The 1924 NFL season was the 5th regular season of the National Football League. The league had 18 teams play during the season, including the new clubs Frankford Yellow Jackets, Kansas City Blues, and Kenosha Maroons. The Louisville Brecks, Oorang Indians, St. Louis All-Stars, Toledo Maroons, and Cleveland Indians folded.

1924 National Football League season
Regular season
Duration N/A- November 30, 1924
Champions Cleveland Bulldogs
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Before the season, the owner of the now-defunct Cleveland Indians bought the Canton Bulldogs and "mothballed" it, taking the team's nickname and players to Cleveland for the season. The new team, the Cleveland Bulldogs, won the 1924 NFL title with a 7–1–1 record.

Championship raceEdit

The Cleveland Bulldogs, Buffalo Bisons and Chicago Bears were the contenders for the title in November. However, Buffalo faltered down the stretch, dropping their last three games to drop from 6–2 to 6–5, squarely in the middle of the pack. This left Cleveland and Chicago to contend for the title.

The official end of the season was designated as November 30, 1924, with Cleveland atop the league standings. After this date, Chicago challenged Cleveland to a post-season rematch and won, setting up a repeat of 1921, when the Bears (at that time still known as the Staleys) were able to take the championship from Buffalo (at the time known as the All-Americans) using exactly the same trick. This time, however, league officials declared any game after November 30 to be effectively exhibition games, null and void with regard to the season standings, which allowed the Bulldogs to keep their title.

Final standingsEdit

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage

Note: Tie games were not officially counted in the standings until 1972

Cleveland Bulldogs 711.875
Chicago Bears 614.857
Frankford Yellow Jackets 1121.846
Duluth Kelleys 510.833
Rock Island Independents 522.714
Green Bay Packers 740.636
Racine Legion 433.571
Chicago Cardinals 541.556
Buffalo Bisons 650.545
Columbus Tigers 440.500
Hammond Pros 221.500
Milwaukee Badgers 580.385
Akron Pros 260.250
Dayton Triangles 260.250
Kansas City Blues 270.222
Kenosha Maroons 041.000
Minneapolis Marines 060.000
Rochester Jeffersons 070.000


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