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1964 record4–6
Head coachDee Andros (3rd season)
Defensive coordinatorSteve Musseau
(3rd season)
CaptainRich Naccarato (HB)
CaptainDick Litzinger (LB)
CaptainDick Strohmeyer (CB)
Home stadiumNeale Stadium
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1964 NCAA University Division independents football records
v · d · e Conf     Overall
Team W   L   T     W   L   T
No. 3 Notre Dame         9 1 0
Florida State         9 1 1
Colgate         7 2 0
Georgia Tech         7 3 0
Syracuse         7 4 0
Villanova         6 2 0
Boston College         6 3 0
Rutgers         6 3 0
[[{{{school}}}|Southern Miss]]         6 3 0
New Mexico State         6 4 0
Penn State         6 4 0
Memphis State         5 4 0
Utah State         5 4 1
Holy Cross         5 5 0
Buffalo         4 4 1
Colorado State         5 6 0
Air Force         4 5 1
Miami (FL)         4 5 1
Xavier         4 5 1
Army         4 6 0
Idaho         4 6 0
West Texas State         4 6 0
San Jose State         4 6 0
Pittsburgh         3 5 2
Navy         3 6 1
Dayton         3 7 0
Detroit         3 7 0
Boston University         2 7 0
Houston         2 6 1
Pacific (CA)         1 9 0
Texas Western         0 8 2
Rankings from AP Poll

The 1964 Idaho Vandals football team represented the University of Idaho in the 1964 NCAA University Division football season. The Vandals were led by third-year head coach Dee Andros and were an independent in the NCAA's University Division. Home games were played on campus at Neale Stadium in Moscow, with one home game in Boise at old Bronco Stadium at Boise Junior College.


Led on the field by quarterback Mike Monahan and sophomore fullback Ray McDonald, the Vandals won 28–13 in the Battle of the Palouse with neighbor Washington State, the first win in a decade,[1] and the last in Idaho. The Cougars were led by first-year head coach Bert Clark, a former teammate of Andros at Oklahoma. The Vandals split the final four games to finish at 4–6.

Although Idaho was a charter member of the new Big Sky Conference, it did not participate in football until 1965, and was an independent from 1959 through 1964. They did not play any Big Sky teams in 1964 and all ten opponents were in the University Division; only two games were played on campus in Moscow, the latter was the win over neighboring WSU on October 24.

Although the Vandals finished with a losing record, they played the four Arizona and Oregon schools close, allowing less than fifteen points to each. Andros left Idaho after the season for Oregon State, where he coached for eleven seasons and then became athletic director. Defensive coach Steve Musseau succeeded him as head coach at Idaho.


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1964 Idaho Vandals football team roster
Players Coaches
Pos. # Name Class
QB 10 Foruria, JohnJohn Foruria So
QB, P 16 Rodriguez, JoeJoe Rodriguez So
QB 18 Monahan, MikeMike Monahan Sr
WB 22 McCollum, JoeJoe McCollum So
HB 27 Scott, BillBill Scott Jr
FB 32 McDonald, RayRay McDonald So
FB 34 Rice, MickeyMickey Rice Sr
FB 36 Meyer, DaleDale Meyer Sr
FB 38 Jenkins, CharleyCharley Jenkins Jr
HB 40 Morris, TomTom Morris Sr
HB 42 Naccarato, RichRich Naccarato (C) Sr
HB 44 Slaughter, ButchButch Slaughter So
C 50 Skuse, BobBob Skuse So
C 51 Buratto, SteveSteve Buratto Jr
G 63 Bryant, JackJack Bryant Jr
RG 65 Triplett, DaveDave Triplett Jr
LG 66 Porter, RonRon Porter So
LG 67 Ruby, BobBob Ruby Sr
OL 70 Fitzpatrick, GaryGary Fitzpatrick So
LT 75 Arndt, DickDick Arndt So
RT 79 Dobson, JoeJoe Dobson Jr
OL 82 Bufton, BillBill Bufton So
WR 86 Leyde, VernVern Leyde Sr
WR 88 Chapman, JoeJoe Chapman Jr
TE 89 Whitney, JohnJohn Whitney Jr
Pos. # Name Class
CB, QB 11 Ahlin, JerryJerry Ahlin So
CB, QB 20 Strohmeyer, LarryLarry Strohmeyer (C) Sr
S 24 Whiles, MikeMike Whiles Sr
DB 43 Shelt, JohnJohn Shelt So
DB 46 Strickland, ByronByron Strickland So
LB 52 Busby, AlAl Busby So
LB 55 Litzinger, DickDick Litzinger (C) Sr
DT 60 Daniel, JohnJohn Daniel So
LB, PK 61 Campbell, JerryJerry Campbell Jr
LB 63 Pratt, LaVerleLaVerle Pratt Jr
DT 71 Buratto, StanStan Buratto Sr
MG 72 Boisen, JohnJohn Boisen Jr
DL 74 Mann, VicVic Mann So
DE 76 Miller, RayRay Miller So
DE 80 Leetzow, MaxMax Leetzow Sr
DB 83 Bassett, BobBob Bassett Jr
DB, PK 85 Lavens, TimTim Lavens So
Special teams
Pos. # Name Class
P 16 Rodriguez, JoeJoe Rodriguez So
P 34 Rice, MickeyMickey Rice Sr
PK 61 Campbell, JerryJerry Campbell Jr
PK 85 Lavens, TimTim Lavens So
Head coach
Coordinators/assistant coaches

  • (C) Team captain
  • (S) Suspended
  • (I) Ineligible
  • Cruz Roja.svg Injured
  • Redshirt.svg Redshirt

NFL DraftEdit

One senior was selected in the 1965 NFL Draft, which lasted twenty rounds (280 selections).

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Max Leetzow DE 14th 191 Minnesota Vikings

Four juniors were selected in the 1966 NFL Draft, which lasted twenty rounds (305 selections).

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Dick Arndt DT 5th 77 Los Angeles Rams
Ray Miller DE 7th 108  Green Bay Packers 
LaVerle Pratt LB 14th 210 St. Louis Cardinals
Joe Dobson T 15th 218 Pittsburgh Steelers

Four sophomores were selected in the 1967 NFL/AFL Draft, the first common draft, which lasted seventeen rounds (445 selections).

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Ray McDonald RB 1st 13 Washington Redskins
Ron Porter LB 5th 126 Baltimore Colts
John Foruria QB 8th 192 Pittsburgh Steelers
Tim Lavens TE 9th 212 New Orleans Saints


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