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The 1934 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams for the 1934 college football season. The organizations that chose the teams included: the United Press; the Associated Press; Collier's Weekly selected by Grantland Rice; and the New York Sun.

All-American selections for 1934


  • AP = Associated Press: "Alan J. Gould, Associated Press general sports editor, selected the Associated Press All-America football team. He was assisted by his staff of writers all over the country, sports editors of member papers, and eading coaches whose co-operation he sought."[1]
  • UP = United Press
  • COL = Collier's Weekly as selected by Grantland Rice
  • NEA = Newspaper Editors Association
  • INS = International News Service selected by Davis Walsh
  • LIB = Liberty Magazine: "Fifteen hundred and forty Intercollegiate players from 93 major universities voted, according to Norman L. Sper who conducted the selection for Liberty"[2]
  • NANA = North American Newspaper Alliance, selected for NANA "by four famous coaches: Andy Kerr, of Colgate; Dan E. McGugin, of Vanderbilt; James Phelan, of Washington; and Gus Dorais, of Detroit."[3]
  • CP = Central Press Association
  • NYS = New York Sun
  • WC = Walter Camp Football Foundation[4]
  • CSW = College Sports Writers[5]

Bold = Consensus All-American[6]

  • 1 - First Team Selection
  • 2 - Second Team Selection
  • 3 - Third Team Selection


  • Don Hutson, Alabama (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; INS-1; LIB-1; NANA-2; NYS-1; WC-1; CSW-2)
  • Frank Larson, Minnesota (AP-1; NANA-1; NEA-1; CP-1; NYS-1)
  • Jim "Monk" Moscrip, Stanford (AP-2; UP-1; NEA-1; LIB-1; NANA-2; CP-1; WC-1)
  • Joseph Bogdanski, Colgate (AP-3; NANA-1)
  • Merle Wendt, Ohio State (INS-1)
  • Lester Borden,Fordham (AP-2)
  • Willis Ward, Michigan (CSW-2)
  • Lawrence Kelly, Yale (AP-3)


  • Bill Lee, Alabama (AP-1; LIB-1; NANA-1)
  • Bob Reynolds, Stanford (AP-1; INS-1; NANA-1; NYS-1)
  • James Steen, Syracuse (AP-2; UP-1; LIB-1; CP-1)
  • George Maddox, Kansas State (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1)
  • Clyde Carter, Southern Methodist (UP-1)
  • Cassius "Cash" Gentry, Oklahoma (NEA-1; CSW-2)
  • Carter, Navy (NEA-1)
  • Ed Widseth, Minnesota (College Football Hall of Fame) (INS-1)
  • George Theodoratus, Washington State (NEA-1)
  • Joseph Ferrara, Columbia (AP-2)
  • Slade Cutter, Navy (AP-3)
  • Charles Galbreath, Illinois (AP-3)
  • Phil Bengston, Minnesota (NANA-2)
  • Charley Hamrick, Ohio State (NANA-2)
  • Charles "Buzz" Harvey, Holy Cross (CSW-2)


  • Chuck Hartwig, Pittsburgh (AP-1; INS-1; LIB-1; NANA-1; CP-1; NYS-1; WC-1)
  • Bill Bevan, Minnesota (AP-2; UP-1; LIB-1; NANA-1)
  • Regis Monahan, Ohio State (AP-2; UP-1; NEA-1; CP-1; NYS-1 [t]; WC-1; CSW-2)
  • George T. Barclay, North Carolina (AP-1; NEA-1; NANA-1; WC-1; CSW-2)
  • Charles Mucha, Washington (AP-3; NANA-2)
  • Kenneth Ormiston, Pittsburgh (AP-3; INS-1; NYS-1)
  • Weller, Princeton (NANA-2)


  • Jack Robinson, Notre Dame (AP-2; NANA-1; WC-1; CSW-2)
  • Darrell Lester, TCU (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; INS-1; NANA-1; NYS-1)
  • George Shotwell, Pittsburgh (UP-1; NANA-2; CP-1)
  • Elmer "Bear" Ward, Utah State (NEA-1)
  • Ellmore Patterson, Chicago (LIB-1)
  • Franklin Meier, Nebraska (AP-3)


  • Bobby Grayson, Stanford (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; NEA-1; INS-1 [fb]; NANA-1; CP-1 [fb]; NYS-1; WC-1)
  • Arleigh Williams, California (AP-2; INS-1)
  • Ed Goddard, Washington State (LIB-1)
  • Miller Munjas, Pittsburgh (AP-3; NANA-2)


  • Dixie Howell, Alabama (College Football Hall of Fame) (UP-1; NEA-1; INS-1; NANA-1; CP-1; AP-2; LIB-1; WC-1; CSW-2)
  • Buzz Borries, Navy (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; NANA-2; CP-1; NYS-1)
  • William Wallace, Rice (AP-1)
  • Robert Hamilton, Stanford (LIB-1)
  • Jay Berwanger, Chicago (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; WC-1)
  • Wilcox, Southern Methodist (NEA-1)
  • Richard Hoskin, Ohio State (AP-3)
  • Claude Simons, Jr. (AP-3)
  • Duane Purvis, Purdue (NANA-2)
  • Jack Buckler, Army (CSW-2)


  • Pug Lund, Minnesota (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; INS-1 [hb]; LIB-1; NANA-1 [hb]-1 [hb]; NYS-1 [hb]; WC-1)
  • Izzy Weinstock, Pittsburgh (AP-2; NEA-1; NANA-1; CSW-2)
  • Stan Kostka, Minnesota (NANA-2; NYS-1; CSW-2)
  • David Smuckler, Temple (AP-3)


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