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1944 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) April 19, 1944
First selection Angelo Bertelli, QB
Boston Yanks
Last selection Walton Roberts, B
Boston Yanks
Most selections
Fewest selections
Overall selections 330
NFL Draft
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The 1944 National Football League Draft was held on April 19, 1944.

Player selections

= Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Boston Yanks Angelo Bertelli [1] Quarterback Notre Dame
2 Chicago Cardinals Pat Harder Fullback Wisconsin
3 Brooklyn Tigers Creighton Miller Halfback Notre Dame
4 Detroit Lions Otto Graham Back Northwestern
5 Philadelphia Eagles Steve Van Buren Halfback LSU
6 New York Giants Billy Hillenbrand Halfback Indiana
7 Green Bay Packers Merv Pregulman Guard Michigan
8 Washington Redskins Mike Micka Back Colgate
9 Chicago Bears Ray Evans Halfback Kansas
10 Pittsburgh Steelers Johnny Podesto Tailback St. Mary's (CA)
11 Cleveland Rams Tony Butkovich Fullback Purdue

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
12 Chicago Cardinals Paul Mitchell Tackle Minnesota
13 Brooklyn Tigers Jim Callahan Back Texas
14 Detroit Lions Bob Cifers Back Tennessee
15 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Odell End Pennsylvania
16 New York Giants Lamar Blount Back Mississippi State

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
17 Chicago Cardinals Saxon Judd End Tulsa
18 Brooklyn Tigers Ralph Park Back Texas
19 Detroit Lions Ralph Heywood End USC
20 Philadelphia Eagles Loren LaPrade Guard Stanford
21 New York Giants Clyde Flowers Tackle Texas Christian
22 Green Bay Packers Tom Kuzma Back Michigan
23 Washington Redskins Earl Audet Tackle USC
24 Chicago Bears Rudy Smeja End Michigan
25 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Gantt End Duke
26 Cleveland Rams Gil Bouley Tackle Boston College
27 Boston Yanks Boris "Babe" Dimancheff Back Purdue

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
28 Chicago Cardinals Jack Tavener Center Indiana
29 Brooklyn Tigers Rudy Sikich Tackle Minnesota
30 Detroit Lions George Betteridge Back Utah
31 Pittsburgh Steelers Art McCaffray Tackle Pacific
32 New York Giants Herb Kane Tackle East Central (OK)

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
33 Chicago Cardinals Bill Blackburn Center Rice
34 Brooklyn Tigers Verne Ullom End Cincinnati
35 Detroit Lions John Greene Tackle Michigan
36 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Parker End Texas
37 New York Giants Vic Maitland Tackle Hobart
38 Green Bay Packers Bill McPartland Tackle St. Mary's (CA)
39 Washington Redskins Ed Doherty Quarterback Boston College
40 Chicago Bears Abe Croft End Southern Methodist
41 Pittsburgh Steelers George Owen Guard Wake Forest
42 Cleveland Rams Bob Waterfield Quarterback UCLA
43 Boston Yanks Larry Rice Center Tulane

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
44 Chicago Cardinals Bill Garnaas Back Minnesota
45 Brooklyn Tigers Bruce McDonald End Illinois State
46 Detroit Lions Ed Alliquie Tackle Santa Clara
47 Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Savage Back Brown
48 New York Giants Jack Okland Tackle Utah State
49 Green Bay Packers Mickey McCardle Back USC
50 Washington Redskins Jackie Fellows Back Fresno State
51 Chicago Bears C.B. Stanley Tackle Tulsa
52 Philadelphia Eagles Hillary Horne Tackle Mississippi State
53 Cleveland Rams Al Akins Back Washington State
54 Boston Yanks John "Butch" Parker Tackle Loyola (LA)

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
55 Chicago Cardinals Rodger Smith Back Texas Tech
56 Brooklyn Tigers Bob Graiziger Guard Minnesota
57 Detroit Lions Paul Briggs Tackle Colorado
58 Philadelphia Eagles Vic Kulbitski Back Minnesota
59 New York Giants Herm Frickey Back Minnesota
60 Green Bay Packers Jack Tracy End Washington
61 Washington Redskins Hal Fischer Guard Texas
62 Chicago Bears Darwin Seeley Center Stanford
63 Pittsburgh Steelers Jesse Freitas Back Santa Clara
64 Cleveland Rams George Cheverko Back Fordham
65 Boston Yanks Mike Andrews End North Carolina State

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
66 Chicago Cardinals John "Red" Cochran Back Wake Forest
67 Brooklyn Tigers Jack Sachse Center Texas
68 Detroit Lions Rod Giske Guard Washington State
69 Pittsburgh Steelers George Titus Center Holy Cross
70 New York Giants Roy Clay Back Colorado State
71 Green Bay Packers Alex Agase Guard Illinois
72 Washington Redskins Cliff White Tackle Murray State
73 Chicago Bears Randall "Buck" Fawcett Back Stanford
74 Philadelphia Eagles George Phillips Back UCLA
75 Cleveland Rams Stan Stasica Back South Carolina
76 Boston Yanks Bob Musick Back USC

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
77 Chicago Cardinals Frank Scanlan Back Loyola (LA)
78 Brooklyn Tigers Mitchell Olenski Tackle Alabama
79 Detroit Lions Matthew Bolger End Notre Dame
80 Philadelphia Eagles Paul Sarringhaus Back Ohio State
81 New York Giants John Sanchez Tackle San Francisco
82 Green Bay Packers Don Whitmire Tackle Alabama/Navy
83 Washington Redskins Ted Ogdahl Back Willamette
84 Chicago Bears Jack Morton End Missouri
85 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed Stofko Back St. Francis
86 Cleveland Rams Fred Boensch Tackle Stanford
87 Boston Yanks Caleb "Tex" Warrington Center Auburn

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
88 Chicago Cardinals Lou Saban Back Indiana
89 Brooklyn Tigers Aldo Cenci Back Penn State
90 Detroit Lions Herb Hein End Minnesota
91 Pittsburgh Steelers Val Jansante End Duquesne
92 New York Giants Ernie Beamer End Duke
93 Green Bay Packers Bob Koch Back Oregon
94 Washington Redskins Bob Sneddon Back St. Mary's (CA)
95 Chicago Bears Bill Starford Center Wake Forest
96 Philadelphia Eagles John Perko Guard Minnesota
97 Cleveland Rams Bob Shaw End Ohio State
98 Boston Yanks Angelo Sisti Tackle Boston College

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
99 Chicago Cardinals Fran Griffin Tackle Holy Cross
100 Brooklyn Tigers John Bicaninch Guard Minnesota
101 Detroit Lions Paul White Back Michigan
102 Philadelphia Eagles Elliott Ormsbee Back Bradley
103 New York Giants Carl Grate Guard Georgia
104 Green Bay Packers Virgil Johnson End Arkansas
105 Washington Redskins Bill Aldworth Tackle Minnesota
106 Chicago Bears Lin Houston Guard Ohio State
107 Pittsburgh Steelers Carl Buda Guard Tulsa
108 Cleveland Rams Joe Andrejco Back Fordham
109 Boston Yanks Gene Long Guard Kansas

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
110 Chicago Cardinals Leo Daniels Back Texas A&M
111 Brooklyn Tigers Jim Tyree End Oklahoma
112 Detroit Lions Jack Lescoulie Guard UCLA
113 Pittsburgh Steelers Sam Gray End Tulsa
114 New York Giants Tommy Mont Back Maryland
115 Green Bay Packers Roy Giusti Back St. Mary's (CA)
116 Washington Redskins Bill Joslyn Back Stanford
117 Chicago Bears J.P. Moore Back Vanderbilt
118 Philadelphia Eagles Earle Parsons Back USC
119 Cleveland Rams Pat Filley Guard Notre Dame
120 Boston Yanks Ed Fiorentino End Boston College

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
121 Chicago Cardinals Bobby Dobbs Back Tulsa
122 Brooklyn Tigers Jim Wright Center Southern Methodist
123 Detroit Lions Doug Rehor Back Dickinson
124 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Hanzlik End Wisconsin
125 New York Giants Ray Poole End Mississippi
126 Green Bay Packers Bill Baughman Center Alabama
127 Washington Redskins Charley Walker Center Kentucky
128 Chicago Bears Bill Duffey End Georgetown (DC)
129 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Longacre Back William & Mary
130 Cleveland Rams Bob Erickson Back Washington
131 Boston Yanks Mike Zeleznak Back Kansas State

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
132 Chicago Cardinals Van Hall Back Texas Christian
133 Brooklyn Tigers John Genis Tackle Illinois
134 Detroit Lions Bill Pritula Center Michigan
135 Pittsburgh Steelers Les Zetty End Muhlenberg
136 New York Giants Bert Corley Center Mississippi State
137 Green Bay Packers Don Griffin Back Illinois
138 Washington Redskins Boyd Clement Center Oregon State
139 Chicago Bears Joe Hartley Tackle Louisiana State
140 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Talley Center Louisiana State
141 Cleveland Rams Mel Maceau Center Marquette
142 Boston Yanks John Maskas Tackle Virginia Tech

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
143 Chicago Cardinals Jack Carpenter Tackle Missouri
144 Brooklyn Tigers Billie "Spook" Murphy Back Mississippi State
145 Detroit Lions Jim Molich End Fresno State
146 Philadelphia Eagles Dom Fusci Tackle South Carolina
147 New York Giants Ollie Poole End Mississippi
148 Green Bay Packers Bert Gissler End Nebraska
149 Washington Redskins Jim Gaffney Back Tennessee
150 Chicago Bears Bill Milner Guard Duke
151 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Myers Guard Tennessee
152 Cleveland Rams Frank "Bud" Hubbell End Tennessee
153 Boston Yanks John Bond Back Texas Christian

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
154 Chicago Cardinals Charley Csuri Tackle Ohio State
155 Brooklyn Tigers Doug Essick End USC
156 Detroit Lions Jules Yakapovich Back Colgate
157 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Gottlieb Back Duquesne
158 New York Giants Ralph Ellsworth Back Texas
159 Green Bay Packers Lou Shelton Back Oregon State
160 Washington Redskins Ted Ossowski Tackle Oregon State
161 Chicago Bears Ed "Buckets" Hirsch Back Northwestern
162 Philadelphia Eagles Johnny Green End Tulsa
163 Cleveland Rams John Aguirre Tackle USC
164 Boston Yanks Roger Antaya Guard Dartmouth

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
165 Chicago Cardinals Joe Magliolo Back Texas
166 Brooklyn Tigers Howard "Red" Maley Back Southern Methodist
167 Detroit Lions Jack Helms Tackle Georgia Tech
168 Philadelphia Eagles Jackie Freeman Back William & Mary
169 New York Giants Ed Schneider Tackle Washburn
170 Green Bay Packers Charley Cusick Guard Colgate
171 Washington Redskins Tom Davis Back Duke
172 Chicago Bears Ed Ryckeley End Georgia Tech
173 Pittsburgh Steelers Hugh Davis Back Michigan State
174 Cleveland Rams Aubrey Clayton Back Auburn
175 Boston Yanks Marshall Shurnas End Missouri

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
176 Chicago Cardinals Walt Szot Tackle Bucknell
177 Brooklyn Tigers Don Willer Tackle USC
178 Detroit Lions Elmer "Tippy" Madarik Back Detroit
179 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Sullivan End Villanova
180 New York Giants Marcel Gres Tackle Texas
181 Green Bay Packers Hugh Cox Back North Carolina
182 Washington Redskins John Batorski End Colgate
183 Chicago Bears Howdy Plasman Back Miami (FL)
184 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Kane Back Pennsylvania
185 Cleveland Rams Ziggy Zamlynski Back Villanova
186 Boston Yanks Reldon Bennett Tackle Louisiana State

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
187 Chicago Cardinals Jack Adams End Presbyterian
188 Brooklyn Tigers Howard Callanan Back USC
189 Detroit Lions Bill Eubank End Mississippi State
190 Philadelphia Eagles Tony Schiro Guard Santa Clara
191 New York Giants Neil Brooks Back Washington
192 Green Bay Packers Kermit Davis End Mississippi State
193 Washington Redskins Clyde Ehrhardt Center Georgia
194 Chicago Bears Barry "Bear" French Tackle Purdue
195 Pittsburgh Steelers Jimmy Woodside Center Temple
196 Cleveland Rams Bob McBride Guard Notre Dame
197 Boston Yanks Art Faircloth Back North Carolina State

Round twenty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
198 Chicago Cardinals Ray Kuffel End Marquette
199 Brooklyn Tigers George Doherty Tackle Louisiana Tech
200 Detroit Lions Ray Ahlstrom Back St. Mary's (CA)
201 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Miller Back Pennsylvania
202 New York Giants Pete Kane Back Geneva
203 Green Bay Packers Bob Johnson Center Purdue
204 Washington Redskins Dave Brown End UCLA
205 Chicago Bears Paul Taylor Back USC
206 Philadelphia Eagles Norm Michael Back Syracuse
207 Cleveland Rams Joe Yackanich Tackle Fordham
208 Boston Yanks Tony Bilotti Guard St. Mary's (CA)

Round twenty one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
209 Chicago Cardinals Jack West End Texas
210 Brooklyn Tigers Mike Mihalic Guard Mississippi State
211 Detroit Lions Alex Kapter Guard Northwestern
212 Philadelphia Eagles Eddie Kulakowski Tackle West Virginia
213 New York Giants M.L. "Kit" Kittrell Back Baylor
214 Green Bay Packers Jim Cox Tackle Stanford
215 Washington Redskins Bill Ivy Tackle Northwestern
216 Chicago Bears Hank Margarita Back Brown
217 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Lawson End Holy Cross
218 Cleveland Rams John Creevey Back Notre Dame
219 Boston Yanks Bill Furman Tackle Washington & Lee

Round twenty two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
220 Chicago Cardinals Jack Esorcia Back Illinois State
221 Brooklyn Tigers Ted Cook End Alabama
222 Detroit Lions Vick Clark Back Texas-El Paso
223 Pittsburgh Steelers Hank Caver Back Presbyterian
224 New York Giants Roy Renfro Guard Fresno State
225 Green Bay Packers Cliff Anderson End Minnesota
226 Washington Redskins Bruce Babcock Back Rochester
227 Chicago Bears Ed Davis Back Oklahoma
228 Philadelphia Eagles Al Postus Back Villanova
229 Cleveland Rams David Paul Jones Back Arkansas
230 Boston Yanks Clare Morford Guard Oklahoma

Round twenty three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
231 Chicago Cardinals Don Buffmire Back Northwestern
232 Brooklyn Tigers Bucky Gillenwater Tackle Texas
233 Detroit Lions Max Fischer Center Oklahoma
234 Philadelphia Eagles Milt Smith End UCLA
235 New York Giants John Dubzinski Guard Boston College
236 Green Bay Packers John Wesley Perry Back Duke
237 Washington Redskins Bill Reinhard Back California
238 Chicago Bears Dick Jamison Tackle USC
239 Pittsburgh Steelers Paul Carter Tackle Michigan State
240 Cleveland Rams Jim Pharr Center Auburn
241 Boston Yanks Dilton Richmond End Louisiana State

Round twenty four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
242 Chicago Cardinals Bob Nanni Tackle Duke
243 Brooklyn Tigers Jack Baldwin Center Centenary
244 Detroit Lions Chuck Jacoby Back Indiana
245 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Holben Tackle Muhlenberg
246 New York Giants Howard Beyer Center Michigan State
247 Green Bay Packers Pete DeMaria Guard Purdue
248 Washington Redskins Ed Bauer Guard South Carolina
249 Chicago Bears Jack Bortka Back Kansas State
250 Philadelphia Eagles Earl Klapstein Tackle Pacific
251 Cleveland Rams Joe Warlick Back Mississippi State
252 Boston Yanks Courtney Lawlor Back Richmond

Round twenty five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
253 Chicago Cardinals John McGinnis End Notre Dame
254 Brooklyn Tigers Dick Manning Back USC
255 Detroit Lions Bob McCarthy End St. Mary's (CA)
256 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Frisbee Back Stanford
257 New York Giants Ben Babula Back Fordham
258 Green Bay Packers Len Liss Tackle Marquette
259 Washington Redskins Joe "Smokey" Martin Back Cornell
260 Chicago Bears Roy Ruskusky End St. Mary's (CA)
261 Pittsburgh Steelers Howard Tippee Back Iowa State
262 Cleveland Rams Bert Gianelli Guard Santa Clara
263 Boston Yanks Howard Debus Back Nebraska

Round twenty six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
264 Chicago Cardinals Warren Hodges Tackle Kansas
265 Brooklyn Tigers Ray Grierson End Illinois
266 Detroit Lions Stan Hendrickson End Colorado
267 Pittsburgh Steelers Charley Malmberg Tackle Rice
268 New York Giants Ted Fitanides Back New Hampshire
269 Green Bay Packers Ray Jordan Back North Carolina
270 Washington Redskins Lee Gustafson Back Oregon State
271 Chicago Bears Harry Franck Back Northwestern
272 Philadelphia Eagles Ed Eiden Back Scranton
273 Cleveland Rams Charley Kuhn Back Kentucky
274 Boston Yanks Bill Portwood End Kentucky

Round twenty seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
275 Chicago Cardinals Bill Earley Back Notre Dame
276 Brooklyn Tigers Joe Golding Back Oklahoma
277 Detroit Lions Fred Bouldin Back Missouri
278 Philadelphia Eagles Barney Burdick End Creighton
279 New York Giants Andy Bires End Alabama
280 Green Bay Packers Al Grubaugh Tackle Nebraska
281 Washington Redskins Nick Pappas Tackle Utah
282 Chicago Bears Jack McKewan Tackle Alabama
283 Pittsburgh Steelers Russ Ashbaugh Back Notre Dame
284 Cleveland Rams Jim Smith Tackle Colorado
285 Boston Yanks Harold Collins Guard Southwestern (TX)

Round twenty eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
286 Chicago Cardinals Bob Davis Guard Oregon
287 Brooklyn Tigers Bob Zimny Tackle Indiana
288 Detroit Lions Dick McElwee Back West Virginia
289 Pittsburgh Steelers Pat Petroski Guard Miami (FL)
290 New York Giants Tom Rock End Columbia
291 Green Bay Packers A. B. Howard End Mississippi State
292 Washington Redskins Lindsey Bowen End Rice
293 Chicago Bears Charlie Mitchell Back Tulsa
294 Philadelphia Eagles Nick Daukas Tackle Dartmouth
295 Cleveland Rams Ray Donelli Back Duquesne
296 Boston Yanks Aubrey Gill Center Texas

Round twenty nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
297 Chicago Cardinals Vince DiFrancesca Tackle Northwestern
298 Brooklyn Tigers Marty Frohm Tackle Mississippi State
299 Detroit Lions Bob Derleth Tackle Michigan
300 Philadelphia Eagles Pasquale Darone Guard Boston College
301 New York Giants Walt Cyhel Tackle Creighton
302 Green Bay Packers Paul Paladino Guard Arkansas
303 Washington Redskins Bill Gustafson Tackle Washington State
304 Chicago Bears Pat Boyle Guard Wisconsin
305 Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Tosti End Scranton
306 Cleveland Rams John Hughes End Mississippi State
307 Boston Yanks Chet Wasilewski Back Holy Cross

Round thirty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
308 Chicago Cardinals Lloyd Ott Center North Carolina State
309 Brooklyn Tigers Howard Blose Back Cornell
310 Detroit Lions George Dick End Kansas
311 Pittsburgh Steelers Len Seelinger Back Wisconsin
312 New York Giants Francis Nelson Back Baylor
313 Green Bay Packers Bob Butchofsky Back Texas A&M
314 Washington Redskins Bill Yablonski Center Holy Cross
315 Chicago Bears Bernie Pepper Tackle Missouri
316 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Clark Tackle Colorado College
317 Cleveland Rams Dick McPhee Back Georgia
318 Boston Yanks Gus Letchas Back Georgia

Round thirty one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
319 Green Bay Packers Russ Deal Guard Indiana
320 Washington Redskins Buster Hollingbery Center Washington State
321 Chicago Bears Karl Vogt Tackle Villanova
322 Philadelphia Eagles Pete Pasko End East Stroudsburg
323 Cleveland Rams Jim McLeod End Louisiana State
324 Boston Yanks Ralph Calcagni Tackle Pennsylvania

Round thirty two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
325 Green Bay Packers Abel "Frito" Gonzales Back Southern Methodist
326 Washington Redskins Willard Sheller Back Stanford
327 Chicago Bears Bob Endres Tackle Colgate
328 Philadelphia Eagles Myron Majewski Tackle American International
329 Cleveland Rams Stan Kudlacz Center Notre Dame
330 [2] Boston Yanks Walton Roberts Back Texas
= Hall of Famer

Hall of famers

  • Otto Graham, Quarterback from Northwestern taken 1st round 4th overall by the Detroit Lions.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1965.[3]
  • Steve Van Buren, Halfback from LSU taken 1st round 5th overall by the Philadelphia Eagles.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1965.[3]
  • Bob Waterfield, Quarterback from UCLA taken 5th round 42nd overall by the Cleveland Rams.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1965.[3]


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