The Raisin Bowl was an annual post-season American college football bowl game played at Ratcliffe Stadium in Fresno, California, from 1946 to 1949.[1] The first four games were played on January 1, the last on December 31. The games pitted a California team against an at-large team. The California team prevailed in four of the five games.

This game is not to be confused with the California Bowl which was later staged in Fresno, which in its later years was marketed as the California Raisin Bowl due to the sale of naming rights to the California Raisin Marketing Board.

Game results Edit

Date played Winning team Losing team Location
January 1, 1946 Drake 13 Fresno State 12 Fresno, California
January 1, 1947 San Jose State 20 Utah State 0
January 1, 1948 Pacific 26 Wichita 14
January 1, 1949 Occidental 21 Colorado A&M 20
December 31, 1949 San Jose State 20 Texas Tech 13

References Edit

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