The National Football League held a dispersal draft on June 2, 1950 for players from the All-America Football Conference teams of the Brooklyn-New York Yankees, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Hornets, and Los Angeles Dons. Most of the players from the Brooklyn-New York Yankees had been divided between the New York Giants and New York Yanks (formerly Bulldogs).

The draft order was determined by the order of finish (worst to best) of the 1949 season. Therefore, the draft order was:

  1. Baltimore Colts (AAFC)
  2. New York Yanks (Bulldogs in 1949)
  3. Green Bay Packers
  4. Detroit Lions
  5. Washington Redskins
  6. New York Giants
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers
  8. Chicago Cardinals (Tied with Pittsburgh)
  9. Chicago Bears
  10. San Francisco 49ers(AAFC) (Tied with Chicago Bears)
  11. Los Angeles Rams
  12. Cleveland Browns (AAFC)
  13. Philadelphia Eagles

Since Baltimore and Green Bay were the weakest teams, they were given five extra draft picks each.

Round 1Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
1 Chester Mutryn HB Baltimore Colts Buffalo Bills
2 George Taliaferro HB New York Yanks Los Angeles Dons
3Billy Grimes HB Green Bay Packers Los Angeles Dons
4 Robert HoernschemeyerHB Detroit LionsChicago Hornets
5Jim Spavital FB Washington Redskins Los Angeles Dons
6John RapaczOLNew York GiantsChicago Hornets
7Buddy TinsleyT Pittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Dons
8Robert ReinhardTChicago CardinalsLos Angeles Dons
9Harper DavisHBChicago BearsLos Angeles Dons
10Knox RamseyGSan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Dons
11Arthur StatutoCLos Angeles RamsBuffalo Bills
12Hal HerringCCleveland BrownsBuffalo Bills
13Lindell PearsonHBPhiladelphia Eagles

Round 2Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
14Robert LivingstoneHBBaltimore ColtsBuffalo Bills
15Nate JohnsonTNew York YanksChicago Hornets
16Alton BaldwinEGreen Bay PackersBuffalo Bills
17Louis CreekmurTDetroit Lions
18Chuck DrazenovichFBWashington Redskins
19Ollie ClineFBNew York GiantsBuffalo Bills
20Thomas Ray RichesonGPittsburgh SteelersChicago Hornets
21Martin WendellGChicago CardinalsChicago Hornets
22Fred NegusC Chicago BearsChicago Hornets
23Edgar HenkeTSan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Dons
24Victor VasicekGLos Angeles RamsBuffalo Bills
25Leonard FordECleveland BrownsLos Angeles Dons
26Jerry KrallFBPhiladelphia EaglesLos Angeles Dons

Round 3Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
27 Albin H. CollinsHBBaltimore ColtsChicago Hornets
28Dan EdwardsENew York YanksChicago Hornets
29Homer PaineTGreen Bay PackersChicago Hornets
30Bob JensenEDetroit LionsChicago Hornets
31Roland DaleTWashington Redskins
32Vincent MazzaENew York GiantsBuffalo Bills
33Tom McWilliamsHBPittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Dons
34Ray RamseyHBChicago CardinalsChicago Hornets
35James ClarkTChicago Bears
36Odell StautzenbergerGSan Francisco 49ersBuffalo Bills
37Richard WilkinsELos Angeles RamsLos Angeles Dons
38Charles W. SchrollHBCleveland BrownsBuffalo Bills
39George PastreTPhiladelphia Eagles Los Angeles Dons

Extra PicksEdit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
40Arthur DonovanG Baltimore ColtsBuffalo BillsBoston College
41James LukensEGreen Bay PackersBuffalo Bills
42Edward KingGBaltimore ColtsBuffalo Bills
43Abner WimberlyEGreen Bay PackersLos Angeles Dons

Round 4Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
44George BuksarFBBaltimore ColtsChicago Hornets
45John ClowesTNew York YanksChicago Hornets
46Wilbur VolzHBGreen Bay PackersBuffalo Bills
47William KayTDetroit LionsBuffalo Bills
48Lloyd EisenbergTWashington RedskinsLos Angeles Dons
49Alfred SchmidENew York Giants
50Daniel DworskyCPittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Dons
51Ted HazelwoodTChicago CardinalsChicago Hornets
52Glenn DobbsQB-HBChicago BearsLos Angeles Dons
53Earl HowellHBSan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Dons
54Wade WalkerTLos Angeles RamsBuffalo Bills
55Alex WizbickiHBCleveland BrownsBuffalo Bills
56Paul GibsonEPhiladelphia EaglesBuffalo Bills

Round 5Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
57Robert OristaglioEBaltimore ColtsBuffalo Bills
58Bob KennedyFBNew York YanksNew York Yankees
59John KernsTGreen Bay PackersBuffalo Bills
60Richard RifenbergEDetroit LionsNew York Yankees
61Hardy BrownFBWashington RedskinsChicago Hornets
62Joe SullivanQBNew York Giants
63Herbert St. JohnGPittsburgh SteelersChicago Hornets
64Jim StillQBChicago CardinalsBuffalo Bills
65Al BeasleyGChicago BearsNew York Yankees
66John BrownCSan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Dons
67Ernest WilliamsonTLos Angeles RamsLos Angeles Dons
68Walter ClayFBCleveland BrownsLos Angeles Dons
69Joseph SuttonHBPhiladelphia EaglesBuffalo Bills

Extra PicksEdit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
70Robert DeuberHBBaltimore Colts
71Ted Cook E Green Bay Packers

Round 6Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
72Michael PerrottiT Baltimore ColtsLos Angeles Dons
73Chester AdamsTNew York YanksBuffalo Bills
74Jason A. BaileyTGreen Bay PackersChicago Hornets
75Joyce PipkinEDetroit LionsLos Angeles Dons
76Ed HirschLBWashington RedskinsBuffalo Bills
77Richard WoodardCNew York GiantsLos Angeles Dons
78George GrimesHBPittsburgh SteelersBuffalo Bills
79Jim TurnerTChicago CardinalsChicago Hornets
80John CunninghamEChicago Bears
81George MurphyQBSan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Dons
82Bill RennaCLos Angeles RamsLos Angeles Dons
83George StrohmeyerCCleveland BrownsChicago Hornets
84Hosea RodgersFBPhiladelphia EaglesLos Angeles Dons

Round 7Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
85Bill GompersHBBaltimore ColtsBuffalo Bills
86Paul CroweHBNew York YanksLos Angeles Dons
87Denver CrawfordTGreen Bay PackersNew York Yankees
88George BenigniEDetroit LionsChicago Hornets
89Ed SmithBWashington Redskins
90Henry FoldbergENew York GiantsChicago Hornets
91Ben VerickFBPittsburgh Steelers
92Alex SarkisianCChicago Cardinals
93John DonaldsonHBChicago BearsLos Angeles Dons
94John MaskasTSan Francisco 49ersBuffalo Bills
95Jack SwanerHBLos Angeles RamsChicago Hornets
96Lynn ChewingFBCleveland BrownsNew York Yankees
97Don PancieraQBPhiladelphia EaglesNew York Yankees

Extra PicksEdit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
98William StantonEBaltimore ColtsBuffalo Bills
99Charles SchuetteCGreen Bay PackersBuffalo Bills

Round 8Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
100Vito KissellFBBaltimore ColtsBuffalo Bills
101John "Mickey" ColmerFBNew York YanksNew York Yankees
102Zigmont CzarobskiTGreen Bay PackersChicago Hornets
103Gerald MorricalTDetroit LionsNew York Yankees
104Leon McLaughlinCLos Angeles Dons
105Robert HeckENew York GiantsChicago Hornets
106James PearcyGPittsburgh SteelersChicago Hornets
107Phil O'ReillyTChicago Cardinals
108George MaddockTChicago BearsChicago Hornets
109Paul ClearyESan Francisco 49ersChicago Hornets
110Richard ScottCLos Angeles RamsBrooklyn Dodgers
111Paul PattersonHBCleveland BrownsChicago Hornets
112Caleb WashingtonCPhiladelphia EaglesBrooklyn Dodgers

Round 9Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
113Robert HatchQB-HBBaltimore Colts
114Orban SandersHBNew York YanksNew York Yankees
115Victor SchleichTGreen Bay PackersChicago Rockets
116Warren HueyEDetroit LionsChicago Hornets
117Murray AlexanderEWashington RedskinsBrooklyn Dodgers
118Henry KalverTNew York Giants
119Robert ForbesHBPittsburgh Steelers
120Ralph SazioTChicago CardinalsBuffalo Bills
121Robert LeonettiGChicago BearsBuffalo Bills
122Ernest TolmanESan Francisco 49ersNew York Yankees
123Edward KelleyTLos Angeles RamsLos Angeles Dons
124William ReinhardHBCleveland BrownsLos Angeles Dons
125Carmen FalconeQBPhiladelphia Eagles

Extra PicksEdit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
126Louis TomasettiFBBaltimore ColtsBuffalo Bills
127Paul DukeCGreen Bay PackersNew York Yankees

Round 10Edit

Pick # Player PositionNFL team AAFC Team College
128Lou AgaseTBaltimore ColtsChicago Hornets
129Tom ColellaHBNew York YanksBuffalo Bills
130R.M. PattersonTGreen Bay PackersChicago Hornets
131Ray CoatesHBDetroit LionsNew York Giants
132Dewey NelsonHBWashington Redskins
133Dwight EddlemanHBNew York Giants
134Robert MeinertLBPittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Dons
135Vaughn ManchaCChicago Cardinals
136George BernhardtGChicago BearsChicago Hornets
137Dick LorenzESan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Dons
138Dale ArmstrongELos Angeles RamsBrooklyn Dodgers
139Lewis HolderECleveland BrownsLos Angeles Dons
140Gil JohnsonQB-HBPhiladelphia EaglesNew York Yankees


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