The 1930 All-Pacific Coast football team consists of American football players chosen by various organizations for All-Pacific Coast teams for the 1930 college football season. The organizations selecting teams in 1934 included the Associated Press (AP),[1] the Newspaper Enterprise Association,[2] and the United Press (UP).[3]

All-Pacific Coast selectionsEdit


  • Marshall Duffield, USC (AP-1; NEA-1; UP-1)





  • Glen Edwards, Washington State (AP-1; NEA-1; UP-1)
  • Paul Schwegler, Washington (AP-1; NEA-1; UP-1) (College Football Hall of Fame)


  • Johnny Baker, USC (AP-1; NEA-1; UP-1) (College Football Hall of Fame)
  • Ted Beckett, California (AP-1; NEA-1; UP-1)


  • Mel Hein, Washington State (AP-1; NEA-1; UP-1) (College and Pro Football Halls of Fame)


AP = Associated Press, selected "after the most comprehensive balloting ever taken on a mythical eleven in the Far West"[1]

NEA = Newspaper Enterprise Association, "selected by NEA newspaper sports writers all over the Pacific conference territory"[2]

UP = United Press, "picked by sports editors and writers on metropolitan newspapers from every section represented by contending talent"[3]

Bold = Consensus first-team selection by at least two of the AP, NEA and UP

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