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The 1958 All-Pacific Coast football team consists of American football players chosen by various organizations for All-Pacific Coast teams for the 1958 college football season.



  • Joe Kapp, California (AP-1; Coaches-1)
  • Bobby Newman, Washington State (Coaches-2)
  • John Hangartner, Arizona State (AP-2)


  • Jack Hart, California (AP-1; Coaches-1)
  • Willie West, Oregon (AP-2; Coaches-1)
  • Don Buford, USC (Coaches-2)
  • Ray Smith, UCLA (Coaches-2)


  • Charles "Chuck" Morrell, Washington State (AP-1; Coaches-1)
  • Nub Beamer, Oregon State (AP-2; Coaches-2)
  • Sam Dawson, San Jose State (AP-2)


  • Chris Burford, Stanford (AP-1; Coaches-1)
  • Marlin McKeever, USC (AP-1; Coaches-1)
  • Dick Bass, College of the Pacific (AP-1)
  • Jim Steffen, UCLA (AP-2; Coaches-2)
  • Bill Steiger, Washington State (AP-2; Coaches-2)


  • Ted Bates, Oregon State (AP-1; Coaches-1)
  • Bill Leeke, UCLA (Coaches-1)
  • Dan Ficca, USC (AP-1; Coaches-2)
  • Troy Barbee, Stanford (Coaches-2 [tie])
  • Jim Linden, Oregon (Coaches-2 [tie])
  • Kurt Gegner, Washington (AP-2)
  • Pete Johnson, Idaho (AP-2)


  • Jim Brackins, Oregon (AP-1; Coaches-1)
  • Bob Grottkau, Oregon (AP-1; Coaches-1 [tie])
  • Frank Florentino, USC (Coaches-1 [tie])
  • Pete Domoto, California (AP-2; Coaches-2)
  • Don Armstrong, Washington (Coaches-2)
  • Sonny Sanchez, Oregon State (AP-2)


  • Bob Peterson, Oregon (AP-2; Coaches-1)
  • Terry Jones, California (Coaches-2 [tie])
  • Marv Nelson, Washington State (AP-1; Coaches-2 [tie])


AP = Associated Press, selections made by the AP with assistance from boards of newspapermen and broadcasters along the coast[1]

Coaches = selected by the conference coaches[2]

Bold = Consensus first-team selection of both the AP and conference coaches

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