The 1936 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams for the 1936 college football season. The organizations that chose the teams included: the United Press; the Associated Press; Collier's Weekly; and the New York Sun.

All-American selections for 1936Edit


  • AP = Associated Press[1]
  • UP = United Press[2]
  • COL = Collier's Weekly[3]
  • INS = International News Service[4]
  • NEA = Newspaper Editors Association[5]
  • LIB = Liberty Magazine, "the All-Players All-American eleven, as announced by the editors of Liberty magazine"[6]
  • CP = Central Press Association: "In the sixth annual Captains' All-American, selected by more than 50 gridiron leaders of important universities and colleges throughout the United States, the East is represented at three positions."[7]
  • WC = Walter Camp Football Foundation[8]

Bold = Consensus All-American[9]

  • 1 - First Team Selection
  • 2 - Second Team Selection
  • 3 - Third Team Selection



  • Ed Widseth, Minnesota (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; INS-1; NEA-1; LIB-1; CP-1; WC-1)
  • Ave Daniell, Pittsburgh (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; NEA-1; CP-1)
  • Frank Kinard, Mississippi (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (INS-1; WC-1; AP-3)
  • Chebro, Colgage (LIB-1)
  • Charles Toll, Princeton (AP-2)
  • Charley Hamrick, Ohio State (AP-2)
  • Moss, Tulane (CP-2)
  • Ed Franco, Fordham (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; CP-2)



  • Alex Wojciechowicz, Fordham (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (COL-1; NEA-1; CP-2)
  • Mike Basrak, Duquesne (AP-1; INS-1; LIB-1; CP-1; WC-1)
  • Bob Herwig, California (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; UP-1)
  • Walter Gilbert, Auburn (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3)


  • Sammy Baugh, TCU (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2 [hb]; UP-1; COL-1; INS-1 [hb]; NEA-1 [hb]; CP-1)
  • Ed Goddard, Washington State (Second pick in the 1937 NFL Draft) (AP-3; UP-1; NEA-1; CP-2)
  • Clint Frank, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; COL-1 [hb])
  • Falanche, Santa Clara (INS-1)
  • Franny Murray, Penn (AP-2)


  • Ace Parker, Duke (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; INS-1; LIB-1 [qb]; CP-1 [fb]; WC-1)
  • Ray Buivid, Marquette (AP-1; COL-1; NEA-1; LIB-1; CP-1)
  • Nello Falaschi, Santa Clara (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; WC-1)
  • Don Heap, Northwestern (CP-1)
  • Kent Ryan, Utah State (WC-1)
  • Andy Uram, Minnesota (AP-2; CP-2)
  • Joe Riley, Alabama (CP-1)
  • Jimmie Cain, Washington (LIB-1)
  • Philip Dickens, Tennessee (AP-3)



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