The 1966 College Football All-America team is composed of various organizations that choose College All-America teams that season. The organizations that chose the teams were Associated Press, United Press International, Newspaper Enterprise Association, Central Press Association, Football Writers Association of America, American Football Coaches Association, Walter Camp Foundation, The Sporting News, Time magazine and Football News.

AP, UPI, NEA, and CP were all press organizations that polled writers and players. FWAA was also a poll of writers,[1] as was the Walter Camp Foundation[2] The AFCA [3] was a poll of college coaches. The Sporting News and Time polled football scouts and coaches.[4][5] AP, UPI, NEA, Central Press, and The Sporting News chose both first and second teams. AP, UPI, NEA, and Central Press also listed numerous honorable mentions.

Offense Edit

Receivers Edit

Tight ends Edit

  • Austin Denny, Tennessee (NEA)

Tackles Edit

  • Cecil Dowdy, Alabama (AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA)
  • Ron Yary, USC (UPI, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, Time, TSN)
  • Jerry West, Michigan State (NEA)

Guards Edit

Centers Edit

  • James Breland, Georgia Tech (AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA)
  • Bill Carr, Florida (Time, TSN)
  • Ray Pryor, Ohio State (FWAA)

Quarterbacks Edit

Running backs Edit

Defense Edit

Ends Edit

  • Bubba Smith, Michigan St. (AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, Time, TSN)
  • Alan Page, Notre Dame (NEA, CP, WC, FWAA, Time, TSN)
  • Thomas Greenlee, Washington (AP, UPI, WC, AFCA)

Tackles Edit

  • Loyd Phillips, Arkansas (AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, Time, TSN)
  • Pete Duranko, Notre Dame (UPI, AFCA)
  • Dennis Byrd, N.C. State (NEA, FWAA)
  • George Patton, Georgia (AP, CP)
  • Kevin Hardy, Notre Dame (Time, TSN)

Middle guards Edit

Linebackers Edit

  • Jim Lynch, Notre Dame (AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, Time, TSN)
  • Wayne Meylan, Nebraska (AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA)
  • Paul Naumoff, Tennessee (AP, UPI, WC, AFCA, FWAA)
  • Bob Matheson, Duke (AP, Time, TSN)
  • Towsend Clarke, Army (CP)

Backs Edit

Special teams Edit

Kicker Edit

Punter Edit

Key Edit

  • AP - Associated Press
  • UPI - United Press International
  • NEA - Newspaper Enterprise Association
  • CP - Central Press
  • FWAA - Football Writers Association of America
  • WC - Walter Camp Foundation
  • AFCA - American Football Coaches Association
  • TSN - The Sporting News
  • Time - Time Magazine
  • PFW - Pro Football Weekly
  • FN - Football News

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