The 1970 CFL Draft took place on Wednesday, February 11, 1970. Seventy-six players were selected from among 243 eligible players from Canadian universities and colleges.[1] Canadian-born players who played at American colleges, such as Jim Corrigall of Kent State and Zenon Andrusyshyn of UCLA, were subject to the CFL's territorial rights rules and were ineligible for the College Draft.

The respective General Managers made the selections for all teams except the Toronto Argonauts, for whom Head Coach Leo Cahill made the picks. Cahill stumbled in Round Five, attempting to select end Carl Lindros from the University of Western Ontario with the 43rd over-all selection. However, Lindros already had been claimed earlier in this Draft, by Edmonton in Round Four, 30th over-all. This was perhaps the first brush with sporting controversy for Lindros, who later would serve as the agent for his son, hockey player Eric.

First-year Ottawa GM Frank Clair added some levity in Round Eight, asking if Ron Clarke had been chosen yet. CFL Chairman Greg Fulton responded, "As a matter of fact, yes. You took him on the previous round."[2]

Round oneEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
1 Calgary (1) via Winnipeg Wayne Holm QB Simon Fraser
2 Hamilton (1) via Montreal Dave Fahrner FB Western
3 Edmonton (1) Evald Timusk OT Waterloo Lutheran
4 BC (1) John McManus DE Alberta
5 Hamilton (2) Jim Bennett OT Toronto
6 Calgary (2) Barry Jamieson OT Waterloo Lutheran
7 Winnipeg (1) via Toronto Bob LaRose HB Western
8 Saskatchewan (1) Bob Schmidt OT Alberta
9 Ottawa (1) Mike Sharp QB Carleton

Round twoEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
10 Winnipeg (2) John Senst FL Simon Fraser
11 Montreal (1) Burns McPherson HB St. Francis Xavier
12 Edmonton (2) Jim Henshall HB Western
13 BC Lions (2) Tony D'Aloisio FB Windsor
14 Winnipeg (3) via Hamilton Rick Sugden HB Simon Fraser
15 Calgary (3) Don Lumb OT British Columbia
16 Toronto (1) Paul Brown OT Waterloo Lutheran
17 Saskatchewan (2) Andre Rancourt DE Ottawa
18 Ottawa (2) Gerry Kwapisz OT Windsor

Round threeEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
19 Winnipeg (4) Wayne Powell OG Ottawa
20 Montreal (2) Andy Smith LB Mount Allison
21 Edmonton (3) Paul Hendershot HB Waterloo Lutheran
22 BC Lions (3) Pete Raham DB Toronto
23 Hamilton (3) Paul McKay HB Toronto
24 Calgary (4) Tom Schultz DE Ottawa
25 Toronto (2) John Candiotto DE-PK Dalhousie
26 Saskatchewan (3) Bob McCulla OT Ottawa
27 Hamilton (4) via Ottawa Jeff Hilton FB Western

Round fourEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
28 Winnipeg (5) John Storey HB Saskatchewan
29 Montreal (3) John Proter OT St. Mary's
30 Edmonton (4) Carl Lindros DE Western
31 BC Lions (4) Don Warrington HB Simon Fraser
32 Hamilton (5) Jay Graydon DB McMaster
33 Calgary (5) Dave Sterritt OT Waterloo
34 Toronto (3) Vince Lyons HB McMaster
35 Saskatchewan (4) Greg Hunter HB Alberta
36 Ottawa (3) Dave Doherty HB McGill

Round fiveEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
37 Winnipeg (6) Lorne Prokopy HB Calgary
38 Montreal (4) Jim Foley HB PEI
39 Edmonton (5) Don McIntyre E Queen's
40 BC Lions (5) Paul Gray QB Waterloo Lutheran
41 Hamilton (6) Dave Clarke HB Guelph
42 Calgary (6) Alan Kinley OT Manitoba
Toronto ineligible claim
43 Saskatchewan (5) Ed Scorgie DE Waterloo
44 Ottawa (4) Ken Whelan HB Guelph

Round sixEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
45 Winnipeg (7) Larry Stockton LB Manitoba
46 Montreal (5) Fred MacLean C New Brunswick
47 Edmonton (6) Fred Promoli E Guelph
48 BC Lions (6) Bob Moffatt C Simon Fraser
49 Hamilton (7) Robert DiFruscia FL Guelph
50 Calgary (7) Dick Stein OT British Columbia
51 Toronto (4) Bear Brown OT Royal Military College
52 Saskatchewan (6) George Kunyckyj QB Brandon
Ottawa pass

Round sevenEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
53 Winnipeg (8) Terry Moss HB Manitoba
54 Montreal (6) Terry Arnason FL St. Francis Xavier
55 Edmonton (7) Chris Hawkes QB Simon Fraser
56 BC Lions (7) Brian Currie OG Royal Military College
57 Hamilton (8) Peter Quinlan QB McMaster
58 Calgary (8) Craig McLeod OG Calgary
59 Toronto (5) Bill Simmons HB Royal Military College
60 Saskatchewan (7) Jim Turnbull HB Queen's
61 Ottawa (5) Ron Clarke HB Queen's

Round eightEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
62 Winnipeg (9) Len Sitter C Brandon
63 Montreal (7) Ted Abercrombie LB St. Mary's
64 Edmonton (8) Bob McGregor FB Waterloo Lutheran
65 BC Lions (8) Bob Taylor OT McGill
66 Hamilton (9) Doug Hinan FB Laurentian
67 Calgary (9) Brent Batling HB Saskatchewan
Toronto pass
68 Saskatchewan (8) Peter Werry Western Ontario
69 Ottawa (6) Bob Climie OG Queen's

Round nineEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
Winnipeg pass
70 Montreal (8) Don Lavers OT New Brunswick
Edmonton pass
71 BC Lions (9) Gary Conley Simon Fraser
72 Hamilton (10) Terry Harvey FL Waterloo Lutheran
Calgary pass
Toronto pass
73 Saskatchewan (9) Roger Passmore HB Waterloo Lutheran
Ottawa pass

Round tenEdit

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
Winnipeg pass
74 Montreal (9) Mike Brierley DE McMaster
Edmonton pass
75 BC Lions (10) Barrie Reid HB Saskatchewan
Hamilton pass
Calgary pass
Toronto pass
76 Saskatchewan (10) Eric Thomson OG Dalhousie
Ottawa pass


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  2. Toronto Star, "Rule change would end a farcical football draft", Thursday 12 February 1970, page 11.

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