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The 1932 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1932. The organizations that chose the teams included: the United Press and the Associated Press.

All-American selections for 1932


  • AP = Associated Press[1]
  • UP = United Press[2][3]
  • CO = Collier's Weekly, selected by Grantland Rice[4]
  • AAB = All America Board selected by Christy Walsh in collaboration with Glenn Warner, W.A. Alexander, Jesse C. Harper, Edward L. Casey[5]
  • NEA = NEA Sports Syndicate[6]
  • INS = INS (Hearst) newspaper syndicate[7]
  • CP = Central Press Association, the captains' poll[8][9]
  • NYS = New York Sun[10]
  • WC = Walter Camp Football Foundation[11]
  • NYW = New York World-Telegram[12]
  • TR = Ted A. Ramsay, an attempt to create a consensus All-American team using the selections of the six most prominent selectors: the All-America Board, NEA, UP, AP, New York Sun and New York World. Three players, Moss, Kurth and Newman were unanimously selected by all six.[13]
  • PD = Parke H. Davis[14]
  • PM = Philip Martin[15]
  • Bold - Consensus All-American[16]
  • 1 - First Team Selection
  • 2 - Second Team Selection
  • 3 - Third Team Selection


  • Paul Moss, Purdue (AP-1; UP-1; CO-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; NYT-1; WC-1; TR-1; PD; PM)
  • Joe Skladany, Pittsburgh (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; UP-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-2; TR-1)
  • Ted Petoskey, Michigan (UP-3; WC-1; AAB-1; INS-3; NYS-2)
  • Jose Martinez-Zorilla, Cornell (AP-1)
  • David Ariall, Auburn (NEA-2; CP-1)
  • Richard King, Army (AP-2; UP-3; NEA-2; INS-2; NYS-1)
  • David Nisbet, Washington (AP-3; CO-1; INS-2)
  • Clary Anderson, Colgate (NEA-3; NYT-1)
  • Frank Meadow, Brown (AP-3)
  • Edwin Kosky, Notre Dame (UP-2)
  • Virgil Rayburn, Tennessee (NYS-2)
  • Anthony "Tony" Matal, Columbia (UP-2; NEA-3; PM)
  • Francis "Hands" Slavich, Santa Clara (INS-3)
  • Sidney Gillman, Ohio State (PD)
  • Ivy Williamson, Michigan (CP-2)
  • Ford Palmer, Univ. Southern Calif. (CP-3)
  • Madison Pruitt, Texas Christian (CP-3)


  • Joe Kurth, Notre Dame (AP-1; UP-1; CO-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; NYT-1; WC-1; TR-1; PM)
  • Ernie Smith, Southern California (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; CO-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-2; NYT-1; WC-1; TR-1; PD)
  • Edward Krause, Notre Dame (AP-2; UP-3; NEA-2; INS-2; CP-2)
  • Fred Crawford, Duke (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; UP-2; CP-3)
  • Raymond Brown, Southern California (AP-3; UP-3; NEA-2; INS-2; CP-3; NYS-1; PM)
  • Howard Colehower, Penn (AP-3; UP-2; NEA-3; INS-3; CP-2)
  • L. Brown, Brown (NEA-3)
  • Ted Rosequist, Ohio State (INS-3)
  • John Wilbur, Yale (NYS-2)
  • Irad Hardy, Harvard (PD)


  • Milton Summerfelt, Army (AP-1; UP-1; CO-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; NYT-1; TR-1; PD; PM)
  • Bill Corbus, Stanford (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; UP-1; CO-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; CP-2; NYS-1; WC-1; TR-1)
  • Robert Smith, Colgate (AP-2; UP-2; AAB-1; NEA-2; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-2; WC-1; PD)
  • Johnny Vaught, Texas Christian (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-2; INS-3; CP-3; NYT-1)
  • Joseph Gailus, Ohio State (AP-2; UP-3; NEA-2; INS-2; CP-3; NYS-2; PM)
  • Mike Steponovich, St. Mary's (AP-3; NEA-3)
  • James Harris, Notre Dame (NEA-3)
  • Aaron Rosenberg, Southern California (College Football Hall of Fame) (UP-3; INS-2)
  • Gregory Kabat, Wisconsin (INS-3)
  • Thomas Hupke, Alabama (CP-2)


  • Clarence "Pete" Gracey, Vanderbilt (AP-2; UP-1; NEA-2; INS-2; NYS-2; NYT-1; TR-1)
  • Lawrence Ely, Nebraska (AP-1; UP-2; CO-1; AAB-1; INS-3; NYS-1)
  • Chuck Bernard, Michigan (AP-3; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-2)
  • Cap Oehler, Purdue (NEA-3)
  • Tom Gilbane, Brown (CP-1)
  • Art Krueger, Marquette (WC-1; PM)
  • Peter Gracey, Vanderbilt (CP-3; PD)
  • Joe Tormey, Pitt (UP-3)


  • Harry Newman, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; CO-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; NYT-1; WC-1; TR-1; PD; PM)
  • Clifford Montgomery, Columbia (AP-2; UP-3; INS-2; NYS-2)
  • Felix Vidal, Army (AP-3)
  • Bob Monnett, Michigan State (NEA-2)
  • Johnny Cain, Alabama (College Football Hall of Fame) (NEA-3)
  • Robert Ramsay Chase, Brown (INS-3; CP-2; NYS-1 [fb])
  • Charles R. Soleau, Colgate (UP-3)
  • William "Bill" Beasley, St. Mary's (CP-3)


  • Warren Heller, Pittsburgh (AP-1; UP-1; CO-1 [fb]; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; WC-1; TR-1; PM)
  • Jimmy Hitchcock, Auburn (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-2; CO-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-2; NYS-2; NYT-1; WC-1; TR-1; PD; PM)
  • Don Zimmerman, Tulane (AP-1 [fb]; UP-1; CO-1; NEA-3; INS-2; CP-1; NYT-1)
  • Harrison Stafford, Texas (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2)
  • George Sanders, Washington State (AP-2; UP-3; NEA-2; NYS-2)
  • Beattie Feathers, Tennessee (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; UP-3; INS-3)
  • John Crickard, Harvard (AP-3)
  • Gil Berry, Illinois (NEA-2; CP-3)
  • Frank Christensen, Utah (NEA-3)
  • Johnny Cain, Alabama (College Football Hall of Fame) (INS-2)
  • Whitey Ask, Colgate (INS-3)
  • Robert Lassiter, Yale (PD)
  • Bohn Hilliard, Texas (CP-2)
  • Henry "Hank" Schaldach, California (CP-3)


  • Roy Horstmann, Purdue (UP-2; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-2; NYS-1 [hb]; NYT-1; WC-1; TR-1; PM)
  • Frank Christensen, Utah (UP-1; CP-3)
  • Jack Manders, Minnesota (CP-1; INS-3)
  • Bart Viviano, Cornell (AP-2; NYS-2)
  • Duane Purvis, Purdue (AP-3)
  • George Melinkovich, Notre Dame (UP-2 [halfback]; NEA-2; INS-2; PD)
  • Angelo Brovelli, St. Mary's (UP-3; NEA-3)


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