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1958 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) December 2, 1957
January 28, 1958
First selection King Hill, QB
Chicago Cardinals
Last selection Tommy Bronson, B
Detroit Lions
Most selections Los Angeles Rams (34)
Fewest selections Pittsburgh Steelers (23)
Overall selections 360
NFL Draft
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The 1958 National Football League Draft was held on December 2, 1957 (rounds 1-4) and January 28, 1958 (rounds 5-30).

This was the last year in which the Lottery Bonus pick was used.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [1] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Chicago Cardinals (Lottery bonus pick) King Hill Quarterback Rice
2 Chicago Cardinals John David Crow [2] Halfback Texas A&M
3 Green Bay Packers Dan Currie Center Michigan State
4 Los Angeles Rams Lou Michaels Defensive Tackle Kentucky
5 Los Angeles Rams Jim "Red" Phillips Wide Receiver Auburn
6 Philadelphia Eagles Walt Kowalczyk Fullback Michigan State
7 Chicago Bears Chuck Howley Guard West Virginia
8 San Francisco 49ers Jim Pace Halfback Michigan
9 San Francisco 49ers Charlie Krueger Defensive Tackle Texas A&M
10 Detroit Lions Alex Karras Defensive Tackle Iowa
11 Baltimore Colts Lenny Lyles Halfback Louisville
12 New York Giants Phil King Fullback Vanderbilt
13 Cleveland Browns Jim Shofner Defensive Back Texas Christian

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
14 Chicago Cardinals Jim McCusker Tackle Pittsburgh
15 Green Bay Packers Jim Taylor Fullback LSU
16 Washington Redskins Mike Sommer Back George Washington
17 Philadelphia Eagles Proverb Jacobs Tackle California
18 Chicago Bears Willard Dewveall Wide receiver Southern Methodist
19 Los Angeles Rams Clendon Thomas Back Oklahoma
20 Pittsburgh Steelers Larry Krutko Back West Virginia
21 Chicago Cardinals Bobby Jack Oliver Tackle Baylor
22 San Francisco 49ers Bob Newman Back Washington State
23 New York Giants Frank Youso Tackle Minnesota
24 Baltimore Colts Bob Stransky Back Colorado
25 Cleveland Browns Charley Mitchell Guard Florida

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
26 Chicago Cardinals Larry Cowart Center Baylor
27 Green Bay Packers Dick Christy Back North Carolina State
28 Washington Redskins Stan Flowers Back Georgia Tech
29 Chicago Bears Ed Cooke End Maryland
30 Los Angeles Rams Jim Jones Back Washington
31 Washington Redskins Bill Anderson Back Tennessee
32 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Krisher Guard Oklahoma
33 San Francisco 49ers Bob Hoppe Back Auburn
34 Cleveland Browns Melwood "Buzz" Guy Tackle Duke
35 Baltimore Colts Joe Nicely Guard West Virginia
36 Green Bay Packers Ray Nitschke Linebacker Illinois
37 Chicago Bears Don Healy Tackle Maryland

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
38 Los Angeles Rams Urban Henry Tackle Georgia Tech
39 Green Bay Packers Jerry Kramer Guard Idaho
40 Washington Redskins Dan Nolan Quarterback Lehigh
41 Los Angeles Rams John Guzik Guard Pittsburgh
42 Chicago Bears Erich Barnes Defensive back Purdue
43 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Rigney Tackle Iowa
44 Los Angeles Rams Frank Woidzik Tackle Buffalo
45 Detroit Lions Wayne Walker Center Idaho
46 San Francisco 49ers John Varone Back Miami (FL)
47 New York Giants Donnie Caraway Back Houston
48 Baltimore Colts Les Walters End Penn State
49 Cleveland Browns Jim Ninowski Quarterback Michigan State

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
50 Baltimore Colts Ray Brown Back Mississippi
51 Green Bay Packers Joe Francis Back Oregon State
52 Philadelphia Eagles Bobby Mulgado Back Arizona State
53 Chicago Bears Bob Jewett End Michigan State
54 Washington Redskins Jim Van Pelt Quarterback Michigan
55 Los Angeles Rams Frank Ryan Quarterback Rice
56 Los Angeles Rams John Baker, Jr. Tackle North Carolina Central
57 New York Giants Dick Day Tackle Washington
58 New York Giants Bobby Joe Conrad Back Texas A&M
59 San Francisco 49ers Billy Atkins Back Auburn
60 Cleveland Browns Farrell Funston End Pacific
61 Cleveland Browns Jim Gibbons End Iowa

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
62 Green Bay Packers Ken Gray Tackle Howard Payne
63 Chicago Cardinals Bobby Gordon Back Tennessee
64 Philadelphia Eagles John Kersey Tackle Duke
65 Chicago Bears Merrill Douglas Back Utah
66 Washington Redskins Dick Lynch Back Notre Dame
67 Los Angeles Rams Floyd Iglehart Back Wiley
68 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Lasse End Syracuse
69 Baltimore Colts Bob Taylor End Vanderbilt
70 New York Giants Billy Lott Back Mississippi
71 San Francisco 49ers Henry Schmidt Tackle USC
72 Cleveland Browns Jim Wulff Back Michigan State
73 Detroit Lions Danny Lewis Back Wisconsin

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
74 Chicago Cardinals Jon Jelacic End Minnesota
75 Green Bay Packers Doug Maison Back Hillsdale
76 Philadelphia Eagles Len Mansfield Tackle Pittsburg State
77 Chicago Bears Gene Bentley Back Texas Tech
78 Washington Redskins Leon Bennett Tackle Boston College
79 Baltimore Colts Johnny Sample Defensive back Maryland-Eastern Shore
80 Los Angeles Rams Bill Jobko Guard Ohio State
81 New York Giants Vernon Vaughn End Maryland-Eastern Shore
82 Baltimore Colts John Diehl Tackle Virginia
83 Detroit Lions Ralph Pfeifer Back Kansas State
84 Cleveland Browns Bobby Mitchell Halfback Illinois
85 Detroit Lions Hal Outten Tackle Virginia

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
86 Green Bay Packers Mike Bill Center Syracuse
87 San Francisco 49ers Leon Burton Back Arizona State
88 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Striegel Linebacker Pacific
89 Chicago Bears Ed Rutsch Tackle George Washington
90 Washington Redskins Buddy Payne End North Carolina
91 Los Angeles Rams Bobby Marks Back Texas A&M
92 Detroit Lions Karl Koepfer Guard Bowling Green
93 Baltimore Colts Floyd Peters Guard Cal State-San Francisco
94 New York Giants Don Sutherin Back Ohio State
95 San Francisco 49ers Ron Mills Back West Texas State
96 Cleveland Browns Bert Lattimore End Duke
97 Detroit Lions Phil Blazer Tackle North Carolina

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
98 Chicago Cardinals John Keelan Tackle Kansas State
99 Green Bay Packers Norm Jarock Back St. Norbert
100 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Henry Tackle USC
101 Chicago Bears Ralph Anderson End Cal State-Los Angeles
102 Washington Redskins Frank Kuchta Center Notre Dame
103 Detroit Lions Jim Loftin Back Alabama
104 Los Angeles Rams Gene Selawski Tackle Purdue
105 New York Giants Ron Kissell Tackle Pittsburgh
106 Baltimore Colts Hal Bullard Back Lenoir-Rhyne
107 San Francisco 49ers George Troutman Tackle Capital
108 Cleveland Browns Bernie Parrish Back Florida
109 Detroit Lions Ben Paolucci Tackle Wayne State

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
110 Green Bay Packers Carl Johnson Tackle Illinois
111 Chicago Cardinals Gil Robertshaw Tackle Brown
112 Philadelphia Eagles Theron Sapp Back Georgia
113 Chicago Bears Aubrey Lewis Back Notre Dame
114 Washington Redskins Ben Preston Tackle Auburn
115 Los Angeles Rams Al Jacks Quarterback Penn State
116 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Campbell Center Marquette
117 Baltimore Colts Ray Schamber End South Dakota
118 New York Giants Herb Drummond Back Central State (OH)
119 San Francisco 49ers Vel Heckman Tackle Florida
120 Cleveland Browns Leo Russavage Tackle North Carolina
121 Detroit Lions Elliot Schaubach Tackle William & Mary

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
122 Chicago Cardinals Dean Philpot Back Fresno State
123 Green Bay Packers Harry Horton End Wichita State
124 Philadelphia Eagles Mel Dillard Back Purdue
125 Chicago Bears Rocco Cinelli Tackle Wisconsin
126 Washington Redskins Darrell Dess Tackle North Carolina State
127 Pittsburgh Steelers Larry Aldrich End Idaho
128 Los Angeles Rams Gerry Schweitzer End Pacific
129 New York Giants Sid Williams Back Wisconsin
130 Baltimore Colts Bobby Jordan Back Virginia Military Inst
131 San Francisco 49ers Hogan Wharton Tackle Houston
132 Cleveland Browns Russ Bowermaster End Ohio State
133 Detroit Lions Claude Chaney Back Dayton

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
134 Green Bay Packers Wayne Miller End Baylor
135 Chicago Cardinals Bill Hinton Guard Louisiana Tech
136 Philadelphia Eagles Jack Crabtree Back Oregon
137 Chicago Bears Johnny Morris Back California-Santa Barbara
138 Washington Redskins Eddie Michaels Guard Villanova
139 Los Angeles Rams Ron Clairborne Tackle Kansas
140 Pittsburgh Steelers Leroy Reed Back Mississippi
141 Baltimore Colts Tom Addison Guard South Carolina
142 New York Giants Gerry Hershey Tackle Syracuse
143 San Francisco 49ers Pete Williams Tackle Lehigh
144 Cleveland Browns Bob Brodhead Quarterback Duke
145 Detroit Lions Hal Boutte End San Jose State

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
146 Chicago Cardinals Charlie Jackson Back Southern Methodist
147 Green Bay Packers Gene Cook End Toledo
148 Philadelphia Eagles Mickey Trimarki Quarterback West Virginia
149 New York Giants George Kurker Tackle Tufts
150 Washington Redskins Ken "Model-T" Ford Quarterback Hardin-Simmons
151 San Francisco 49ers Jim Yore Back Indiana
152 Los Angeles Rams Tony Kolodziej End Michigan State
153 Green Bay Packers Don Herndon Back Tampa
154 Baltimore Colts Jerry Richardson End Wofford
155 San Francisco 49ers Hal Dukes End Michigan State
156 Cleveland Browns Hal Williams Back Miami (OH)
157 Detroit Lions Barry Maroney Back Cincinnati

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
158 Green Bay Packers Harry Hauffe Tackle South Dakota
159 Chicago Cardinals Bob Schmidt Tackle Minnesota
160 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Lapham Center Iowa
161 Chicago Bears Bill Melnik Tackle Army
162 Washington Redskins Jack Farls End Penn State
163 Los Angeles Rams Bill Mason Back UCLA
164 Pittsburgh Steelers Doyle Jennings Tackle Oklahoma
165 Baltimore Colts Ken Hall Back Texas A&M
166 New York Giants C.R. Roberts Back USC
167 San Francisco 49ers Max Fields Back Whittier
168 Cleveland Browns Ken Miller Tackle Texas Christian
169 Detroit Lions Ken Webb Back Presbyterian

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
170 Chicago Cardinals Ray Dunlap Back Marshall
171 Green Bay Packers Tom Newell Back Drake
172 Philadelphia Eagles Stan Hinos Tackle Mississippi Valley State
173 Chicago Bears Jim Harryman Back Compton J.C.
174 Washington Redskins Jack Davis Tackle Maryland
175 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed Sears Back Florida
176 Los Angeles Rams Dick Johnston Center Southern Mississippi
177 New York Giants Norm Sixta Tackle Minnesota
178 Baltimore Colts Les Carney Back Ohio
179 Detroit Lions John Scheldrup End Iowa State
180 Cleveland Browns Howard Hoelscher Back Rice
181 Detroit Lions Jerry Mohlman Back Benedictine

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
182 Green Bay Packers Arley Finley Tackle Georgia Tech
183 Chicago Cardinals Wade Patterson End Idaho
184 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Meatheringham Tackle Georgia
185 Chicago Bears Ken Pleger Tackle Capital
186 Washington Redskins Fred Polzer End Virginia
187 Los Angeles Rams Clint Westemeyer End St. Ambrose
188 Pittsburgh Steelers John Perkins Tackle Southern Mississippi
189 Baltimore Colts Archie Matsos Guard Michigan State
190 New York Giants John West Tackle Mississippi
191 San Francisco 49ers George Shirkey Tackle Stephen F. Austin
192 Cleveland Browns Jerry Cornelison Tackle Southern Methodist
193 Detroit Lions Gordon Ringquist Tackle Central Michigan

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
194 Chicago Cardinals Mac Starnes Center Abilene Christian
195 Green Bay Packers Joe Reese End Arkansas Tech
196 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Van Buren Center Iowa
197 Chicago Bears Dick Eaton Center Richmond
198 Washington Redskins Fred Wilt Tackle Richmond
199 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Lewis Tackle Compton J.C.
200 Los Angeles Rams Bill Thomas Center Clemson
201 New York Giants Jack Harrison Center Duke
202 Baltimore Colts Jim Reese Back Minnesota
203 San Francisco 49ers John Wittenborn Tackle Southeast Missouri State
204 Cleveland Browns Roddy Osborne Back Texas A&M
205 Detroit Lions Walt Gurasich Guard USC

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
206 Green Bay Packers Chuck Strid Guard Syracuse
207 Chicago Cardinals Mario Cheppo End Louisville
208 Philadelphia Eagles John Burroughs Tackle Iowa
209 Chicago Bears Phil Dupler Back Duke
210 Washington Redskins Lennie King Back Connecticut
211 Los Angeles Rams Coy Scott Tackle McNeese State
212 Detroit Lions Bill Austin Center Auburn
213 Baltimore Colts Dave Lloyd Center Georgia
214 New York Giants Dick Fusco Tackle Middlebury
215 San Francisco 49ers Dennit Morris Back Oklahoma
216 Cleveland Browns Alvin Johnson Tackle Idaho
217 Detroit Lions Larry Carrier Back Kansas

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
218 Chicago Cardinals Ulmo "Sonny" Randle Back Virginia
219 Chicago Bears Bill Roehnelt Guard Bradley
220 Philadelphia Eagles Ron Sabal Guard Purdue
221 Chicago Bears Bill Chancey End West Virginia
222 Washington Redskins Don Stephenson Center Georgia Tech
223 Pittsburgh Steelers Gene Keady Back Kansas State
224 Los Angeles Rams Dick Dorsey End USC
225 New York Giants Ernie Jackson Back Syracuse
226 Baltimore Colts John Murnen Guard Bowling Green
227 San Francisco 49ers Rannie Mushatt Center Grambling
228 Cleveland Browns Ed Brown Guard Arizona
229 Detroit Lions Dave Bottos Back Murray State

Round twenty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
230 Green Bay Packers John DuBose Back Trinity (TX)
231 Chicago Cardinals Jim Matheny Center UCLA
232 Philadelphia Eagles Kent Lovelace Back Mississippi
233 Chicago Bears Les Rutledge Tackle Michigan State
234 Washington Redskins Lou Pelham End Florida
235 Los Angeles Rams George Colbert Back Denver
236 Pittsburgh Steelers George Johnson Tackle Wake Forest
237 Baltimore Colts Tom Forrestal Quarterback Navy
238 New York Giants Joe Clements Back Texas
239 San Francisco 49ers Jerry Mertens End Drake
240 Cleveland Browns Ed Serieka Back Xavier
241 Detroit Lions Bill Curry Tackle Western Kentucky

Round twenty one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
242 Chicago Cardinals Ray Toole Back North Texas State
243 Green Bay Packers Jerry Kershner Tackle Oregon
244 Philadelphia Eagles John Madden Offensive Tackle Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
245 Chicago Bears Bill Miller Tackle New Mexico Highlands
246 Washington Redskins Jackie Simpson Guard Mississippi
247 Pittsburgh Steelers Everett Jones Guard Utah
248 Los Angeles Rams Ron Parrish Back Linfield
249 New York Giants Charlie Hansen Center Tulane
250 Baltimore Colts Jim Faulk Back Texas Christian
251 San Francisco 49ers Don Christian Back Arkansas
252 Cleveland Browns Bill Martin End Iowa State
253 Detroit Lions Jim Wagstaff Back Idaho State

Round twenty two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
254 New york Jets Dick Maggard Back College of Idaho
255 Chicago Cardinals Tony Aloisio End Indiana
256 Philadelphia Eagles George Sherwood End St. Joseph's (IN)
257 Chicago Bears Al Carter Back Tennessee
258 Washington Redskins Charley Sanders Back West Texas State
259 Los Angeles Rams Bill Steiger End Washington State
260 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Thompson End Duke
261 Baltimore Colts Bob McKee End Monmouth
262 New York Giants Cleve Wester Tackle Auburn
263 San Francisco 49ers Bruce Hartman Tackle Luther
264 Green Bay Packers Franklin Merlino Back Florida State
265 Detroit Lions Buddy Nidiffer End South Carolina

Round twenty three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
266 Chicago Cardinals John Harbour Tackle Southeast Missouri State
267 Green Bay Packers Jack Ashton Guard South Carolina
268 Philadelphia Eagles Billy Templeton End Mississippi
269 Chicago Bears Ken Daw Back Sam Houston State
270 Washington Redskins Ron Schomburger End Florida State
271 Pittsburgh Steelers Ken Trowbridge Back North Carolina State
272 Los Angeles Rams Gary Berry Back East Texas State
273 New York Giants Billy Hurst Back Mississippi
274 Baltimore Colts Phil Parslow Back UCLA
275 San Francisco 49ers Larry Fields Back Utah
276 Cleveland Browns Dan Verhey Tackle Washington State
277 Detroit Lions Frank Destino Back South Carolina

Round twenty four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
278 Green Bay Packers John Jereck Tackle Detroit
279 Chicago Cardinals Eric Soesbe Tackle Vanderbilt
280 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Padget Center Clemson
281 Chicago Bears Russ Moon Tackle Virginia Tech
282 Washington Redskins Rod Hanson End Illinois
283 Los Angeles Rams Larry Harding End Michigan State
284 Pittsburgh Steelers Norm Roberts End East Texas State
285 Baltimore Colts Bobby Sandlin Back Tennessee
286 New York Giants Max Brod Back Texas Tech
287 San Francisco 49ers Dee Mackey End East Texas State
288 Cleveland Browns Jim O'Connor Tackle Marshall
289 Detroit Lions Dave Whitsell Back Indiana

Round twenty five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
290 Chicago Cardinals J.C. Riekenberg Back Northwestern State (LA)
291 Green Bay Packers Larry Plenty Back Boston College
292 Philadelphia Eagles Hal Divine Tackle Memphis State
293 Chicago Bears Bob Barron Center St. Norbert
294 Washington Redskins John Groom Guard Texas Christian
295 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Groce Back North Texas State
296 Los Angeles Rams Bill Atkins Tackle San Jose State
297 New York Giants Wayne Haensel Tackle South Dakota
298 Baltimore Colts Jim Rountree Back Florida
299 San Francisco 49ers Bill Kaczmarek Center Southwest Missouri State
300 Cleveland Browns Bobby Peters Back Baylor
301 Detroit Lions Jim Cook Back Auburn

Round twenty six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
302 Green Bay Packers Esker Harris Guard UCLA
303 Chicago Cardinals Ray Masters Back Southern Methodist
304 Philadelphia Eagles Neil MacLean Back Wake Forest
305 Chicago Bears Bob Lyles Back Memphis State
306 Washington Redskins Frank Bloomquist Guard Iowa
307 Los Angeles Rams Corky Bridges Back Central Washington
308 Pittsburgh Steelers Jon Evans End Oklahoma State
309 Baltimore Colts Bob Grimes Tackle Central Michigan
310 New York Giants Dave Burkholder Guard Minnesota
311 San Francisco 49ers Hilliard Hill End USC
312 Cleveland Browns Frank Thompson Tackle Wake Forest
313 Detroit Lions Joe Bruce Tackle Middle Tennessee State

Round twenty seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
314 Chicago Cardinals Will Lewis Back Tennessee-Chattanooga
315 Green Bay Packers Neil Habig Center Purdue
316 Philadelphia Eagles Hindman Wall End Auburn
317 Chicago Bears Ben Napolski End Northwestern
318 Washington Redskins Perry Gehring End Minnesota
319 Pittsburgh Steelers Floyd Dellinger Back Texas Tech
320 Los Angeles Rams Alonzo Vereen Back Florida A&M
321 New York Giants Dick Bronson Tackle USC
322 Baltimore Colts George Dintiman Back Lock Haven
323 San Francisco 49ers Bob Witucki End Texas Tech
324 Cleveland Browns Dave Thelen Back Miami (OH)
325 Detroit Lions Don Agers Tackle Missouri-Rolla

Round twenty eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
326 Green Bay Packers Dave Crowell Guard Washington State
327 Chicago Cardinals Gale McGinty Back West Texas State
328 Philadelphia Eagles Gene Gossage Tackle Northwestern
329 Chicago Bears Wilbur Main Back Maryland
330 Washington Redskins Joe Biggs Guard Hardin-Simmons
331 Los Angeles Rams Gordy Morrow End Michigan
332 Pittsburgh Steelers Dean Akin End Jacksonville State
333 Baltimore Colts Jim Murphy Tackle East Tennessee State
334 New York Giants Bob Watters End Lincoln (MO)
335 San Francisco 49ers Garland Warren Center North Texas State
336 Cleveland Browns Bill Boykin Tackle Michigan State
337 Detroit Lions Jack Pitt End South Carolina

Round twenty nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
338 Chicago Cardinals Ken Irby Tackle Mississippi State
339 Green Bay Packers Bob Haynes Tackle Sam Houston State
340 Philadelphia Eagles Don McDonald Back Houston
341 Chicago Bears Glen Hakes Guard New Mexico
342 Washington Redskins Ed Coffin Back Syracuse
343 Pittsburgh Steelers Mert Fuquay End Baylor
344 Los Angeles Rams O'Jay Bourgeois Back Arizona State
345 New York Giants Lou Pitney Center New Haven State
346 Baltimore Colts Doug Padgett End Duke
347 San Francisco 49ers Herman Hodges Back Sam Houston State
348 Cleveland Browns Frank Czapla Tackle Missouri
349 Detroit Lions Henry Herzog Back Kentucky

Round thirty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
350 Green Bay Packers John Peters Tackle Houston
351 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Thompson End Temple
352 Chicago Bears Bobby Halum Back Middle Tennessee State
353 Washington Redskins Ted Smith End Georgia Tech
354 Los Angeles Rams Walter Fondren Back Texas
355 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Scherer End Pittsburgh
356 Baltimore Colts Gary Lund Guard Utah State
357 New York Giants Billy Lumpkin End North Alabama
358 San Francisco 49ers Ted Stahura Tackle Kansas State
359 Cleveland Browns Ben Svendsen Center Minnesota
360 [3] Detroit Lions Tommy Bronson Back Tennessee
= Pro Bowler [1] = Hall of Famer

Hall of famers

  • Jim Taylor, Fullback from Louisiana State University taken 2nd round 15th overall by the Green Bay Packers.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1976.[4]
  • Ray Nitschke, Linebacker from Illinois taken 3rd round 36th overall by the Green Bay Packers.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1978.[4]
  • Bobby Mitchell, Halfback from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign taken 7th round 84th overall by the Cleveland Browns.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1983.[5]
  • John Madden, Tight End from California Polytechnic State University taken 21st round 244th overall by the Philadelphia Eagles.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 2006 as a coach.[6]


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