1926 National Football League season
Regular season
Duration September 19, 1926 - December 19, 1926
Champions Frankford Yellow Jackets
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The 1926 NFL season was the 7th regular season of the National Football League. The league grew to 22 teams, adding the Brooklyn Lions, the Hartford Blues, the Los Angeles Buccaneers, and the Louisville Colonels, with Racine Tornadoes re-entering. Cleveland Bulldogs sat out the season, the Rock Island Independents defected to the upstart American Football League, and the Rochester Jeffersons folded. The Akron Pros re-branded as the Akron Indians, the Duluth Kelleys as the Duluth Eskimos and the Buffalo Bison as the Buffalo Rangers (the team also used the names "Texas Rangers" and "Buffalo Cowboys").

The Los Angeles Buccaneers and Buffalo Rangers were "showcase teams," the first efforts for the league to reach beyond the northeast and midwest. The Buccaneers, a response to the AFL's Los Angeles Wildcats, represented the state of California, while the Rangers represented the state of Texas and other areas of the Southwestern United States. Both teams only lasted one season; the Buccaneers folded while the Rangers reverted to their previous status as the Bison.

In mid-November, Brooklyn merged with the AFL's Brooklyn Horsemen and stayed in the NFL, playing one more game as the Lions before changing its name to the Brooklyn Horsemen for the last three games (all shutout losses).

The Frankford Yellow Jackets were named the NFL champions after finishing the season with the best record.

Final standingsEdit

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage

Note: Tie games were not officially counted in the standings until 1972

Frankford Yellow Jackets 1412.933
Chicago Bears 1213.923
Pottsville Maroons 1022.833
Kansas City Cowboys 830.727
Green Bay Packers 733.700
Los Angeles Buccaneers 631.667
New York Giants 841.667
Duluth Eskimos 653.545
Buffalo Rangers 442.500
Chicago Cardinals 561.455
Providence Steam Roller 571.417
Detroit Panthers 462.400
Hartford Blues 370.300
Brooklyn Lions 380.273
Milwaukee Badgers 270.222
Akron Indians 143.200
Dayton Triangles 141.200
Racine Tornadoes 140.200
Columbus Tigers 160.143
Canton Bulldogs 193.100
Hammond Pros 040.000
Louisville Colonels 040.000


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