The 1950 All-Pacific Coast football team consists of American football players chosen by various organizations for All-Pacific Coast teams for the 1950 college football season.



  • Don Heinrich, Washington (AP-1; Coaches-1; UP-1 [quarterback])
  • Hugh McElhenny, Washington (AP-1; Coaches-1; UP-1)
  • Jim Monachino, California (AP-1; Coaches-1; UP-1)
  • Johnny Olszewski, California (AP-1; UP-1 [fullback])
  • Dick Sprague, Washington (AP-1 [defensive back]; Coaches-1 [defensive back])
  • Carl Van Heuit, California (AP-1 [safety]; Coaches-1 [safety])
  • Pete Schabarum, California (Coaches-1)
  • Roland Kirby, Washington (Coaches-1 [defensive back])
  • Earl Stelle, Oregon (Coaches-1 [defensive back])
  • Johnny Williams, USC (Coaches-1 [defensive back])
  • Ollie Matson, Univ. San Francisco (AP-1 [defensive back])


  • Bill McColl, Stanford (AP-1 [offensive and defensive end]; Coaches-1; UP-1)
  • Bob Wilkinson, UCLA (AP-1; Coaches-1 [tie]; UP-1)
  • Bob Minahen, California (AP-1 [defensive end]; Coaches-1 [defensive end])
  • Joe Cloidt, Washington (Coaches-1)
  • Ed Bartlett, California (Coaches-1 [defensive end])
  • Darrell Riggs, UCLA (Coaches-1 [defensive end])


  • Volney Peters, USC (AP-1 [defensive tackle]; Coaches-1 [offensive and defensive tackle]; UP-1)
  • Russ Pomeroy, Stanford (AP-1 [linebacker]; Coaches-1 [linebacker]; UP-1)
  • Bob Karp, California (AP-1; Coaches-1)
  • Breck Strochein, UCLA (AP-1; Coaches-1 [defensive tackle])
  • Niemi, Oregon State (AP-1 [defensive tackle])


  • Les Richter, California (AP-1 [defensive guard]; Coaches-1 [offensive and defensive guard]; UP-1 [linebacker guard])
  • Ted Holzknecht, Washington (AP-1; Coaches-1 [defensive guard]; UP-1)
  • Bruce MacLachlan, UCLA (Coaches-1)
  • Paul McMurtry, USC (Coaches-1)
  • Daniels, Oregon (AP-1)
  • Dick Stanfel, Univ. San Francisco (AP-1 [defensive guard])


  • Donn Moomaw, UCLA (AP-1 [linebacker]; Coaches-1 [linebacker]; UP-1)
  • Mike Michaels, Washington (Coaches-1)
  • LaVern Torgeson, Washington State (AP-1)


AP = Associated Press, selected for the AP by writers, coaches and scouts and based on a two-platoon system[1]

Coaches = selected by the conference coaches and announced by the PCC Commissioner's office[2]

UP = United Press, "selected with the aid of West Coast sports writers"[3]

Bold = Consensus first-team selection of the AP, UP and coaches

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