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1939 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) December 9, 1938
First selection Ki Aldrich, C
Chicago Cardinals
Last selection Jack Rhodes, Guard
New York Giants
Most selections Brooklyn Dodgers (23)
Fewest selections Pittsburgh Pirates (18)
Overall selections 200
NFL Draft
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The 1939 National Football League Draft was held on December 9, 1938.

Player selections

= Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Chicago Cardinals Charles "Ki" Aldrich Center Texas Christian
2 Chicago Bears (From Pittsburgh) Sidney "Sid" Luckman Quarterback Columbia
3 Cleveland Rams Linus Parker "Bullet" Hall Back Ole Miss
4 Philadelphia Eagles Davey O'Brien [1] Back Texas Christian
5 Brooklyn Dodgers Bob MacLeod Back Dartmouth
6 Chicago Bears Bill "Bullet Bill" Osmanski Back Holy Cross
7 Detroit Lions John Pingel Back Michigan State
8 Washington Redskins I. B. Hale Tackle Texas Christian
9 Green Bay Packers Larry Buhler Back Minnesota
10 New York Giants Walt Neilson Back Arizona

Round Two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
11 Brooklyn Dodgers (from Pittsburgh) Clarence "Pug" Manders Fullback Drake
12 Chicago Cardinals Marshall Goldberg Tailback Pittsburgh
13 Cleveland Rams Gaylon Smith Fullback Southwestern
14 Philadelphia Eagles Charlie Newton Defensive Back Washington
15 Brooklyn Dodgers Bob Haak Tackle Indiana

Round Three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
16 Chicago Cardinals Alvord Wolff Tackle Santa Clara
17 Pittsburgh Pirates Billy Patterson Tailback Baylor
18 Cleveland Rams Elmer Tarbox Back Texas Tech
19 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Mihal Tackle Purdue
20 Brooklyn Dodgers Walter "Waddy" Young Offensive End Oklahoma
21 Chicago Bears John Wysocki End Villanova
22 Detroit Lions Howie Weiss Fullback Wisconsin
23 Washington Redskins Charley Holm Back Alabama
24 Green Bay Packers Charley Brock Center Nebraska
25 New York Giants John Chickerneo Blocking Back Pittsburgh

Round Four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
26 Pittsburgh Pirates Hugh McCullough Defensive Back Oklahoma
27 Chicago Cardinals Hal Stebbins Back Pittsburgh
28 Cleveland Rams Wally Garard Tackle St. Mary's (CA)
29 Philadelphia Eagles Billy Dewell Offensive End Southern Methodist
30 Brooklyn Dodgers Vic Bottari Back California

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
31 Chicago Cardinals Bill Daddio End Pittsburgh
32 Pittsburgh Pirates Ernie Wheeler Back North Dakota State
33 Cleveland Rams Eddie Gallo Tackle Louisiana State
34 Philadelphia Eagles Fred Costen Guard Texas A&M
35 Brooklyn Dodgers Jack Kinnison Center Missouri
36 Chicago Bears Joe Delaney Tackle Holy Cross
37 Detroit Lions Steve Maronic Tackle North Carolina
38 Washington Redskins Dick Todd Back Texas A&M
39 Green Bay Packers Lynn Hovland Guard Wisconsin
40 New York Giants Don Willis Back Clemson

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
41 Pittsburgh Pirates Sam Boyd End Baylor
42 Chicago Cardinals George Faust Back Minnesota
43 Cleveland Rams Bernie McGarry Tackle Utah
44 Philadelphia Eagles Jake Schuehle Back Rice
45 Brooklyn Dodgers Len Janiak Back Ohio
46 Brooklyn Dodgers Ed Beinor Tackle Notre Dame
47 Detroit Lions Joe Wendlick End Oregon State
48 Washington Redskins Dave Anderson Back California
49 Green Bay Packers Larry Craig End South Carolina
50 New York Giants Jerry Ginney Guard Santa Clara

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
51 Chicago Cardinals Bill Dwyer Back New Mexico
52 Pittsburgh Pirates Eddie Palumbo Back Detroit
53 Cleveland Rams Gerry Dowd Center St. Mary's (CA)
54 Philadelphia Eagles Tony Ippolito Back Purdue
55 Brooklyn Dodgers Alex Schoenbaum Tackle Ohio State
56 Chicago Bears Charlie Heileman End Iowa State
57 Detroit Lions Darrell Tully Back East Texas State
58 Washington Redskins Quinton Lumpkin Center Georgia
59 Green Bay Packers Frank Twedell Tackle Minnesota
60 New York Giants Lloyd Woodell Center Arkansas

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
61 Pittsburgh Pirates Ole Nelson End Michigan State
62 Chicago Cardinals Sherm Hinkebein Center Kentucky
63 Cleveland Rams Warren "Bronco" Brunner Back Tulane
64 Philadelphia Eagles George Somers Tackle La Salle
65 Brooklyn Dodgers Dan "Tiger" Hill Center Duke
66 Chicago Bears Bob Dannies Center Pittsburgh
67 Detroit Lions Dick Trzuskowski Tackle Idaho
68 Washington Redskins Torrance "Bo" Russell Tackle Auburn
69 Green Bay Packers Paul Kell Tackle Notre Dame
70 New York Giants Pete Zagar Tackle Stanford

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
71 Chicago Cardinals Earl Brown End Notre Dame
72 Pittsburgh Pirates Steve Petro Guard Pittsburgh
73 Cleveland Rams Lew Bostick Guard Alabama
74 Philadelphia Eagles Rankin Britt End Texas A&M
75 Brooklyn Dodgers Forrest Kline Guard Texas Christian
76 Chicago Bears Ray Bray Guard Western Michigan
77 Detroit Lions Bill Callihan Back Nebraska
78 Washington Redskins Wilbur Moore Back Minnesota
79 Green Bay Packers John Hall Back Texas Christian
80 New York Giants Bob Mills Tackle Nebraska

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
81 Pittsburgh Pirates Jack Lee Back Carnegie-Mellon
82 Chicago Cardinals Earl Crowder Quarterback Oklahoma
83 Cleveland Rams Frank Petrick End Indiana
84 Philadelphia Eagles Bill McKeever Tackle Cornell
85 Brooklyn Dodgers Kimble Bradley Back Mississippi
86 Chicago Bears Walt Wood Back Tennessee
87 Detroit Lions Ray George Tackle USC
88 Washington Redskins Jimmy Johnston Back Washington
89 Green Bay Packers Vince Gavre Back Wisconsin
90 New York Giants Tom Roberts Tackle DePaul

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
91 Chicago Cardinals Bowden Wyatt End Tennessee
92 Pittsburgh Pirates Lou Tomasetti Back Bucknell
93 Cleveland Rams Sid Roth Guard Cornell
94 Philadelphia Eagles Paul Humphrey Center Purdue
95 Brooklyn Dodgers George Lenc End Augustana (IL)
96 Chicago Bears Al Braga Back San Francisco
97 Detroit Lions Tony Calvelli Center Stanford
98 Washington Redskins Jim German Back Centre
99 Green Bay Packers Charley Sprague End Southern Methodist
100 New York Giants Merl Miller Back Washington

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
101 Pittsburgh Pirates Denny Cochran Back St. Louis
102 Chicago Cardinals Jim Thomas Guard Oklahoma
103 Cleveland Rams Chet Adams Tackle Ohio
104 Philadelphia Eagles Jack Kraynick Back North Carolina
105 Brooklyn Dodgers Ralph Heikkinen Guard Michigan
106 Chicago Bears Hal Roise Back Idaho
107 Detroit Lions Jim Coughlan End Santa Clara
108 Washington Redskins Bob O'Mara Back Duke
109 Brooklyn Dodgers Carl Kaplanoff Tackle Ohio State
110 New York Giants Bruno Schroeder End Texas A&M

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
111 Chicago Cardinals Andy Sabados Guard Citadel
112 Pittsburgh Pirates Fabian Hoffman End Pittsburgh
113 Cleveland Rams Joel Hitt End Mississippi College
114 Philadelphia Eagles Thomas "Allie" White Tackle Texas Christian
115 Brooklyn Dodgers George Gambis Back Wayne State
116 Chicago Bears Ed Bock Guard Iowa State
117 Detroit Lions Prescott Hutchins Guard Oregon State
118 Washington Redskins Steve Slivinski Guard Washington
119 Green Bay Packers Dan Elmer Center Minnesota
120 New York Giants Sam Allis Back Centenary

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
121 Pittsburgh Pirates Ed Clary Back South Carolina
122 Chicago Cardinals Blase Miatovich Tackle San Francisco
123 Cleveland Rams John Ryland Center UCLA
124 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Aleskus Tackle Ohio State
125 Brooklyn Dodgers Ray Carnelly Back Carnegie-Mellon
126 Chicago Bears Anton Stolfa Back Luther
127 Detroit Lions Art Means Guard Washington
128 Washington Redskins Bob Hoffman Back USC
129 Green Bay Packers Bill Badgett Tackle Georgia
130 New York Giants George Watson Back North Carolina

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
131 Chicago Cardinals Russ Clarke Guard Santa Clara
132 Pittsburgh Pirates John Tosi Center Niagara
133 Cleveland Rams Ben Friend Tackle Louisiana State
134 Philadelphia Eagles Foster Watkins Back West Texas State Teachers
135 Brooklyn Dodgers Lou Trunzo Guard Wake Forest
136 Chicago Bears Bob Voigts Tackle Northwestern
137 Detroit Lions Gene Hodge End East Texas State
138 Washington Redskins Eric Tipton Back Duke
139 Green Bay Packers Tom Greenfield Center Arizona
140 New York Giants Gil Duggan Tackle Oklahoma

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
141 Pittsburgh Pirates Al Lezouski Guard Pittsburgh
142 Chicago Cardinals Gus Goins End Clemson
143 Cleveland Rams Gordon Reupke Back Iowa State
144 Philadelphia Eagles Irv Hall Back Brown
145 Brooklyn Dodgers Charley Gross Guard Bradley
146 Chicago Bears Ken Armstrong Tackle Tarkio
147 Detroit Lions Bill Lazetich Back Montana
148 Washington Redskins Dick Farman Tackle Washington State
149 Green Bay Packers Roy Bellin Back Wisconsin
150 New York Giants Ted Panish Back Bradley

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
151 Chicago Cardinals Everett Elkins Back Marshall
152 Pittsburgh Pirates Ed Longhi Center Notre Dame
153 Cleveland Rams Mike Perrie Back St. Mary's (CA)
154 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Riddell End South Dakota State
155 Brooklyn Dodgers John Siegal End Columbia
156 Chicago Bears Raphael Masters End Newberry
157 Detroit Lions Ralph Neihaus Tackle Dayton
158 Washington Redskins Clyde Shugart Tackle Iowa State
159 Green Bay Packers John Yerby End Oregon
160 New York Giants Jack Sanders Tackle Southern Methodist

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
161 Pittsburgh Pirates Dave Shirk End Kansas
162 Chicago Cardinals Frank Huffman End Marshall
163 Cleveland Rams Alex Atty Guard West Virginia
164 Philadelphia Eagles Charley Gainor End North Dakota
165 Brooklyn Dodgers Paul Morin Tackle Iowa State
166 Chicago Bears Solly Sherman Back Chicago
167 Detroit Lions Dutch Niemant Back New Mexico
168 Washington Redskins Boyd Morgan Back USC
169 Green Bay Packers Frank Balasz Back Iowa
170 New York Giants Will Dolman End California

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
171 Chicago Cardinals Mike Kochel Guard Fordham
172 Pittsburgh Pirates Frank Peters End Washington
173 Cleveland Rams Bill Lane Back Bucknell
174 Philadelphia Eagles Morris White Back Tulsa
175 Brooklyn Dodgers Ferrell Anderson Guard Kansas
176 Chicago Bears Ed Simonich Back Notre Dame
177 Detroit Lions Amerigo "Tony" Tonelli Guard USC
178 Washington Redskins Phil Smith Tackle St. Benedict's
179 Green Bay Packers Jack Brennan Guard Michigan
180 New York Giants Bill Paulman Back Stanford

Round twenty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
181 Pittsburgh Pirates Tom Sheldrake End Washington
182 Chicago Cardinals Tom Rice Tackle San Francisco
183 Cleveland Rams Paul Graham Back Indiana
184 Philadelphia Eagles Dick Gormley Center Louisiana State
185 Brooklyn Dodgers Tony Popp End Toledo
186 Chicago Bears George Vogeler Center Oklahoma State
187 Detroit Lions Jim McDonald Center Illinois
188 Washington Redskins Paul Coop Tackle Centre
189 Green Bay Packers Charley Schultz Tackle Minnesota
190 New York Giants Lyle Smith Guard Tulane

Round twenty one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
191 Chicago Bears Aldo Forte Tackle Montana
192 Detroit Lions Merrill Waters End Brigham Young
193 Washington Redskins Matt Kuber Guard Villanova
194 Green Bay Packers Willard Hofer Back Notre Dame
195 New York Giants Mario Tonelli Back Notre Dame

Round twenty two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
196 Chicago Bears Everett Kircher Back Iowa State
197 Detroit Lions Al Howe Tackle Xavier
198 Washington Redskins Al Cruver Back Washington State
199 Green Bay Packers Bill Gunther Back Santa Clara
200 [2] New York Giants Jack Rhodes Guard Texas

Hall of famers

  • Sid Luckman, Quarterback from Columbia taken 1st round 2nd overall by the Chicago Bears.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1965.[3]


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