1945 Calgary Stampeders season
Head Coach Unknown
Home Field Mewata Stadium
Playoff Finish Lost W.I.F.U. Final
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The 1945 Calgary Stampeders season was the first season for the team under the name "Stampeders" (They were previously known as the "Bronks") and their seventh overall. There was no regular season play in 1945. The W.I.F.U. suspended operations during World War II and did not return to action until the 1945 playoffs.

The Stampeders were defeated in the W.I.F.U. Finals by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Regular seasonEdit

During the Second World War, The W.I.F.U. decided to cancel its 1942 to 1945 seasons. However, in 1945, the war was over and the W.I.F.U. decided to hold playoffs for the year of 1945 despite the fact that no regular season games were played. All W.I.F.U. teams were automatically entered into the 1945 playoffs.


WIFU Semi-Finals – Game 1
Calgary Stampeders @ Regina Roughriders
Date Away Home
October 31 Calgary Stampeders 3 Regina Roughriders 1
WIFU Semi-Finals – Game 2
Regina Roughriders @ Calgary Stampeders
Date Away Home
November 3 Regina Roughriders 0 Calgary Stampeders 12


WIFU Finals
Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Calgary Stampeders
Date Away Home
November 10 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 9 Calgary Stampeders 6
  • Winnipeg advances to the Grey Cup game.


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