The 1970 All-Pacific-8 Conference football team consists of American football players chosen by various organizations for All-Pacific-8 Conference teams for the 1970 college football season.

Offensive selections[edit | edit source]

Quarterbacks[edit | edit source]

  • Jim Plunkett, Stanford (AP-1; UPI-1) (1970 Heisman Trophy winner)
  • Dennis Dummit, UCLA (UPI-2)

Running backs[edit | edit source]

Ends/receivers[edit | edit source]

  • Bob Moore, Stanford (AP-1 [tight end]; UPI-1 [end])
  • Bob Newland, Oregon (AP-1 [end]; UPI-1 [end])
  • Jim Krieg, Washington (UPI-2)
  • Bobby Chandler, USC (UPI-2)

Tackles[edit | edit source]

  • Steve Jubb, Stanford (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Bob Richards, California (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Mary Montgomery, USC (UPI-2)
  • Tom Shellabarger, San Diego State (UPI-2)

Guards[edit | edit source]

  • Steve Busch, Washington State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Ernie Janet, Washington (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Jack Stambaugh, Oregon (UPI-2)
  • Greg Hendren, California (UPI-2)

Centers[edit | edit source]

Defensive selections[edit | edit source]

Ends[edit | edit source]

  • Charlie Weaver, USC (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Jim Sherbert, Oregon State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Steve Buettner, Oregon (UPI-2)
  • Pete Lazetich, Stanford (UPI-2)

Tackles[edit | edit source]

  • Craig Hanneman, Oregon State (AP-1 [lineman]; UPI-1)
  • Dave Tipton, Stanford (AP-1 [lineman]; UPI-1 [linebacker])
  • Tom Falla, Washington (AP-1 [lineman]; UPI-2)
  • Tim Osterling, UCLA (UPI-1)
  • D. Z. White, California (UPI-2)

Linebackers[edit | edit source]

  • Sherm White, California (AP-1 [lineman]; UPI-1)
  • Jeff Siemon, Stanford (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Tom Graham, Oregon (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Dave Chaney, San Jose State (UPI-1)
  • Phil Croyle, California (AP-1)
  • Bob Pifferini, USC (UPI-2)

Defensive backs[edit | edit source]

  • Cal Jones, Washington (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Ray Youngblood, California (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Lionel Coleman, Oregon (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Jack Schultz, Stanford (UPI-2)
  • Jim Lilly, Oregon State (UPI-1)
  • Bill Cahill, Washington (UPI-2)
  • Ron Carver, UCLA (UPI-2)

Key[edit | edit source]

AP = Associated Press, selected by the conference head coaches[1]

UPI = United Press International, selected by UPI from all teams on the Pacific Coast, not limited to the Pac-8 Conference[2]

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