampeders Doug Thompson TB Otterbein

22. Edmonton Eskimos Bill Sherwood G Ottawa

23. Montreal Alouettes Stacey Coray DB Waterloo Lutheran

24. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Nick Kanakos DB Simon Fraser

25. Ottawa Rough Riders Roger Comartin DB Alberta

26. Saskatchewan Roughriders Gerry Harris TE Saskatchewan

27. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Gordon McColeman DT Waterloo Lutheran

4th Round[edit | edit source]

28. British Columbia Lions Bill McGregor WR Simon Fraser

29. Toronto Argonauts Wayne Cuncic G Utah State

30. Calgary Stampeders Wayne Dunkley QB Toronto

31. Edmonton Eskimos Gerry Blacker TB Waterloo Lutheran

32. Montreal Alouettes Dave Mair TE Youngstown State

33. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Brian Warrender HB Queen's

34. Ottawa Rough Riders Jim Budge DB Western Ontario

35. Saskatchewan Roughriders Mike Ewachnuik DT Alberta

36. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Dave Kerr TB Western Ontario

5th Round[edit | edit source]

37. British Columbia Lions Rudy Florio TB Youngstown State

38. Toronto Argonauts Brian Wetsell DE British Columbia

39. Calgary Stampeders Roan Kane WR Waterloo Lutheran

40. Edmonton Eskimos Dan Syratuik T McMaster

41. Montreal Alouettes Bob Whitfield T Guelph

42. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Paul Hilborn T Simon Fraser

43. Saskatchewan Roughriders Lee Benard DB Manitoba

44. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jamie Spears TB McMaster

6th Round[edit | edit source]

45. British Columbia Lions Terry Sharpe G Simon Fraser

46. Toronto Argonauts Bill Ross DE Western Ontario

47. Calgary Stampeders Allan Young G Montana State

48. Edmonton Eskimos Garry Duffy QB LaCrosse State

49. Montreal Alouettes John Cater DB Waterloo Lutheran

50. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Fred Clarke G Western Ontario

51. Saskatchewan Roughriders Don Savich TE Alberta

52. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Mike Telepchuk QB Guelph

7th Round[edit | edit source]

53. British Columbia Lions Mike Flynn DT Waterloo

54. Toronto Argonauts Larry Jack DT New Brunswick

55. Calgary Stampeders Lorne Watters LB Calgary

56. Edmonton Eskimos Brian Jones DE Alberta

57. Montreal Alouettes Jim Drummond G Alberta

58. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Tim Crowe T Windsor

59. Saskatchewan Roughriders Nick Drakich T Windsor

60. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Brian Dunn DB Northwood

8th Round[edit | edit source]

61. British Columbia Lions John Quinlan HB McMaster

62. Toronto Argonauts Bill Hunter DB Western Ontario

63. Calgary Stampeders Brock Fownes G Carleton

64. Edmonton Eskimos Doug Keene TB Eastern Michigan

65. Montreal Alouettes Mike Oulten DB Mount Allison

66. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Bart Evans G Manitoba

67. Saskatchewan Roughriders Merv Janzen DB Saskatchewan

68. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Peter de Montigny C Ottawa

9th Round[edit | edit source]

69. British Columbia Lions Al Thomas DB Simon Fraser

70. Calgary Stampeders Denis Kelly QB Simon Fraser

71. Edmonton Eskimos Dave Campbell DB Queen's

72. Montreal Alouettes Ed McEachern LB Guelph

73. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dean Samson DB Manitoba

74. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Bill Bunting LB Ottawa

75. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jim Wakeman TB Windsor

References[edit | edit source]

  1. A Brief History of the CFL Canadian Draft

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