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1947 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) December 16, 1946
First selection Bob Fenimore, HB
Chicago Bears
Last selection Don Clayton, B
New York Giants
Most selections Chicago Bears (32)
Fewest selections Chicago Cardinals (29)
Philadelphia Eagles (29)
Overall selections 300
NFL Draft
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The 1947 National Football League Draft was held on December 16, 1946.

The National Football League in this draft made the first overall pick a bonus pick determined by lottery. The Chicago Bears won the first lottery. This process was ended in 1958.

Player selections

= Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Chicago Bears (Lottery bonus pick) Bob Fenimore Back Oklahoma A&M
2 Detroit Lions Glenn Davis [1] Halfback Army
3 Boston Yanks Fritz Barzilauskas Guard Yale
4 Washington Redskins Cal Rossi [2] Back UCLA
5 Pittsburgh Steelers Hub Bechtol End Texas
6 Green Bay Packers Ernie Case Back UCLA
7 Chicago Cardinals DeWitt "Tex" Coulter Tackle Army
8 Philadelphia Eagles Neill Armstrong End Oklahoma A&M
9 Los Angeles Rams Herman Wedemeyer Halfback St. Mary's
10 New York Giants Vic Schwall Halfback Northwestern
11 Chicago Bears Don Kindt Back Wisconsin

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
12 Detroit Lions Russ Thomas Tackle Ohio State
13 Boston Yanks Walt Heap Back Texas

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
14 Detroit Lions Jim Kekeris Tackle Missouri
15 Boston Yanks John Rapacz Center Oklahoma
16 Pittsburgh Steelers John Mastrangelo Guard Notre Dame
17 Washington Redskins Gene "Red" Knight Back Louisiana State
18 Chicago Cardinals Ermal Allen Back Kentucky
19 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Mackrides Back Nevada-Reno
20 Green Bay Packers Burr Baldwin End UCLA
21 Los Angeles Rams Don Paul Center UCLA
22 New York Giants John Cannady Center Indiana
23 Chicago Bears Frank Minini Back San Jose State

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
24 Detroit Lions Charley Hoover Center Vanderbilt
25 Boston Yanks Alton Baldwin End Arkansas

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
26 Detroit Lions Bob Chappuis Back Michigan
27 Boston Yanks Carroll Vogelaar Tackle San Francisco
28 Washington Redskins Hank Foldberg End Army
29 Pittsburgh Steelers Frank Wydo Tackle Cornell
30 Philadelphia Eagles George Savitsky Tackle Pennsylvania
31 Green Bay Packers Paul "Buddy" Burris Guard Oklahoma
32 Chicago Bears Lloyd Merriman Back Stanford
33 Los Angeles Rams Gordon Gray Back USC
34 New York Giants Nelson Greene Tackle Tulsa
35 Chicago Bears Jim Canady Back Texas

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
36 Detroit Lions Bernie Gallagher Tackle Pennsylvania
37 Boston Yanks George Sullivan Tackle Notre Dame
38 Pittsburgh Steelers Frank Aschenbrenner Back Northwestern
39 Washington Redskins Mike Garzoni Guard USC
40 Green Bay Packers Gene Wilson End Southern Methodist
41 Chicago Cardinals Ben Raimondi Back Indiana
42 Chicago Bears Roger Stephens Back Cincinnati
43 Los Angeles Rams Paul Evanson Tackle Oregon State
44 New York Giants Bob Davis Tackle Georgia Tech
45 Chicago Bears Harlan Wetz Tackle Texas

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
46 Detroit Lions Ed Grain Guard Pennsylvania
47 Boston Yanks Joe Watt Back Syracuse
48 Washington Redskins Bill Gray Center Oregon State
49 Pittsburgh Steelers Bryant "Meatball" Meeks Center South Carolina
50 Chicago Cardinals Howard Turner Back North Carolina State
51 Philadelphia Eagles Tony Yovicsin End Miami (FL)
52 Green Bay Packers Dick Connors Back Northwestern
53 Los Angeles Rams Bill Smyth Tackle Cincinnati
54 New York Giants Chris "Duke" Iversen Back Oregon
55 Chicago Bears Reid Moseley End Georgia

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
56 Detroit Lions Harvey James Center Miami (FL)
57 Boston Yanks Bill Chipley End Washington & Lee
58 Pittsburgh Steelers Jerry Shipkey Back UCLA
59 Washington Redskins Hank Harris Tackle Texas
60 Chicago Cardinals George Maddock Tackle Northwestern
61 Philadelphia Eagles Al Satterfield Tackle Vanderbilt
62 Green Bay Packers Monte Moncrief Tackle Texas A&M
63 Los Angeles Rams Bill McGovern Center Washington
64 New York Giants Frank Muelheuser Back Colgate
65 Chicago Bears Houston Allen Smith End Mississippi

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
66 Detroit Lions Kale Alexander Tackle South Carolina
67 Boston Yanks Gene Malinowski Center Detroit
68 Washington Redskins Roy Kurrasch End UCLA
69 Pittsburgh Steelers Bert Vander Clute Guard Wesleyan
70 Chicago Cardinals Art Dufelmeier Back Illinois
71 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Leonetti Guard Wake Forest
72 Green Bay Packers Bob McDougal Back Miami (FL)
73 Los Angeles Rams Max Partin Back Tennessee
74 New York Giants John Novitsky Tackle Oklahoma City
75 Chicago Bears Dwight "Dike" Eddleman Back Illinois

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
76 Detroit Lions Chalmers (Bump) Elliott Back Michigan
77 Boston Yanks Bob Hazelhurst Back Denver
78 Pittsburgh Steelers Paul Gibson End North Carolina State
79 Washington Redskins Ernie Williamson Tackle North Carolina
80 Philadelphia Eagles Ulysses Cornogg Tackle Wake Forest
81 Green Bay Packers Bob Kelly Back Notre Dame
82 Chicago Cardinals Ray Ramsey Back Bradley
83 Los Angeles Rams Carl Samuelson Tackle Nebraska
84 New York Giants Fred Mullis Back Tennessee-Chattanooga
85 Chicago Bears Arnold Tucker Back Army

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
86 Detroit Lions Pete Sullivan Tackle Detroit
87 Boston Yanks Al Sidorik Tackle Mississippi State
88 Washington Redskins L.G. Carmody Back Central Washington
89 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Medd Center Wesleyan
90 Chicago Cardinals Dave Wallace Back Oklahoma
91 Philadelphia Eagles Alex Sarkisian Center Northwestern
92 Green Bay Packers Tom Moulton Center Oklahoma State
93 Los Angeles Rams Russ Steger Back Illinois
94 New York Giants Bob "Hunchy" Hoernschemeyer Back Indiana
95 Chicago Bears Larry Hatch Back Washington

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
96 Detroit Lions LaVerne Camaratta Back Iowa State
97 Boston Yanks Wally Roberts End Holy Cross
98 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Fitch Back North Carolina
99 Washington Redskins U.S. Savage End Richmond
100 Green Bay Packers George Hills Guard Georgia Tech
101 Chicago Cardinals Charley Sarratt Back Oklahoma
102 Philadelphia Eagles Jerry D'Arcy Center Tulsa
103 Los Angeles Rams Dante Lavelli End Ohio State
104 New York Giants Hardy "Thumper" Brown Back Tulsa
105 Chicago Bears Tony Adamle Center Ohio State

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
106 Detroit Lions Walt Vezmar Guard Michigan State
107 Boston Yanks Bob Sullivan Back Iowa
108 Washington Redskins Bob Steckroth End William & Mary
109 Pittsburgh Steelers Ara Parseghian Back Miami (OH)
110 Philadelphia Eagles John Hamberger Tackle Southern Methodist
111 Green Bay Packers Bob Skoglund End Notre Dame
112 Chicago Cardinals Harden Cooper Tackle Tulsa
113 Los Angeles Rams Mike Dimitro Guard UCLA
114 New York Giants Bill Hachten Guard Stanford
115 Chicago Bears Emile Fritz Guard Maryland

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
116 Detroit Lions Dick Hagen End Washington
117 Boston Yanks Leo Long Back Duke
118 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill "Red" Moore Tackle Penn State
119 Washington Redskins Weldon Edwards Tackle Texas Christian
120 Chicago Cardinals Carl Russ Back Rice
121 Philadelphia Eagles Alvin Johnson Back Hardin-Simmons
122 Green Bay Packers Jack Mitchell Back Oklahoma
123 Los Angeles Rams John Kissell Tackle Boston College
124 New York Giants Herschel "Ug" Fuson Back Army
125 Chicago Bears Jim Turner Tackle California

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
126 Detroit Lions J.W. Meeks Back East Texas State
127 Boston Yanks Frank Parker Tackle Holy Cross
128 Washington Redskins Earl Wheeler Center Arkansas
129 Pittsburgh Steelers Larry Bruno Back Geneva
130 Green Bay Packers Denver Crawford Tackle Tennessee
131 Chicago Cardinals Buddy Mulligan Back Duke
132 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Cook Back Hardin-Simmons
133 Los Angeles Rams George Fuchs Back Wisconsin
134 New York Giants John Fallon Tackle Notre Dame
135 Chicago Bears Wayne Goodall End Oklahoma City

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
136 Detroit Lions Reed Nilsen Center Brigham Young
137 Boston Yanks Hugo Marcolini Back St. Bonaventure
138 Pittsburgh Steelers Ralph Jenkins Center Clemson
139 Washington Redskins Billy Gold Back Tennessee
140 Philadelphia Eagles Jeff Durkota Back Penn State
141 Green Bay Packers Jim Callanan End USC
142 Chicago Cardinals Charlie Smith Back Georgia
143 Los Angeles Rams Ralph Chubb Back Michigan
144 New York Giants Bob Orlando Guard Colgate
145 Chicago Bears Verne Gagne End Minnesota

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
146 Detroit Lions Tommy James Back Ohio State
147 Boston Yanks Marion Shirley Tackle Oklahoma City
148 Washington Redskins Jack Hart Tackle Detroit
149 Pittsburgh Steelers Elbie Nickel End Cincinnati
150 Chicago Cardinals Bob Ravensburg End Indiana
151 Green Bay Packers Ted Scalissi Back Ripon
152 Philadelphia Eagles Hubert Shurtz Tackle Louisiana State
153 Los Angeles Rams Don Hardy End USC
154 New York Giants Frank Pulattie Back Southern Methodist
155 Chicago Bears Wally Dreyer Back Wisconsin

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
156 Detroit Lions Ralph Maugham End Utah State
157 Boston Yanks Roland Nabors Center Texas Tech
158 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cregar Center Holy Cross
159 Washington Redskins Tom Nichols Back Richmond
160 Green Bay Packers Jim Goodman Tackle Indiana
161 Philadelphia Eagles Hal Bell Back Muhlenberg
162 Chicago Cardinals Barney Barnett End Northeastern Oklahoma
163 Los Angeles Rams Ed Champagne Tackle Louisiana State
164 New York Giants Dick Brinkley Back Wake Forest
165 Chicago Bears Walt Pupa Back North Carolina

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
166 Detroit Lions Buryl Baty Back Texas A&M
167 Boston Yanks Pat Kennelly End Southeastern Louisiana
168 Washington Redskins Harry Dowda Back Wake Forest
169 Pittsburgh Steelers Jerry Mulready Back North Dakota State
170 Philadelphia Eagles Tom Campion Tackle Southeastern Louisiana
171 Chicago Cardinals Scotty Deeds Back Brigham Young
172 Green Bay Packers Dick Miller Guard Lawrence
173 Los Angeles Rams Jimmy Dewar Back Indiana
174 New York Giants Frank Guess Back Texas
175 Chicago Bears John McLellan Tackle Montana State

Round twenty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
176 Detroit Lions Elmer Madar End Michigan
177 Boston Yanks Darrell Waller Back Washington State
178 Pittsburgh Steelers Warren Smith Tackle Kansas Wesleyan
179 Washington Redskins Charlie Webb End Louisiana State
180 Chicago Cardinals Clarence Esser Tackle Wisconsin
181 Green Bay Packers Brad "Whitey" Ecklund Center Oregon
182 Philadelphia Eagles Fred Hall Guard Louisiana State
183 Los Angeles Rams Bernie Reiges Back UCLA
184 New York Giants Tom Landry Defensive back Texas
185 Chicago Bears Bill Cromer Back Texas

Round twenty one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
186 Detroit Lions J. T. White End Michigan
187 Boston Yanks Paul Hart Back Delaware
188 Washington Redskins Elmo Bond Tackle Washington State
189 Pittsburgh Steelers Fred Hamilton Tackle Vanderbilt
190 Green Bay Packers Bob West Back Colorado
191 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Clayton Tackle Wyoming
192 Chicago Cardinals Shelton Ballard Center Louisiana State
193 Los Angeles Rams Leon McLaughlin Center UCLA
194 New York Giants Joe Ponsetto Back Michigan
195 Chicago Bears Russ Reader Back Michigan State

Round twenty two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
196 Detroit Lions Carl Schuette Back Marquette
197 Boston Yanks Gene Lamoure Guard Fresno State
198 Pittsburgh Steelers Fred Taylor End Texas Christian
199 Washington Redskins Jim Hefti Back St. Lawrence
200 Philadelphia Eagles George Blomquist End North Carolina State
201 Chicago Cardinals Wade Walker Tackle Oklahoma
202 Green Bay Packers Maurice "Tex" Reilly Back Colorado
203 Los Angeles Rams Chuck Elliott Tackle Oregon
204 New York Giants Art Donovan Defensive tackle Boston College
205 Chicago Bears Jim Batchelor Back East Texas State

Round twenty three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
206 Detroit Lions Steve Cipot Tackle St. Bonaventure
207 Boston Yanks Hank Kolaskinski Back Wyoming
208 Washington Redskins Tom Dudley End Virginia
209 Pittsburgh Steelers Binks Bushmiaer Back Vanderbilt
210 Chicago Cardinals Tom Carroll Tackle Minnesota
211 Green Bay Packers Ron Sockolov Tackle California
212 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Haynes Guard Tulsa
213 Los Angeles Rams Lou Levanti Center Illinois
214 New York Giants Hal Shoener End Iowa
215 Chicago Bears Allen Lawler Back Texas

Round twenty four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
216 Detroit Lions Bill Cadenhead Back Alabama
217 Boston Yanks Ed Heap Tackle Texas
218 Pittsburgh Steelers Paul Davis Back Otterbein
219 Washington Redskins Bob Smith Back Iowa
220 Green Bay Packers Herb St. John Guard Georgia
221 Philadelphia Eagles Stanton Hense End Xavier
222 Chicago Cardinals Tom Dorsey Back Brown
223 Los Angeles Rams J. D. Cheek Tackle Oklahoma State
224 New York Giants Bill Moll Back Connecticut
225 Chicago Bears Gordon Berlin Center Washington

Round twenty five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
226 Detroit Lions Jim Cody Tackle East Texas State
227 Boston Yanks John Polzin Guard Texas Christian
228 Washington Redskins Hal Mullins Tackle Duke
229 Pittsburgh Steelers Tommy Kalmanir Back Nevada-Reno
230 Philadelphia Eagles Johnny Kelly Back Rice
231 Chicago Cardinals Otto Schnellbacher End Kansas
232 Green Bay Packers Fred Redeker Back Cincinnati
233 Los Angeles Rams Bob Dal Porto Back California
234 New York Giants Dick Thomas Guard Southern Mississippi
235 Chicago Bears John Cunningham End California

Round twenty six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
236 Detroit Lions Earl Maves Back Wisconsin
237 Boston Yanks Dave Bloxom Back Texas Christian
238 Pittsburgh Steelers Don Mohr End Baldwin-Wallace
239 Washington Redskins Francis Bocoka End Washington State
240 Chicago Cardinals Larry Joe Back Penn State
241 Green Bay Packers Herm Lubker End Arkansas
242 Philadelphia Eagles H. J. Roberts Guard Rice
243 Los Angeles Rams Gene Standefer Back Texas Tech
244 New York Giants Ralph Stewart Center Notre Dame
245 Chicago Bears Max Morris Back Northwestern

Round twenty seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
246 Detroit Lions Bill Hillman Back Tennessee
247 Boston Yanks Odell Stautzenberger Guard Texas A&M
248 Washington Redskins Otis Sacrinty Back Wake Forest
249 Pittsburgh Steelers Art Young Guard Dartmouth
250 Green Bay Packers Bob Palladino Back Notre Dame
251 Philadelphia Eagles Phil Cutchin Back Kentucky
252 Chicago Cardinals Dick Abrams Back Washington State
253 Los Angeles Rams Bob David Back Villanova
254 New York Giants George Bibighaus End Muhlenberg
255 Chicago Bears Bill Morris End Oklahoma

Round twenty eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
256 Detroit Lions Arch Kelly End Detroit
257 Boston Yanks Dick Chatterton Back Brigham Young
258 Pittsburgh Steelers Ralph Sazio Tackle William & Mary
259 Washington Redskins Milt Dropo Center Connecticut
260 Chicago Cardinals Joe Smith End Texas Tech
261 Philadelphia Eagles Charley Wakefield Tackle Stanford
262 Green Bay Packers Jerrell Baxter Tackle North Carolina
263 Los Angeles Rams Jim Hunnicutt Back South Carolina
264 New York Giants Jim Carrington Guard Navy
265 Chicago Bears Joe Bill Baumgardner Back Texas

Round twenty nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
266 Detroit Lions Bob Tulis Tackle Texas A&M
267 Boston Yanks Tom Rodgers Tackle Bucknell
268 Washington Redskins Lynn Brownson Back Stanford
269 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Pitzer End Army
270 Chicago Cardinals Tony Rotunno Back St. Ambrose
271 Green Bay Packers Ray Sellers End Georgia
272 Philadelphia Eagles Dick Langenbeck Tackle Cincinnati
273 Los Angeles Rams John Comer Back Holy Cross
274 New York Giants Claude Harrison Back South Carolina
275 Chicago Bears Jerry McCarthy End Pennsylvania

Round thirty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
276 Detroit Lions Howard McAfee Tackle Tulane
277 Boston Yanks John Prchlik Guard Yale
278 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Stalloni Tackle Delaware
279 Washington Redskins Joe Colone Back Penn State
280 Green Bay Packers Jerry Carle Back Northwestern
281 Philadelphia Eagles Bernie Winkler Tackle Texas Tech
282 Chicago Cardinals Clyde Lindsey End Louisiana State
283 Los Angeles Rams Hal Dean Guard Ohio State
284 New York Giants John Wright Back Maryland
285 Chicago Bears Jack Pierce Back Illinois

Round thirty one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
286 Washington Redskins Herb Shoener End Iowa
287 Pittsburgh Steelers Vince DiFrancesca Guard Northwestern
288 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Stephens Tackle Baylor
289 Chicago Cardinals Bob Callahan Center Michigan
290 Green Bay Packers Bill Hogan Back Kansas
291 Los Angeles Rams James Atwell Back South Carolina
292 New York Giants Bill Schuler End Yale
293 Chicago Bears Ed Ehlers Back Purdue

Round thirty two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
294 Pittsburgh Steelers Warren Lahr Back Case Western Reserve
295 Washington Redskins Bob Plevo Tackle Purdue
296 Chicago Cardinals John Karamigios Back Denver
297 Green Bay Packers Ralph Olsen End Utah
298 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Kalosh End Wisconsin–La Crosse
299 Los Angeles Rams Bob Prymuski Guard Illinois
300 [3] New York Giants Don Clayton Back North Carolina
= Hall of Famer

Hall of famers

  • Dante Lavelli, End from Ohio State University taken 12th round 103rd overall by the Los Angeles Rams.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1975.[4]
  • Art Donovan, Defensive Tackle from Boston College taken 22nd Round 304th overall Pro Football Hall Of Fame Class of 1968


  1. Glenn Davis, 1946 Heisman Trophy winner "Heisman Trophy". Retrieved 2008-08-04.
  2. Cal Rossi was also picked in the first round of the 1946 Draft by the Redskins as a junior and not eligible, drafted twice he never played professionally.
  3. This last selection is commonly referred to as Mr. Irrelevant.
  4. List of 1970s Hall of Fame Inductee's at "Pro Football Hall of Fame". Retrieved 2008-10-06.

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