1969 Nebraska Cornhuskers football
Big 8 Co-Champions
Sun Bowl Champions
Sun Bowl vs. Georgia, W 45-6
ConferenceBig Eight Conference
CoachesNo. 12
APNo. 11
1969 record9-2-0 (6-1-0 Big 8)
Head coachBob Devaney (8th season)
Offensive coordinatorTom Osborne (1st season)
Offensive schemeI formation
Home stadiumMemorial Stadium
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1969 Big 8 football standings
v · d · e Conf     Overall
Team W   L   T     W   L   T
#6 Missouri 6 1 0     9 2 0
#11 Nebraska 6 1 0     9 2 0
#16 Colorado 5 2 0     8 3 0
Oklahoma 4 3 0     6 4 0
Kansas State 3 4 0     5 5 0
Oklahoma State 3 4 0     5 5 0
Iowa State 1 6 0     3 7 0
Kansas 0 7 0     1 9 0
Rankings from AP Poll

The 1969 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team represented the University of Nebraska in the 1969 college football season. The team was coached by Bob Devaney and played their home games in Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. In his first year as offensive coordinator, Tom Osborne instituted the I formation. The team started 2-2, then won their final six regular season games to tie for the conference championship. They were invited to the Sun Bowl in El Paso, where they decisively beat the Georgia Bulldogs to finish the season at 9-2. The strong finish in 1969 led to consecutive national championships for the Huskers in 1970 and 1971.



Date Time Opponent# Rank# Site TV Result Attendance
September 20* #5 USC Memorial StadiumLincoln, Nebraska L 21-31   67,058
September 27* Texas A&M Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska ABC W 14-0   66,331
October 4* at Minnesota Memorial StadiumMinneapolis, Minnesota W 42-14   52,136
October 11 at #7 Missouri #20 Faurot FieldColumbia, Missouri L 7-17   60,500
October 18 Kansas Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska W 21-17   66,667
October 25 Oklahoma State Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska W 13-3   66,421
November 1 #18 Colorado Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska W 20-7   67,084
November 8† Iowa State #20 Memorial Stadium • Lincoln, Nebraska W 17-3   67,107
November 15 at Kansas State #17 KSU StadiumManhattan, Kansas W 10-7   40,000
November 22 at Oklahoma #16 Oklahoma Memorial StadiumNorman, Oklahoma W 44-14   52,367
December 20* vs. Georgia #14 Sun Bowl StadiumEl Paso, Texas (Sun Bowl) CBS W 45-6   31,728
*Non-Conference Game. Homecoming. #Rankings from AP Poll released prior to game. All times are in Central Time.



Adkins, John #57 (So.) DE
Ahlmann, Harold (Jr.) MG
Anderson, Jim #18 (So.) RCB
Ashman, Carl #53 (Sr.) LG
Bomberger, Bill #46 (Jr.) FB
Boyd, David (So.) E
Branch, Jim (So.) LB
Brownson, Van #12 (So.) QB
Buda, Joe #52 (Sr.) C
Carstens, Jim (So.) FB
Chandler, George #33 (Jr.) LB
Coppa, Rich (So.) C
Davis, Harold (So.) LG
Decker, John #21 (Jr.) LCB
DeOrio, Lonnie (So.) DT
Didur, Dale #84 (Jr.) SE
Drakulich, Ron #41 (Sr.) DT
Dumler, Doug #78 (So.) LT
Dvorsak, Tony #11 (Jr.) QB
Fiala, Adrian #32 (Sr.) LB
Frost, Larry #28 (Sr.) HB
Galbraith, Denis (Unk) MG
Geddes, Ken #37 (Sr.) MG
Graves, Lanny (So.) FB
Green, Mike #34 (Sr.) FB
Grenfell, Bob #59 (Jr.) LG
Gutzman, Dennis #39 (Jr.) DE
Hacias, Greg (So.) S
Harvey, Phil #83 (So.) TE
Hauge, Bruce #48 (So.) LB
Hinckley, Ron #65 (So.) RG
Hollstein, Gary #29 (So.) S
Holmes, Bill (So.) E
Hopkins, John #79 (So.) RT
Hornbacher, Bill #55 (Sr.) DT


Hughes, Jeff #26 (So.) HB
Hyland, John #58 (So.) DE
Ingles, Guy #88 (Jr.) SE
Jacobson, Larry #75 (So.) DT
Jamail, Doug #50 (So.) C
Janssen, Bill #82 (So.) DE
Jarmon, Sherwin #81 (Sr.) DE
Jennings, Henry #38 (So.) MON
Jones, George (So.) S
Kinney, Jeff #35 (So.) HB
Kinsel, John (So.) C
Kobza, Dan #49 (Sr.) LB
Kontos, Ken (So.) LB
Kosch, Bill #24 (So.) RCB
Larson, Al #20 (Sr.) MON
Liddle, Kent #51 (So.) C
Liggett, Bob #71 (Sr.) DT
List, Jerry #85 (So.) TE
Lowe, Rex (Unk) HB
Mabin, Wes #39 (So.) LCB
Malone, Dan (So.) DT
Mason, Dave #87 (So.) E
McClelland, Tom #16 (So.) S
McFarland, Bob #27 (So.) RCB
McFarland, Jim #80 (Sr.) TE
McGhee, Donnie #70 (Jr.) RT
McGowan, Tom (So.) LB
McGuire, Mike #15 (So.) MON
Menser, Charles #63 (So.) RG
Miller, Jim #86 (So.) DE
Minzak, Ed (So.) RG
Montgomery, Al #47 (So.) HB
Morell, Pat #40 (So.) LB
Morock, David #43 (Jr.) MON
Morrill, Pat (Unk) LB


Murtaugh, Jerry #42 (Jr.) LB
Newton, Bob #74 (Jr.) LT
Newton, Clint (So.) E
Orduna, Joe #31 (Sr.) HB
Osberg, Chuck #17 (So.) QB
Pabis, Bob #66 (So.) MG
Patrick, Frank #10 (Sr.) QB
Patterson, Glenn #72 (Sr.) C
Periard, Ed #56 (Jr.) MG
Pitts, John #54 (So.) DE
Pogge, Bill (So.) FB
Reeves, Randy #25 (Sr.) S
Rogers, Paul #30 (Jr.) PK
Schloff, Merle #69 (So.) DT
Schneiss, Dan #22 (Jr.) FB
Smith, Jim #23 (So.) HB
Snyder, Bob (So.) RT
Sobota, Joe (So.) DT
Stejskal, Greg #68 (So.) LT
Stephenson, Dana #36 (Sr.) LCB
Tagge, Jerry #14 (So.) QB
Tegels, John (So.) LB
Terrio, Bob #45 (So.) FB
Topliff, Paul #73 (Sr.) RT
Vactor, Frank #19 (Jr.) HB
Volberding, Ron #64 (So.) RG
Walline, Dave #76 (Jr.) DT
Weber, Bruce #61 (So.) LG
Wenner, Rick (So.) S
Williams, Gale #77 (Sr.) RG
Winter, Wally #67 (Jr.) LT
Witliff, Frank (So.) HB
Wynn, Mike #90 (Sr.) DE
Yanda, Steve #44 (So.) LB


Coaching staffEdit

Name Title First year
in this position
Years at
Alma Mater
Bob DevaneyHead Coach 19621962-72Alma
Tom OsborneOffensive Coordinator19691964-97Hastings
Cletus FischerOffensive Line 1960-85Nebraska
Carl SelmerOffensive Line 1962-72
Jim Ross 1962-76
John MeltonTight Ends. Wingbacks19731962-88Wyoming
Mike CorganRunning Backs19621962-82Notre Dame
Monte Kiffin 1967-76Nebraska
Warren PowersDefensive Backs 1969-76Nebraska
Boyd EpleyHead Strength Coach19691969-2003Nebraska

Game notesEdit


#5 USC at Nebraska [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
#5 USC 7 14 7 3 31
Nebraska 0 7 0 14 21

USC had a fight on their hands, despite jumping out to an early 14-0 lead. Nebraska scrambled back and drew up within 7 points in the 4th quarter with 3:40 to go. The Cornhuskers again got the ball back with enough time to score, but USC intercepted and converted the turnover into a field goal in the final seconds to decide the outcome.

Texas A&MEdit

Texas A&M at Nebraska [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
Texas A&M 0 0 0 0 0
Nebraska 7 7 0 0 14

The Cornhuskers put up a touchdown in each of the first two quarters before Texas A&M was somehow able to bottle them up, but the Blackshirts had already established that the Aggies would get nothing on the day, and the 14 Nebraska points were carried for the win.


Nebraska at Minnesota [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
Nebraska 0 14 14 14 42
Minnesota 7 7 0 0 14

Nebraska QB Jerry Tagge broke a record while taking apart Minnesota in Minneapolis. The 587 total Cornhusker yards was the second highest total in school history, and his 219 air yards and 82 ground yards rang up to 301 on the day, easily breaking the previous record of 264 yards set in 1951 and tied in 1967. The game started in doubt as Minnesota struck first and forced Nebraska to a 14-14 tie at the half, but there would be no further scoring from the Golden Gophers to answer the additional 28 Nebraska points posted after the half.


#20 Nebraska at #7 Missouri [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
#20 Nebraska 0 0 7 0 7
#7 Missouri 7 7 3 0 17

Nebraska attempted to bring a fight to Columbia to go along with their new #20 ranking, but after Missouri went up 7-0, it did not help that the Cornhuskers turned over a fumble to Missouri which was converted into 7 more points before the half. Nebraska managed to avoid the shutout with a 3rd quarter touchdown but could not overcome Missouri's defense to score again, and subsequently fell back out of the polls.


Kansas at Nebraska [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
Kansas 0 7 7 3 17
Nebraska 6 8 0 7 21

Nebraska PK Paul Rogers set a Nebraska and Big 8 record with a 55 yard 1st quarter field goal to open the scoring. It was a fierce back-and-forth game, though Nebraska ran ahead by 14 only to have Kansas tie it up in the 3rd and pull ahead with a field goal in the 4th. The Cornhuskers came through, however, putting in the game-winning touchdown with just 1:22 left to play.

Oklahoma StateEdit

Oklahoma State at Nebraska [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
Oklahoma State 0 0 3 0 3
Nebraska 0 7 6 0 13

The defensive struggle of the day kept the scores low and the game in doubt late, as Nebraska held only a 10 point lead to start the 4th quarter, but the defenses held on both sides and the Cornhuskers got the win.


#18 Colorado at Nebraska [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
#18 Colorado 7 0 0 0 7
Nebraska 3 7 10 0 20

Nebraska's 13 point margin of victory was directly attributable to the school record 3 interceptions by Dana Stephenson, two of which were subsequently converted into touchdowns, giving Nebraska the upset win.

Iowa StateEdit

Iowa State at #20 Nebraska [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
Iowa State 0 3 0 0 3
#20 Nebraska 0 7 10 0 17

Iowa State was held to only 27 yards on the ground in front a Memorial Stadium homecoming crowd, as Nebraska held the Cyclones to just a 2nd quarter field goal on their way to the win.

Kansas StateEdit

#17 Nebraska at Kansas State [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
#17 Nebraska 0 0 3 7 10
Kansas State 7 0 0 0 7

The Blackshirts allowed Kansas State a touchdown early on, but closed the door for the rest of the game. The Cornhusker offense needed that support, as they were not able to put up their own points until splitting the uprights with a field goal late in the 3rd, and very much needed the touchdown punched in about 10 minutes later to pull ahead for the victory.


#16 Nebraska at Oklahoma [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
#16 Nebraska 14 3 13 14 44
Oklahoma 7 0 0 7 14

Nebraska fought from behind to deliver Coach Devaney's first win in Norman, a convincing win in which the Blackshirts held the season's Heisman Trophy winner Steve Owens to just 71 yards with no touchdowns, breaking his 17 game touchdown streak.



#14 Nebraska vs Georgia [box score]</small>
by Quarter1234 Total
#14 Nebraska 18 0 14 13 45
Georgia 0 0 0 6 6

Nebraska opened the day with four straight 1st quarter field goals, setting new Nebraska and Big 8 records in the process, which was the beginning of Georgia being left far behind. By the time the Bulldogs found the scoreboard on a 4th quarter touchdown, the merely closed the gap to 6-38, which the Cornhuskers then answered with one more touchdown before the final whistle.


Ranking Movement
Poll Pre Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10 Wk 11 Wk 12 Final
AP NR NR NR 20 NR NR NR 20 17 16 13 13 14 11
Coaches 12



Award Name(s)
1st team
Jim McFarland, Dana Stephenson
Big Eight Sophomore
of the Year
Jeff Kinney
All-Big Eight
1st team
Ken Geddes, Bob Liggett, Jim McFarland,
Jerry Murtaugh, Dana Stephenson
All-Big Eight
2nd team
Sherwin Jarmon
All-Big Eight
honorable mention
Carl Ashman, Van Brownson, Guy Ingles,
Al Larson, Glenn Patterson, Jerry Tagge,
Paul Topliff, Dave Walline, Mike Wynn

1969 Team Players in the NFLEdit

The 1969 Nebraska Cornhuskers seniors selected in the 1970 NFL Draft: [5]

Player Position Round Pick Franchise
Jim McFarland TE 7 164 St. Louis Cardinals
Ken Geddes LB 7 175 Detroit Lions
Dana Stephenson DB 8 183 Chicago Bears
Mike Wynn DE 8 206 Oakland Raiders
Frank Patrick QB 10 251 Green Bay Packers
Bob Liggett DT 15 390 Kansas City Chiefs
Mike Green RB 16 406 San Diego Chargers
Glenn Patterson C 17 439 Dallas Cowboys

The 1969 Nebraska Cornhuskers juniors selected in the following year's 1971 NFL Draft: [6]

Player Position Round Pick Franchise
Joe Orduna RB 2 49 San Francisco 49ers
Bob Newton T 3 71 Chicago Bears
Paul Rogers K-DB 8 190 Pittsburgh Steelers
Dan Schneiss TE 11 261 Boston Patriots

The 1969 Nebraska Cornhuskers sophomores selected in the 1972 NFL Draft:[7]

Player Position Round Pick Franchise
Jerry Tagge QB 1 11 Green Bay Packers
Jeff Kinney RB 1 23 Kansas City Chiefs
Larry Jacobson DT 1 24 New York Giants
Carl Johnson T 5 112 New Orleans Saints
Van Brownson QB 8 204 Baltimore Colts
Keith Wortman G 10 242 Green Bay Packers

NFL and Pro PlayersEdit

The following 1969 Nebraska players joined a professional team as draftees or free agents.[8]

Name Team
Doug Dumler New England Patriots
Ken Geddes Los Angeles Rams
Larry Jacobson New York Giants
Bill Janssen Charlotte Hornets
Sherwin Jarmon Chicago Fire
Jeff Kinney Kansas City Chiefs
Bob Liggett Kansas City Chiefs
Dave Mason New England Patriots
Jim McFarland St. Louis Cardinals
Bob Newton Chicago Bears
Joe Orduna New York Giants
Frank Patrick Green Bay Packers
Jerry Tagge Green Bay Packers
Frank Vactor Washington Redskins


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