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The 1927 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1927. The organizations that chose the teams included: the United Press; the Associated Press; Collier's Weekly selected by Grantland Rice; and the New York Sun.

All-American selections for 1927



  • Bennie Oosterbaan, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; AAB)
  • Tom Nash, Georgia (AP-3; UP-3; COL-1; HE-1; DJW-1; BE-3; LP-1; AAB)
  • Ivy Shiver, Georgia Tech (AP-1; UP-1; CP-2; HE-2; DJW-3; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-2)
  • Dwight Fishwick, Yale (CP-1)
  • George Cole, Dartmouth (AP-2; HE-3; DJW-2)
  • Raymond Matthews, Texas Christian (AP-2; DJW-2; NYS-2; BE-3)
  • Irvine Phillips, California (AP-3; CP-2)
  • Stewart Scott, Yale (UP-2; BE-2)
  • Charles Born, Army (UP-2; HE-2; DJW-3; NYS-2; BE-2)
  • Charlie Moeser, Princeton (HE-3; LP-2)
  • Charles Walsh, Notre Dame (UP-3)


  • Jesse Hibbs, Southern California (AP-2; UP-1; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1; NYS-1; BE-2; LP-1; AAB)
  • Ed Hake, Penn (AP-1; UP-1; CP-2; HE-2; BE-3)
  • Bud Sprague, Army (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-2; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1)
  • Bill Kern, Pittsburgh (HE-2; NYS-2; BE-1)
  • John Smith, Penn (AP-2; COL-1; DJW-3)
  • Leo Raskowski, Ohio State (AP-3; COL-1; HE-3; BE-1; LP-1)
  • Fred Pickhard, Alabama (UP-2; CP-2)
  • Leo Nowack, Illinois (AP-3)
  • George Perry, Army (NYS-1; BE-2)
  • Jap Douds, Washington & Jefferson (HE-3; BE-3)
  • Sidney Quarrier, Yale (UP-3; AAB)
  • Fitzgerald, Tufts (UP-3)
  • Alton C. Sprott, Texas A&M (DJW-3; NYS-2; BE-3 [g])


  • Bill Webster, Yale (AP-1; UP-2; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; AAB)
  • John P. "Clipper" Smith, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1; NYS-1; BE-1; AAB)
  • Russell Crane, Illinois (COL-1; LP-2)
  • Ray Baer, Michigan (AP-2; UP-2; CP-2; HE-2; DJW-2; BE-2)
  • John Barnhill, Tennessee (AP-2)
  • Harold Hanson, Minnesota (AP-3; UP-1; CP-2; HE-2; DJW-3; NYS-2; BE-2; LP-1)
  • Gene Smith, Georgia (AP-3)
  • William Wright, Washington (DJW-2; NYS-2; BE-3; LP-2)
  • Justin Whitlock Dart, Northwestern (UP-3)
  • R. Van I. Miller, Amherst (UP-3)
  • Dan McMullen, Nebraska (DJW-3)
  • French, Princeton (HE-3)
  • Seraphim Post, Stanford (HE-3)


  • John Charlesworth, Yale (UP-1; COL-1; CP-1; HE-2; BE-1)
  • Larry Bettencourt, St. Mary's (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; CP-2; HE-1; DJW-1; NYS-1; BE-2; LP-2; AAB)
  • Claude Grigsby, Georgetown (AP-2; HE-3)
  • Ken Rouse, Chicago (AP-3; UP-3)
  • Robert Reitsch, Illinois (DJW-3; NYS-2; BE-3; LP-1)
  • John McCreery, Stanford (UP-2)
  • Elvin Butcher, Tennessee (DJW-2)


  • Morley Drury, Southern California (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1 [hb]; UP-1; COL-1; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1 [hb]; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; AAB)
  • Bill Spears, Vanderbilt (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-2; CP-2; HE-3; DJW-1; LP-2)
  • Joel Hunt, Texas A&M (AP-2; DJW-3)
  • Harold Almquist, Minnesota (AP-3)
  • Jack Connor, New York Univ. (HE-2; DJW-2; NYS-2; BE-2; LP-2)
  • Gerald Mann, Southern Methodist (BE-3)


  • Gibby Welch, Pittsburgh (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; AAB)
  • Red Cagle, Army (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; UP-3; COL-1; HE-2; AAB)
  • Christy Flanagan, Notre Dame (UP-1; CP-1; HE-3; DJW-3; BE-1)
  • Alton Marsters, Dartmouth (AP-2; UP-2; HE-3; DJW-2; NYS-2; BE-2; LP-2)
  • Glenn Presnell, Nebraska (AP-2; UP-2; HE-2; DJW-2; NYS-2; BE-2; LP-1)
  • Chuck Carroll, Washington (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3)
  • Joel Hunt, Texas A&M (BE-3; LP-2)
  • Louis Gilbert, Michigan (UP-3 [qb]; CP-2; BE-3)
  • Walter Gebert, Marquette (UP-3; DJW-3; LP-2)
  • Bruce Caldwell, Yale (CP-2; HE-1; NYS-1; LP-2)


  • Herb Joesting, Minnesota (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; AAB)
  • Herdis McCrary, Georgia (AP-2; UP-2; HE-3; DJW-2)
  • Bill Amos, Washington & Jefferson (AP-3; HE-2; BE-3)
  • Mike Miles, Princeton (NYS-2; BE-2)
  • Pat Wilson, Washington (LP-2)
  • Biff Hoffman, Stanford (DJW-3; LP-2)
  • Lou Tesreau, Washington (UP-3)
  • Frank Briante, New York Univ. (CP-2)


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