1936 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) February 8, 1936
Location Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Network(s) (US) no television coverage
First selection Jay Berwanger, HB
Philadelphia Eagles
Last selection Phil Flanagan, G
New York Giants
Most selections each team selected nine players
Fewest selections each team selected nine players
Overall selections 81
NFL Draft
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The 1936 National Football League Draft was the first official draft of the National Football League. It took place on February 8, 1936 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was the only draft to have nine rounds; the number increased to ten for the 1937 draft. The first player ever drafted, Jay Berwanger, never played in the NFL. His rights were traded from the Eagles to the Bears after he claimed he had no interest in playing for the Eagles, George Halas was unable to convince Berwanger to sign with the Bears. Riley Smith, the second pick, was the first player signed from the draft to play in the NFL.

The following is the breakdown of the 81 players by position:

Player selectionsEdit

= Hall of Famer

Round oneEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1Philadelphia EaglesJay Berwanger [1] HalfbackChicago
2Boston RedskinsRiley SmithBlocking BackAlabama
3Pittsburgh PiratesBill ShakespeareBack Notre Dame
4Brooklyn DodgersDick CrayneFullbackIowa
5Chicago CardinalsJim LawrenceWide BackTexas Christian
6Chicago BearsJoe StydaharTackleWest Virginia
7Green Bay PackersRuss LetlowGuardSan Francisco
8Detroit LionsSid WagnerGuardMichigan State
9New York GiantsArt "Pappy" LewisTackleOhio

Round twoEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
10Philadelphia Eagles John McCauleyBackRice
11Boston RedskinsKeith ToppingEndStanford
12Pittsburgh PiratesLen BarnumQuarterbackWest Virginia Wesleyan
13Brooklyn DodgersVernal "Babe" LeVoirBackMinnesota
14Chicago BearsEd MichaelsGuardVillanova
15Chicago CardinalsGomer JonesCenterOhio State
16Green Bay PackersJ.W. WheelerTackleOklahoma
17Detroit LionsChuck CheshireBackUCLA
18New York GiantsAlphonse "Tuffy" LeemansFullbackGeorge Washington

Round threeEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
19Philadelphia Eagles Wes Muller CenterStanford
20Boston RedskinsEd SmithFullbackNYU
21Pittsburgh PiratesBobby GraysonBackStanford
22Brooklyn DodgersWagner JorgensonCenterSt. Mary's (CA)
23Chicago CardinalsEddie ErdelatzEndSt. Mary's (CA)
24Chicago BearsGeorge RoscoeBackMinnesota
25Green Bay PackersBernie SchererOffensive EndNebraska
26Detroit LionsAndy PilneyBackNotre Dame
27New York GiantsFrank "Butch" LoebsEndPurdue

Round fourEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
28Philadelphia EaglesBill WallaceBackRice
29 Boston RedskinsPaul TangoraGuardNorthwestern
30Pittsburgh PiratesTruman SpainTackleSouthern Methodist
31Brooklyn DodgersPaul "Bear" BryantEndAlabama
32Chicago BearsBob AllmanOffensive EndMichigan State
33Chicago CardinalsEd BrettOffensive EndWashington State
34Green Bay PackersTheron WardBackIdaho
35Detroit LionsSheldon BeiseBackMinnesota
36New York GiantsGene RoseOffensive EndTennessee

Round fiveEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
37Philadelphia EaglesHarry ShufordBackSouthern Methodist
38Boston RedskinsWilson GrosecloseTackleTexas Christian
39Pittsburgh PiratesWayne SandefurFullbackPurdue
40Brooklyn DodgersBob WilsonTailbackSouthern Methodist
41Chicago CardinalsStan RiordanEndOregon
42Chicago BearsVern OechGuardMinnesota
43Green Bay PackersDarrell LesterCenterTexas Christian
44Detroit LionsKavanaugh FrancisCenterAlabama
45New York GiantsEd JontosGuardSyracuse

Round sixEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
46Philadelphia EaglesAl BarabasBackColumbia
47Boston RedskinsLarry LutzTackleCalifornia
48Pittsburgh PiratesMaurice OrrTackleSouthern Methodist
49Brooklyn DodgersJoe ManiaciFullbackFordham
50Chicago BearsTed ChristoffersonBackWashington State
51Chicago CardinalsEttore AntoniniEndIndiana
52Green Bay PackersBob ReynoldsTackleStanford
53Detroit LionsAbe MickalBackLouisiana State
54New York GiantsGus DurnerTackleDuke

Round sevenEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
55Philadelphia EaglesJac WellerGuardPrinceton
56Boston RedskinsDon IrwinFullbackColgate
57Pittsburgh PiratesMarty PetersEndNotre Dame
58Brooklyn DodgersHerb SchreiberBackSt. Mary's (CA)
59Chicago CardinalsTack DennisBackTulsa
60Chicago BearsDick SmithTackleMinnesota
61Green Bay PackersWally FromhartBackNotre Dame
62Detroit LionsCharles WasicekTackleColgate
63New York GiantsBob PeeplesTackleMarquette

Round eightEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
64Philadelphia EaglesPepper ConstableBackPrinceton
65Boston RedskinsWayne MillnerOffensive EndNotre Dame
66Pittsburgh PiratesEd KarpowichTackleCatholic University
67Brooklyn DodgersBob "Bones" HamiltonBackStanford
68Chicago BearsJohn SylvesterEndRice
69Chicago CardinalsRoss CarterGuardOregon
70Green Bay PackersWally CruiceBackNorthwestern
71Detroit LionsDale RennebohmCenterMinnesota
72New York GiantsDick HeekinBackOhio State

Round nineEdit

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
73Philadelphia EaglesPaul PaukBackPrinceton
74Boston RedskinsMarcel SaundersGuardLoyola (CA)
75Pittsburgh PiratesJoe MeglenBackGeorgetown
76Brooklyn DodgersJim "Monk" MoscripOffensive EndStanford
77Chicago Cardinals Niels LarsenTackleStanford
78Chicago BearsDan FortmannGuardColgate
79Green Bay PackersJ. C. WetselGuardSouthern Methodist
80Detroit LionsBob "Choo-Choo" TrainEndYale
81 [2]New York GiantsPhil Flanagan GuardHoly Cross
= Hall of Famer

Hall of famersEdit

  • Dan Fortmann, Guard from Colgate Taken 9th round 78th overall by the Chicago Bears.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1965.[3]
Joe Stydahar

Joe Stydahar

  • Joe Stydahar, Tackle from West Virginia Taken 1st round 6th overall by the Chicago Bears.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1967.[3]
  • Wayne Millner, End from Notre Dame Taken 8th round 65th overall by the Boston Redskins.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1968.[3]
  • Alphonse "Tuffy" Leemans, Back from George Washington University Taken 2nd Round 18th overall by the New York Giants.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 1978.[4]


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