The 1972 Canadian Football League season is considered to be the 19th season in modern-day Canadian football, although it is officially the 15th Canadian Football League season.

CFL news in 1972Edit

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame was officially opened on November 28, 1972, in Hamilton. The Grey Cup game was played on AstroTurf at nearby Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The Western Conference Finals were now played under a single-elimination game. The Eastern Conference continued to play a two-game total-point series affair in their Conference Final round until the following season, when it adopted the West's single-game elimination in the Conference Final round as well.

Regular season standingsEdit

Final regular season standingsEdit

Note: GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pts = Points

Western Football Conference
Team GP W L T PF PA Pts
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 16 10 6 0 401 300 20
Edmonton Eskimos 16 10 6 0 380 368 20
Saskatchewan Roughriders 16 8 8 0 330 283 16
Calgary Stampeders 16 6 10 0 331 394 12
BC Lions 16 5 11 0 254 380 10
Eastern Football Conference
Team GP W L T PF PA Pts
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 14 11 3 0 372 262 22
Ottawa Rough Riders 14 11 3 0 298 228 22
Montreal Alouettes 14 4 10 0 246 353 8
Toronto Argonauts 14 3 11 0 254 298 6
  • Bold text means that they have clinched the playoffs.
  • Winnipeg and Hamilton have first round byes.

Grey Cup playoffsEdit

Note: All dates in 1972

Conference Semi-FinalsEdit

Eastern Semi-Finals
Montreal Alouettes @ Ottawa Rough Riders
Date Away Home
November 11 Montreal Alouettes 11 Ottawa Rough Riders 14
Western Semi-Finals
Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Edmonton Eskimos
Date Away Home
November 12 Saskatchewan Roughriders 8 Edmonton Eskimos 6

Conference Finals Edit

Western Finals
Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Date Away Home
November 19 Saskatchewan Roughriders 27 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24

This game was especially notable for its final play. The game was tied and Saskatchewan attempted a last-second field goal to win, or at least score a single. The kick missed wide, and was recovered by Winnipeg in the end zone. As they were unable to run it out, they punted. The Saskatchewan player who fielded the punt attempted to score a single (winning the game) by punting it through the end zone again, but was unsuccessful, and the punt was fielded by Winnipeg, who punted it out again. The Saskatchewan returner was tackled, ending the play and presumably the game, but a Winnipeg penalty negated the play and gave Saskatchewan another chance. The second Saskatchewan field goal attempt, with no time on the clock, was successful.[1][2]

Eastern Finals
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Ottawa Rough Riders
Game Date Away Home
1 November 18 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 7 Ottawa Rough Riders 19
2 November 26 Ottawa Rough Riders 8 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23
Hamilton won total-point series 30–27

Playoff bracketEdit

  Division Semifinals     Division Finals     60th Grey Cup
  East     E1  Hamilton Tiger-Cats 30
  E2  Montreal Alouettes 11     E2  Ottawa Rough Riders 27
  E3  Ottawa Rough Riders 14         E1  Hamilton Tiger-Cats 13
      W3  Saskatchewan Roughriders 10
  West     W1  Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24    
  W2  Edmonton Eskimos 6     W3  Saskatchewan Roughriders 27  
  W3  Saskatchewan Roughriders 8  


Grey Cup ChampionshipEdit

December 3

60th Annual Grey Cup Game: Ivor Wynne StadiumHamilton, Ontario

Western Champion Eastern Champion
Saskatchewan Roughriders 10 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 13
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are the 1972 Grey Cup Champions

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1972 CFL AwardsEdit

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