The 1925 All-Pacific Coast Conference football team consists of American football players chosen by various organizations for All-Pacific Coast teams for the 1925 college football season.

All-Pacific Coast selectionsEdit





  • Ted Shipkey, Stanford (UP-1; AS-1; GW-1; NB-1)
  • Hobbs Adams, USC (UP-1; NB-1)
  • Judson Cutting, Washington (AS-1)
  • Robert Mautz, Oregon (GW-1)
  • Edgar Walker, Stanford (UP-2)
  • Clifford Marker, Washington State (UP-2)


  • Walden Erickson, Washington (UP-1; AS-1; GW-1; NB-1)
  • Lewis "Hip" Dickerson, Oregon Aggies (AS-1; GW-1)
  • Jim Dixon, Oregon Aggies (UP-1)
  • John Sargent, California (UP-2)
  • Ted Bucklin, Idaho (UP-2)


  • Dana Carey, California (UP-1; AS-1; GW-1)
  • Fred H. Swan, Stanford (UP-2; AS-1; GW-1)
  • Brice Taylor, USC (UP-1; NB-1)
  • Gene Shields, Oregon (UP-2)
  • Egbert Brix, Washington (UP-2)


  • Jeff Cravath, USC (UP-1; GW-1)
  • Larry Bettencourt, St. Mary's (NB-1) (College Football Hall of Fame)
  • Otis Miller, California (AS-1)
  • Douglas Bonamy, Washington (UP-2)


UP = United Press, based on polling of "eleven leading football writers on the coast"[1]

AS = Andy Smith, head coach at California[2]

GW = Glenn Scobey Warner, head coach at Stanford[3]

NB = Norman E. Brown[4]

Bold = Consensus first-team selection

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