1928 Rose Bowl
14th Rose Bowl Game
1 2 3 4 Total
{{{Visitor School}}} 0 0 6 0 6
{{{Home School}}} 0 0 7 0 7
Date January 2, 1928
Season 1927
Stadium Rose Bowl
Location Pasadena, California
MVP Cliff Hoffman (FB) – Stanford
Attendance 70,000
Rose Bowl
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The 1928 Rose Bowl Game was a match between Stanford (7-2-1) and the Pittsburgh Panthers (8-0-1). Usually, the Rose Bowl was played on January 1, but in 1928, that fell on a Sunday, so the game was played on January 2, 1928. At this time, the Rose Bowl was the top and only bowl game, an east-vs.-west matchup. Stanford won the game, 7-6.[1]

Coaching Edit

The coach for Pittsburgh was John B. "Jock" Sutherland, while the Stanford coach was Glenn "Pop" Warner.


Third QuarterEdit

  • Pitt – Jimmy Hagan, 17-yard run (off Stanford fumble) (Booth kick failed)
  • Stan – Frankie Wilton, 5-yard run (off Stanford fumble) (Hoffman kick good)

Individual StatsEdit


  • Stanford: Hoffman 25-82; Hyland 5-19; Post 3-10
  • Pitt: Welch 10-53; Booth 8-32

Game notesEdit

The capacity of the Pasadena Rose Bowl Stadium was increased to 76,000, adding 19,000 seats.

Stanford's Walt Heinicke blocked the extra-point attempt of Allen Booth following Pitt's only touchdown.

The weather was 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


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